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Changes made to lifestyle resulting in pregnancy

(15 Posts)
babyjamesblackberrycrumble Wed 10-Oct-12 16:13:20

Anyone made any which you think helped? After 2 MC last 2 months I am looking for any tips as feeling pretty desperate. I have given up coffee and cut back chocolate and trying ton generally eat healthier by cooking from scratch. Please share your wisdom with me.

Paddocks1 Wed 10-Oct-12 16:50:04

I was trying for 2 years to conceive and had just thought about seeing my doctor regarding it then i fell pregnant completely out of the blue. I often wonder why i fell pregnant when i did etc and all i can think of is i really changed my exercise regime a lot. I stopped drinking alcohol so much and just tried to be a bit more healthy in general. Not saying this is the way to go but i think it probably did the trick for me. Good Luck :-)

lollypopsicle Wed 10-Oct-12 19:08:39

When I reduced my alcohol intake, I got pg but it was a chemical. The next month I drank normally and did not fall pg. the month after that I cut down again (esp around ovulation) and got my bfp.

ivanapoo Wed 10-Oct-12 19:12:20

Sorry for your losses, obviously a healthy, low stress lifestyle can help but try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Honestly... don't think about it. I found when i obsessed over getting pregnant it didnt happen. Just sit back and relax, even thought it's hard :-)

panicnotanymore Wed 10-Oct-12 19:36:31

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my 20s. It was pretty severe, my ovaries looked like bunches of grapes on the scans. I was prescribed metformin to deal with insulin resistance and told I'd need clomid or other treatment to have children.

The metformin disagreed with me, so on the advice of a professor of endocrinology I cut sugar from my diet, ate low GI, took up a fairly rigorous exercise regime, and really worked at becoming as fit and healthy as was humanly possible. When I did eventually decide to try for a family I fell pregnant within 6 weeks of coming off the pill. Scans have shown my ovaries are 100% cyst free.

So, if anyone wonders why I bang on constantly about the benefits of low GI eating, exercise, and being neither over or under weight there is your answer. It is a battle sometimes though, as women everywhere seem hell bent on force feeding me sugary foods. Why why why????!!! I could go back to my old diet, but then the cysts might return and I would scupper my chances of ever having DC2. Cake really isn't worth it.

My only advice is look after your body, treat it as a very delicate machine that needs care. Feed it well, keep it exercised, get enough sleep, steer clear of alcohol, smoke, sugar, drugs and people who are likely to press any of those on you. It can only help. I really hope you have a happy outcome soon. MCs are so hard, and often unexplained. A family member had 8 before her much longed for daughter arrived. Big hugs.

Smallgreenone Wed 10-Oct-12 19:55:28

I cut out alcohol Dan took pregnacare conception vitamins. Tried for months to get pregnant after a miscarriage but gave up in december as wanted to just be normal and have some fun at all the parties and ta dah as if by magic bfp in the new year!!!
I think it was relaxing that did it. I know it's hard but try and relax, forget about it and have fun and you just might find that removing the stress helps things along. Good luck x

SweetPea3 Wed 10-Oct-12 19:57:06

Have you had your natural killer cells tested? Google Natural Killer (NK) cells and immunes issues and miscarriage. There are recurrent miscarriage specialists who can help on that front.

Alternatively, if you first want to try a more natural approach, I would recommend Dr Ali who helped get a number of people I know pregnant, even after failed IVFs. He is based near Baker Street in London.

Best of luck!

Kelbells Wed 10-Oct-12 20:03:37

Hi, I'm so sorry for your losses. I can relate to you, I had 2 mc's at the end of last year before I got my bfp in January. I pretty much cut out alcohol and limited caffeine as soon as we started to conceive and we cook from scratch anyway. After the second miscarriage though, I cut out caffeine completely and started weight watchers so a lot more veg, fruit, pulses, lean protein, I wasn't very overweight, I literally wanted to drop a few pounds from about 9st 9 to 9st 5/6 and just wanted to eat a bit more healthy and as another poster said low gi... A month later and I had my final bfp... And it stuck... I'm not sure if its related but worth a go! Good luck getting a sticky one very soon! grin

Secondsop Wed 10-Oct-12 20:11:21

Sorry about your miscarriage losses - must be devastating to have 2 in quick succession. My experience relates to regulating my periods so prob not relevant but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. I had incredibly irregular periods all my life and when i wanted to
Conceive I didn't have one for about a year! Had loads of investigations, nothing found to be wrong except my weight. The doctor suggested that low carb diets were good for weight loss for fertility, so
I tried it, and within 3 months my periods regulated and within 5 I was pregnant (aged 35). Sadly that pregnancy ended in miscarriage but I was pregnant again within 4 months and am almost 31 weeks now. I credit the low carb diet for it, not for weight loss necessarily as I didn't lose much before getting pregnant, but for me it sorted out whatever hormonal imbalance was preventing me ovulating.

nananaps Wed 10-Oct-12 20:22:23

I have come to the conclusion after 7 years of ttc, 7 miscarriages that there is actually very little..if anything that you can do to influence your fertility.

I cut out alcohol, ate healthily, lost weight, cut out all caffeine and tried to cut down on stress took multi vits and did regular excersize.

I still miscarried time and time and time again.

Had i thought, for one single minute that i had done anything to cause my miscarriages, or to badly affect my fertility, i would have jumped of the end of a pier with distress and guilt.

I changed nothing, other than accepted that i would never have a child.

Unexpectedly, miraculously and out of the blue, aged i am 24 weeks pregnant, healthily, happily and for no discernable reason that i can fathom, it has happened for me.

Its the luck of the draw, imho.

fertilityFTW Wed 10-Oct-12 20:25:22

We were in for fertility treatment after 3 years of TTC - by that times we had quit drinking, smoking, lowered caffeine, started drinking more water, exercising - you name it. Had been taking pg vitamins throughout so I don't know if that mattered much - no sniff of a BFP. But at first proper doctor appt - voila! BFP. Early days yet - we're really hoping it sticks.

terilou87 Wed 10-Oct-12 21:01:15

as nananaps said theres not much you can do to stop early miscarriage it usually isnt something you do that causes them. i also had two in the last year before this pregnancy, i already have 3 children so i just decided that i probably wasnt going to get another baby and stopped "trying" although i was still not using contraceptive and it just happened and here i am 36 weeks. i think the stress of trying can stop it happening. fingers crossed its 3rd time lucky for you as it was me smile

whatsoever Wed 10-Oct-12 21:07:00

I MCd my first pregnancy, after 10 months of increasingly stressful TTC. TTC for 3 months afterwards with no luck, ended up depressed and on anti-depressants. So I went out A LOT. Drank and smoked to my heart's content.

Started TTC again and got pregnant the first month of trying. Currently 6 days overdue.

So for me it was ignore all health advice and de-stress unhealthily that worked!

18wksplus Wed 10-Oct-12 21:44:05

So sorry - how horrid for you.

Exercise. Get your weight within normal limits. Sleep. De-stress (can't stress (ha!) that one enough). Don't smoke. Drink as little as possible.

Make sure the father-to-be does this too!!

The effects of a new regime may take a while to be seen in respect of eggs (they mature over a period of months), but will have a quicker effect in respect of sperm.

However if you have another MC it might be worth asking for some investigations: there may be some other issues worth investigating (lots of which can be easily treated).

Also - how far along were your MCs? Sorry if this is insensitive. If you tested pre-missed period and then got your period, there might not be a problem: a lot of fertilised eggs never implant well enough to create a successful pregnancy, but most people don't realise it since they don't test before they miss a period.

Really hope next month is your month.

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