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TMI? leaking urine - ugh!

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PeshwariNaan Wed 10-Oct-12 11:10:03

Just wanted to see if this is common?

I'm only 26 weeks but I feel like some days baby is bouncing or lying right on my bladder! On these days, I feel like a giant foot is pressing on my bladder constantly and I need the loo ALL THE TIME.

I also notice a horrible ammonia smell and dampness on these days - ugh. I wear liners but have to change them more frequently. hmm

Is this normal at this stage, or do I have an infection? I don't have any burning or pressure when I lie down or sit, but I'm finding it hard to walk very far with so much heaviness on my bladder.

Thanks for any commiseration/ help, etc.!

ZuleikaD Wed 10-Oct-12 12:08:04

Are you doing your pelvic floor exercises regularly? (ie daily) Might be worth talking to the MW at your 28 week appt to see if you're doing them correctly.

Harryan Wed 10-Oct-12 12:17:06

I have had a bit of this through my pregnancy. I don't wee myself when I cough/sneeze but there has been the odd dribble always seems to be sat on my bladder giving me a heavy feeling 'down there' and I don't always manage to empty my bladder fully.

Deffo see your mw about pelvic floor excersises. Mine gave me a leaflet that I keep on my fridge. It tells you how to do them...and because its on my fridge it reminds me to do them every morning smile
You can also get apps for your phone these days!
To help with the leakage you do have, I find Tena lady lights a lot better protection that normal panty liners. They are a lot more absorbent and they are designed not to smell, so you won't need to change as often.
Hope this helps xx

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