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Proper pregnancy/ breastfeeding pillow or cheap V shaped one?

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Wiggy29 Wed 10-Oct-12 08:06:13

I've seen the proper pillows in Mothercare etc but wasn't sure if the V shaped ones you can get at my local market for a fiver would do the job just as well? I just had a cheapo one for dc1 but looking at possible cs this time so wasn't sure if it was worth investing in proper one- is there much difference? hmm

sammyleh Wed 10-Oct-12 10:02:40

I went for a Summer curved c-shaped one from Argos. I didn't want to buy cheap and buy twice. Plus this one doubles as a feeding pillow and also zips up in the middle to form a basket-type bed for the baby to rest in. I absolutely love it and sleep so well when I'm cocooned in it.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 10-Oct-12 10:51:39

Hi Wiggy! Nice to 'see' you! How are things?

I thought the My Breast Friend pillow here was well worth the money. Daft name, but nonetheless a fab product - mainly because the strap keeps it attached to you and in the same place, unlike all unattached pillows which move away from your body.

Wiggy29 Wed 10-Oct-12 12:29:50

grin Limeleaf! So good to hear from you! I'm doing really well, just very grateful to be pregnant and excited to meet our little baby in Feb. How about you? Does the cushion you recommend come with instructions? Lookied at it but had no idea how it worked! hmm

sammy- I don't suppose you have a link?

sammyleh Wed 10-Oct-12 13:02:23 This is the one smile

Wiggy29 Wed 10-Oct-12 13:12:39

Ohhhh Sammy- really like the look of this! Going to save this in fav's but will hopefully find one at NCT sale before dc2 arrives! grin

sammyleh Wed 10-Oct-12 13:53:30

Honestly, I cant recommend it enough. I've had a few nights without it in the bed when DP was ill so that he got a decent night of sleep and my hip pain was horrendous without it. As soon as I started using it again I slept like a baby smile I'm sure you cant find a cheaper version of it or even one on ebay? the cover can be removed as well which is a huge bonus x

LimeLeafLizard Wed 10-Oct-12 16:51:07

I'm doing OK thanks... tired, but I suppose that is all normal. Due in Feb like you, 22 weeks pg now.

The 'breastfriend' pillow does come with basic instructions - basically you put it on your lap, wrap it round your back and attach it with a plastic clip on the side. It is made of foam so quite firm. I liked it because I could get up and walk round holding baby in one arm without breaking the latch. Very useful when you have other kids. It also makes it possible to bf in any chair - even an upright kitchen chair, not just 'my' armchair.

I have to say the one sammy recommends looks very comfy though! Great to snuggle against during pregnancy (move over DH)!

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