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Callipygian Mon 08-Oct-12 19:07:57


I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have always had a problem with needles. I try to calm myself down before hand, deep breaths etc but even if my mind seems entirely clear my vision begins to blacken from the edges, i become very aware of the weight of my head and I always pass out. It's been this way for as long as i can remember (from year 4-5 MMR booster jabs) and continued right through all of my secondary school and uni jabs, I always think im fine and end up sliding off the chair onto the floor. As im talking about it now i just think it's silly, and nothing to worry about.

I had my booking appointment a few weeks ago and upon telling the blood nurse that i didn't deal well with needles, she told me "nobody likes needles". Has anyone experienced this? Does the regularity of injections/blood tests etc make it easier to get over this? I can only assume its some kind of flawed survival reaction :S

Scroobius Mon 08-Oct-12 19:26:31

Don't think the regularity will help so much as I had mine around 12 weeks and won't have any more til 28 weeks but I would say don't warn the midwife that you're nervous, they get more nervous, they faff, it takes longer and you end up more likely to faint without at least having the bloods taken (happened to me first time).
I didn't tell the next one and she did it really quickly, no issues and manages to get the whole 3 vials. I'm also going to ask for her again for next ones as she's clearly good at it.

Flisspaps Mon 08-Oct-12 19:27:22

I fucking hate needles.

I had all the blood tests with DD, but ended up going to the phlebotomist to have them done as the MW couldn't get my vein up and agreed it was better to let the experts do it and not get me wound up with repeated attempts.

I ended up with an induction at the end with the drip (ugh) and was overjoyed to have a needle.

With DS I refused the blood tests (they're optional) as I figured that my immunisation status wouldn't have changed since DD was born, I knew my blood group and I was taking iron supplements anyway.

Flisspaps Mon 08-Oct-12 19:28:40

Oh - but after DS I ended up on a 7 day course of Tinzaparin anyway, which meant the MW had to visit me at home every day to do an injection. She offered to show me how to do it myself - HA!

mummy2benji Mon 08-Oct-12 20:20:02

I used to be terrified of needles. Despite the fact that my work involves me putting them in other people! I never had a problem with that though, it was just the thought of them going into me that scared the life out of me! I used to have sleepless nights before injections or a blood test. I was a little better when I became pregnant with ds - the fear had gradually lessened with time although I still hated needles - but I was able to tolerate the blood tests being done. I was nervous about the possible need for a cannula during labour - which did happen as I had an epidural, but I barely noticed either! I think that has helped loads with my fear of needles, as I can fairly comfortably go for blood tests now. I also had a cannula recently when I had to have a CT scan with contrast to rule out a blood clot on my lung at 30 weeks, and that was okay too. I wouldn't worry too much about needles in labour at least, as you probably won't notice them or will be keen for pain relief so will be glad of them (and my labour wasn't unbearable, it went very smoothly really). Hope it goes okay for you, try sucking a sweet at the time for something else to concentrate on. x

loveschocolate Mon 08-Oct-12 20:47:19

I used to really hate needles though have got better over time. Worth lying down before blood tests; the nurse at my GP's insisted I do this after I almost fainted and needed manhandled onto the bed. Did make a difference and less embarrassing than fainting!

Runningblue Mon 08-Oct-12 20:50:51

Agree with flisspaps - go with phlebotomist if you can rather than mw - it's all they do all day so they are generally much more confident, experienced with nervous people etc.

JulietMontague Mon 08-Oct-12 21:02:08

I'm totally needle phobic but due to two pregnancies and various other things I've had about a million stuck in me over the last couple of years! First thing - don't worry about needles in labour. You won't care or notice - believe me!

Secondly, I always fainted at blood tests until I learned a few tricks. Tell the nurse you faint and need it to be quick. Don't be shy. Before your appointment, put numbing cream on your most prominent vein. Mines on the inside of my elbow. You can get it over the counter from the chemist and put it on an hour before your appointment. Finally, when you are lay down and they are putting the needle into your (numb) arm, face the other way and gently lift your feet off the bed. This stops the blood rushing away from your head and stops you fainting. I know all this sounds a faff but I've never fainted since I started using these steps. It's probably the distraction rather than anything scientific but it works.

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