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Promotion and telling work I'm pregnant And lots of stress!

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DodieDoo Mon 08-Oct-12 11:28:56

I was offered a promotion back at the beginning of August my my boss's boss (in a different but related department) however as my boss was on holiday until mid-August, my start date was postponed until the beginning of Sept for my current boss to come back off holiday and arrange my replacement. However, she really dragged her feet and didn't give me any updates on my start date or even announce my new role to the team until the end of August. She then sat down with me the last Friday in August saying that due to the team being short staffed (sickness, one lady just retuning from maternity so catching back up) I would have to do both my current and new job until I'm replaced. the original plan was mornings one job afternoons the other but it soon came to light that she had no intention of reducing my workload from her team so ended up being full day one job, 3-4 hours over time every night for the other job.

Now, I found out I was pregnant with my 1st baby at the end of August so wasn't happy about the arrangement but its much more money which i deperately need but as it was early days and I still hadn't had anything in writing, I kept quite about my pregnancy and stuck with it. I'm on holiday at the moment for 2 weeks retuning mid October and still don't have anything in writing about my new job and will have to continue doing 2 roles when I come back as she only advertised my job last week. I even had to lie and say I'm actually away and not just sorting my house as they wanted me to do more overtime whilst I was off and cut my holiday short.

Sorry for the long ramble, but I'm now 12 weeks and was planning on telling work when I came back but I'm now scared that they will revoke the offer since I don't have anything solid confirming the role or salary and it's obvious my boss can't be bothered replacing me / retraining someone.

I really can't handle doing that much work any longer either, I'm so tired and my morning sickness is so bad that I was hardly eating and just going straight to bed every day after work. I really wish I never took the job now and left the company but I'm past the qualifying week for maternity pay now so if I did get a new job then I wouln't get as much in my first few weeks which I cannot afford.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

mummy2benji Mon 08-Oct-12 11:46:16

Hmm, tricky - I can empathise as I started a new job at the beginning of April, just when I had to announce I was pregnant! I'd worked there as a locum for a while but it only became a permanent post then. If you're worried about how scrupulous your employers are, I would gather a bit of evidence that you've been doing the two jobs, if possible. Legally, you don't need the job offer in writing - the fact that they've talked to you about it and offered it is enough for you to be able to sue if they then retract the offer on discovering your pregnancy. Even an unscrupulous employer would be in two minds about the risks of retracting a job offer following the revelation of pregnancy, as they could get into serious trouble. I would have thought it will be fine, but if you do have some work to show as evidence that you've been doing the two roles, that would maybe give you some extra peace of mind about it all. You could maybe let your boss know by email, and mention in the email about the new job offer and say something about looking forward to the new post - then you can keep that email and you'll have more evidence in writing. x

DodieDoo Mon 08-Oct-12 12:05:14

Thanks mummy2benji, I hadnt really thought I could sue them if it came to that to be honest! I've just been worrying about the money and double work load more than anything.

I feel like I've been backed into a corner where I'm either going to keep doing two jobs or lose the better one. My new job is stand alone but there is an office junior who's role I have to cover when she's off and I've also got wind that's she is handing her notice soon so I'm just going to spend my whole pregnancy covering 2 roles!

ZuleikaD Mon 08-Oct-12 12:27:20

I would agree with trying to get something in writing about the new job, though if it came to it your revised pay packet would also be evidence that you were doing something else. I'd be inclined to hold off telling them about your pregnancy for a while as they sound like the sort of employer who will get the maximum work out of you they can if they know you're leaving. I would also be inclined to stop doing the overtime (unless you do get overtime and that's actually what you're getting paid more for) - tell them that the two jobs can't be done in the hours you have available and where should you make cuts. Given that it was your boss's boss who offered you the job I would be inclined to have a word with him/her and let them know the situation. You can say that you don't feel that you should let the team down but also you're not happy with the time you have available to give to the new job and you're concerned that it will reflect badly in your performance review.

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