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Fantastic 40+ Mum to be - part 2

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Hpbp Mon 08-Oct-12 07:42:26

Let's keep on chatting !
Awaiting to hear from you all.
Midget, how are you feeling after the sweep ?
Exexe, are you happy with the new kitchen ? Very glad to see you back on here.
Warm welcome to the only Dad we have on the thread, sorry I could not remember your name as I write this.
Have a lovely Monday. Pouring rain in Paris today.

scarecrow22 Fri 18-Jan-13 22:51:16

Unfinished business!!

Link to part 3 above/below for newcomers. Do join!

scarecrow22 Fri 18-Jan-13 22:50:25

Apparently we shan't have left this thread

eagleray Tue 15-Jan-13 15:20:11

Fantastic news BadMissM - am so, so pleased for you!

Now get thee over to the new thread before this one totally runs out of space and the lights go out...

BadMissM Tue 15-Jan-13 14:55:14

Knicky was snowing from Crewe down to Watford, then rain.....

YAYAY! Everything's fine! I have amazing odds for someone as ancient as me of 45 of less than 1 in 10,000! Nuchal all went well too though naughty baby kept showing Dr his Bum rather than the head....

Look after yourself, and get better soon xxx

Somewhere thanks for the good wishes xxx

OMG, how is your son, how are you?? Sending many hugs xxx

scarecrow Might be low blood pressure....I have it anyway, and is even worse at the moment.....

eagleray Spent ages having a panic attack the other week because I couldn't find my favourite coat......hang on in there xxx

eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:39:56

Here is the new thread -

eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:31:38

BadMissM - thinking of you today and hoping you get good news re your test results (and have every confidence that you will have good news!) Also really hope you manage to get home ok - not sure how much disruption there is on the rails but hoping you have a stress-free journey home.

Scarecrow - don't worry - I doubt I will be going anywhere, and seeing as half of you have loads more experience than me, I will probably be begging for advice smile Yoga sounds like a great idea - looking after mind/body helps a great deal when things like work get on top of you.

Knicky - sorry you have been feeling so ill - must be hell when you have sick DC to look after too sad. I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight - have you managed to get advice re your whooping cough fears?

Somewhere - accident sounds awful - so glad DS is ok. Really hope things get boring for you (reminds me of that Chinese curse 'may you live in interesting times')

I am a bit up and down - spent most of yesterday crying (because DP laughed at me, then because the National Trust tea room was shut, then because DP bought the wrong sort of potatoes for dinner, and so on). Today I have a small water leak in the hall (bathroom above has obviously sprung a leak) and have been ringing round trying to get hold of a plumber, then started getting really panicky about it all. Then I got stressed about the impending induction and cannot imagine going into labour naturally. Then I had a sleep on the sofa, woke up and made some cakes (white choc and raspberry muffins).

Anyway, I am not ill, I don't have scary hospital visit today, work isn't getting me down and I haven't had the terror of DCs being ill or having accidents, so I have an awful lot to be grateful for - I am just in the whingy, hormonal final days before the most amazing thing happens.

We are nearly out of room on this thread - I will rustle up a fresh one in a minute and post the link. I will also make sure the lounge knows where the new thread is and that it is equipped with a few of those muffins I baked..

scarecrow22 Mon 14-Jan-13 20:28:16

Somewhere - how awful. I can hardly bear to think about how scary that must be. Not for the first time I reflect on the high price of this intense love. I hope you feel better as time passes, and do talk about it as likely to help. Hug.

Knicky - so so sorry to hear how poorly you all are. Poor DD included, though you obviously have the underlying advanced pregnancy too. Be very careful about dehydration. Hope somebody can help. Is this not a time for DH to come home/step up?

My own relatively trivial problem is I'm still really giddy. I can't work out if it's a form of head cold, or stress (don't laugh) or something more worrying re LO. Thinking of going to GP tomorrow but am so busy kind of don't want to unless it might be worth it. Can't help feeling a bit of a hypochondriac but it is hard to concentrate at work... (I've also just made mistake of looking at "symptoms you shouldn't ignore" and I have three or four of them including raging thirst sad )

Other than that my wonderful DH and DD gave me lots of rest and cuddles this weekend, and my line manager at work has been quite reassuring - though my future still v much up in the air... Still in the mood for a chill in the coffee lounge. Will brew up hot chocs and hot toddies for Somewhere, Knicky and anybody else who needs...

knickyknocks Mon 14-Jan-13 17:49:30

somewhere oh my goodness thank god DS is OK, though whatever has happened sounds very scary. As you say, enough of the dramatics, time for some well earned dull times ahead. Boring can be good!

Thanks for the sympathy. Nursery tomorrow looks off the cards, seems as if DD has taken a turn for the worse again, and following a couple of hefty coughing sessions followed by vomiting, I'm now starting to wonder if her symptoms are reminscent of whooping cough sad. God, I need to sleep tonight. I really can't take another night of almost no sleep. But I guess I'll do what I have to. Why do these things always seem to happen when you yourself feel dreadful too??

somewherebecomingrain Mon 14-Jan-13 15:05:07

Knicky sounds like you've got what I had - was totally laid out.

Badmiss good luck today!

My DS had an accident over the weekend - he'll be fine
he was v v lucky. but still in shock will update later.

Hugs to all - apols for my constant drama - paradoxically it gets boring after a while so I'm hoping for some boredom


knickyknocks Mon 14-Jan-13 07:49:30

Just a quick one to say thinking of you today badmissm - hope the snow doesn't interfere with the journey. Let us know how things go when you get the chance.

I feel wretched. DD has been ill since Thurs eve with temps, coughing, sneezing. It was only a matter of time before I got it too - which I have and now feel dreadful. DH got it yesterday afternoon so we're both struggling. Thankfully, think DD will be well enough for nursery so I'll be able to get some true R and R then. Anyway, signing off for now, as just want to lie on the sofa - thank god for Cbeebies the babysitter!

knickyknocks Mon 14-Jan-13 07:49:30

Just a quick one to say thinking of you today badmissm - hope the snow doesn't interfere with the journey. Let us know how things go when you get the chance.

I feel wretched. DD has been ill since Thurs eve with temps, coughing, sneezing. It was only a matter of time before I got it too - which I have and now feel dreadful. DH got it yesterday afternoon so we're both struggling. Thankfully, think DD will be well enough for nursery so I'll be able to get some true R and R then. Anyway, signing off for now, as just want to lie on the sofa - thank god for Cbeebies the babysitter!

BadMissM Sun 13-Jan-13 20:15:27

scarecrow Thanks so much, getting really nervous now.... have just had a complete freak at DD because she lost my earphones (as I'm spending 8 hours on trains tomorrow, some music would be good to calm me down!)

Will prob be back in the lounge the day after...I don't get to the nearest station till midnight, then have to get home.... and my phone is not a super-duper-internetty one....

eagle knicky* Hang on in there.....

See you all Tuesday xxx

scarecrow22 Sun 13-Jan-13 19:33:06

Just popping in to say good luck to badmiss for trip to FMC tomorrow, Calibee am still thinking of you lots, eagle and knicky hope you are comfortable (and don't desert us over here when get babies & all grown up...we would miss you lots), and somewhere hope you are feeling better.

I've had a lot more rest this weekend and made some practical plans to deal with work issues and get a bit more exercise to relax me, including taking up yoga class ASAP.

See you in the lounge tomorrow evening perhaps? Over the weekend it's been tidied and cleaned, the biscuit tin and fruit bowl refreshed, fresh flowers cut and the pillows sumptuously plumped up...

BadMissM Sat 12-Jan-13 19:38:23

Riverside They didn't give me gestational diabetes tests, I have a normal diabetic test kit, and have to take all the readings to the consultant on Thursday...

Ooh, 38 weeks already? You must be getting really excited!

Eagleray Everyone has their wobbles. I cried like mad first time in antenatal ward with DD as had never been to any antenatal stuff (stingy boss) and it terrified me!!

It's freezing here, the gritters are all out. But hope it doesn't snow too much as off to London Monday to FMC for my results...and I need to be able to get there and back!

eagleray Sat 12-Jan-13 17:22:14

Hi Riverside - sorry to hear about your plumbing/heating woes. I suppose it is better to be fixing it now rather in the 2 weeks' time but it is still rubbish.

Sounds like things are progressing well regarding the build-up to labour, but it is so darned frustrating isn't it, not knowing when it will happen, especially when the threat of induction is looming...

I had second sweep today, or rather attempt at it but MW couldn't reach. Also managed to burst into tears when I arrived as had to go to the antenatal/postnatal ward for it and it was the first time I had ever been in there and got a bit freaked out. Silly me.

I did another 3 mile walk yesterday but then had to get the bus home as felt as if the baby was going to drop out (some chance). No walking today though - hospital trip first thing was enough to deal with.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend and not getting too cold. Wish it would bloody well hurry up and snow here then at least I could pass the time by staring at it out of the window!

riversidelibrary Sat 12-Jan-13 16:44:25

Hello all, can't believe a week has sped by since I last posted.

calibee good luck for your next scan, do let us know how you are doing.

BadmissM Have you heard back from your gestational diabetes tests yet?

somewhere How is the counting the kicks going? Have you noticed any patterns in your LO's behaviour?

knicky I hope your SPD calms down, it must be so tough. Fingers crossed when you stop working, and can get more rest, it will get a little better for you.

eagleray Three mile walk? You are my inspiration. I managed a two mile walk today but it really took it out off me, had to have a little lie down afterwards!

I've had a week of waiting for plumbers or heating engineers, as at various points this week we've had no central heating, or no hot water, and then discovered a leak in the cold water pipe in the garage creating a little pond where there really should not have been.

Babywise things seem to be going well. He's moving around a lot still, and I'm getting lots of Braxton Hicks, every ten minutes for a while last evening, thought things might be happening, but they tailed off at bedtime. I'm 38 weeks on Monday and hoping he'll come early to avoid an induction saga.

BadMissM Fri 11-Jan-13 16:40:07

somewhere Luckily, most of my friends are younger, so have been having babies left, right, and centre. Thoiugh that said, all my friends have had boys, and I don't know yet!

Just hope standing up against my ex-employers works has been a massive risk.

Brilliant news about the flat! Also sounds positive re your Mum's chemo...

Scarecrow Will go and have a look at the Maclaren XL....

Went for the scary 'make you go back to work interview'. Turned out not to be so scary. They took one look at my health problems and my qualifications and admitted they didn't know what to do with me! Off the hook at least til end of Feb...

scarecrow22 Thu 10-Jan-13 21:32:46

somewhere X-posted. So glad about flat. Do pension later: maybe get baby "done" (out & sleeping through) before you worry about something so far off. So so glad your mum and dad positive: from what I hear it also makes a big difference to outcome. There will be ups & downs but they sound like they have a great attitude.
If I have a boy maybe we should start doing swaps! I don't have "great taste" (charity boho by inclination but mostly opportunist - ie free stuff!) but do have "girly" from applique tops to dolls buggies ;)

scarecrow22 Thu 10-Jan-13 21:25:38

eagle love cartoon: never seen, but glorious smile

BadMiss we have Maclaren XL (xlr ott I thought, and unnecessarily bigger). XL is one of if not the best bit of kit ever,mand goes flat so with a portable soft cocoon/carrycot you could prob use from birth. Got mine nearly new for £95 on eBay. Also good luck with interview.

Slept for couple of hours this afternoon, spent evening with DD, had a hot supper for first time this week (1st hot meal I fear excl soup) and watch David Attenborough's 1st Africa programme, which the most amazing piece of TV I can remember. Now having another early night with new book. Feel lots better, especially after Attenborough.

knocky definitely joining you mow in lounge in new (Xmas) Joules (check me!) PJ bottoms and wuffy socks for that chocolate. Is there a box of lemon Turkish delight with pistachios? I vote we have box set of all his works in lounge? I could watch one every day for life.

Get well soon soon somewhere

somewherebecomingrain Thu 10-Jan-13 21:20:23

Knicky - that paragraph, unattainable as it may be in reality, was profoundly relaxing. Your such a chilled person I feel you will sort your work stresses.

Looks like we may have a flat. A bit dicey whether we can really afford it but we seem to have convinced the landlord. My dad spectacularly doused our fireworks by talking about pensions.

Eagle I agree about being a contractor or freelancer - it is a less involved relationship. So sorry to hear about others stresses I've been there big time. Love the cartoon! Lolz re your graceful solution to getting stuck in bath! clearly u are one resourceful lady! You're in the wierd in between space now, 3 mile walk - wow.

Scarecrow Re my mums chemo she is in really good form one day after her first treatment. A bit bizarre. She seems a bit more lively than usual. Both my parents are relieved it's underway so weirdly happy. Hope u are doing ok you sound seriously sleep deprived more than anything think your plan is good.

Bad miss so pleased u had good sleep. I also stayed too long in a bad work situation and I know exactly what u mean. Long time ago now but still.. It's so important that someone has the courage to stand up for themselves - I hope you trounce them.

Bbd think we're going to go the budget route too. We are now in the full flood of peers having children so there's lots of free stuff circulating. I actually haven't bought my ds a single item of clothing for two years- DP has a mate with a son who a) gives us everything and b) has great taste. Also the neighbour gave us a superb quinny buggy better than anything we have had before. The cot and moses baskets have been zinging back and forth between my sister and I over the past five years. This will be their last outing I think.

Hugs to all xxx thanks for sympathy re illness. Am getting a foot rub from Colin as we speak and he's promised to make me a superfood salad for lunch tomoz - I'm sure there'll be enough to share

27 weeks- nearly on the home straight.

BadMissM Thu 10-Jan-13 21:02:20

BBD Agree that my equipment list will be minimal as well....partly due to poverty and partly due to space. Also discovered with DD that lots of things either double up or are pointless!

eagleray My bad experience was in the allegedly 'caring' part of the public sector....

knicky TLC would be great. Have one of those 'forcing you to go back to work even though there's no job to go to' government interviews tomorrow, and I'm dreading it....

eagleray Thu 10-Jan-13 18:06:17

Well that's another day nearly over! I did my walk and suprised myself by walking the 3 mile round trip to the park (with a latte and some delicious baked goods sat on the park bench...)

When I got back home I had a nice hot bath and took tea, toast and idevices with me. Bit of a risk getting in the bath as it's a rolltop and quite narrow and high sided and did get stuck in there a few weeks ago (haven't been in since) but took a chance and managed to get out by rolling like a log onto my front then getting up on my knees. Undignified? Moi?

Was reminded of this cartoon which always made me laugh when I was little - problem is my bath rack is wooden and quite shallow so not sure whether the baby will fit in it...

Sorry so many of you are having work troubles - I think the key things with my situation are that I actually have no job whatsoever now as contract ended in December and so a lot of the politics and legal issues don't apply, plus an awful lot of my colleagues are independent contractors too and so there is a certain amount of comradeship/support. Interestingly, I used to work in the public sector many years ago in allegedly 'caring' environments, and the bullying, harrassment, bitching and downright inappropriate behaviour were rife.

Scarecrow/Somewhere - hope you are both feeling rested and a bit better now

BBD - your equipment list sounds very sensible! Don't blame you for wanting the equipment to earn it's place in your home. I have a reasonable amount of space, but really keen to keep things fairly minimal. The baby hammock frame takes up a lot of space so will be interesting to see whereabouts in the house I will end up using that (planning/hoping the baby will use it for daytime sleeping).

Seaside - nice of you to pop by and say hello - I will stick my head around the door of the mum's room later

Knicky - your evening of TLC sounds like a great idea. I'm home alone as per usual with no handsome men to serve me but my bath just now was lovely, and in an hour I have a friend joining me for dinner (no prizes for guessing what is on the menu tonight, but can tell you it has rice and mushrooms in it!)

BadMissM Thu 10-Jan-13 17:51:21

bbd Had a Bebe Confort with DD, but had a place to put it...this house has really narrow entrance hall. After the Bebe Confort (which got a bit cumbersome), had a little McLaren buggy which did for ages and was small enough to go through the barriers on the Metro too! Will go and check out the McLarens...

Scarecrow Cherry pie sounds great! Will have to find a buggy that does tall and small, as DH 6'4"!

Knicky I just realise with hindsight I should have left before it got so bad....but when it encroaches little by little, you don't realise how bad it's got until you go....

knickyknocks Thu 10-Jan-13 16:19:49

scarecrow I love that advice! It's a good ploy. TBH, I'm just marking my time until I leave in 5 weeks. I'm hoping to take at least a year off, and I hear from some good sources that one of the main perpetrators has applied for another position, so hopefully that means she's looking and could be on her way out soon. So sorry though to hear you're feeling poorly. Please try and take care of yourself and have a rest this weekend if you can xx
somewhere you too not feeling well? Hugs and sympathy. Same advice - rest up if you can, though know this is so difficult when you already have a DC. Ooh, Colin Farrell - not out on a limb at all - very nice......grin
badmissm those sound like wise words from someone who's been there and done that when it comes to being made to feel terribly unhappy in your job. My intention is to start having a search for a new job towards the end of my mat leave. I'm feeling that even if the main perpetrator of the situation did leave now that I have a fair amount of ill feeling towards my employers for their response to the whole situation, that I need to get out no matter what. Lovely to hear you had a better night's sleep.

Ladies, it sounds as if we could all do with a bit of TLC tonight - long hot baths, pyjamas and feet up in front of the box - if you have other DC, and you have a DH/DP, they need to step up to the mark and do the bath and bed routine. I hope you all manage to have a relaxing evening tonight, with a nice long deep sleep. I'll ask our lookalike Colin Farrell/Matthew MacConaghey/Matthew McFadyen waiter to pass round the hot chocolates with extra whipped cream and chocolate shavings at 9pm, with a nice shoulder rub for us all.

bytheseaside Thu 10-Jan-13 15:55:45

just popping back to say good luck to eagleray ! and looking forward to seeing all of you on the 40s mums thread very soon xxx

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