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Fantastic 40+ Mum to be - part 2

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Hpbp Mon 08-Oct-12 07:42:26

Let's keep on chatting !
Awaiting to hear from you all.
Midget, how are you feeling after the sweep ?
Exexe, are you happy with the new kitchen ? Very glad to see you back on here.
Warm welcome to the only Dad we have on the thread, sorry I could not remember your name as I write this.
Have a lovely Monday. Pouring rain in Paris today.

eagleray Wed 10-Oct-12 18:08:16

Lovely to hear from you Seaside - so glad all is going well and you have made a good recovery. The 'makeshift sleeping arrangements' brings to mind a drawer - I'm sure it isn't really, although a colleague of mine recently confessed to keeping her baby in one!

For those of you discussing maternity clothes, Primark definitely don't have a maternity section - I asked them on one of my futile shopping trips to get clothes. When I was on holiday, I spent a bit of time on the web researching/ordering clothes as was growing out everything. Ended up ordering stuff from ASOS and was very, very impressed with it, esp as it was pretty cheap and am terribly terribly fussy about fabrics! I have got a black stretchy maxi skirt, with a black vest top, and worn together they look like a dress really. Over the top, I have a normal Great Plains cocoon cardi in a neutral colour, then just accessorise with various shoes and jewellery. Thought it was worth mentioning the details as have to look reasonably smart for work, and this ensemble is really comfy AND I have had tons of compliments this week! I am hoping I have successfully managed to cover up my fat-lady bits whilst showing off bump in a reasonably flattering way.

Regarding coats, I wasn't going to bother, but spotted a wool camel maternity coat in New Look reduced to a tenner, so grabbed it! I have had a quick look on Ebay and there's quite a few listed on there like mine (they are a bit swing/military, with a large rounded collar). Figured it may do for after the baby is born too, esp if she is in a sling.

Hoping Midget is doing ok...

Hpbp Wed 10-Oct-12 19:31:35

Seaside, very happy that you are home with little Seaside and welldone for recovering so quickly.
I will start the 40+ grads thread, I need to keep on talking to all of you, for my sanity ! Hope lots will join. Need advices too.

Hpbp Wed 10-Oct-12 20:01:59

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new thread called Fantastic 40+ Mums under Topics, Being a parent, Parenting. Really hope you will join the discussions and share your experience.

Midgetm Wed 10-Oct-12 21:18:20

Just wanted to let you all know things slowed down with the mischievous midget but after a couple of whopping contractions had a possible fluid leak so now strapped to a CTG machine. Hope they let me home as rather see these contractions out at home. May do a runner! Drove myself here and got told off by the midwife. Seems midget mischief runs in the family.

FjordMor Wed 10-Oct-12 22:44:55

midget - thinking of you and hoping things are moving in the right direction. So little time to post and going to try to get some shut eye tonight after several 24 hour periods with little more than 1.5 hours shock. Massive feeding problems this end - thought it was colic but seems it may be problems with my milk supply/baby's latch. Too exhausted to explain now, or tell my birth story - but if tomorrow is a better day, perhaps I will be back to do those two things.

Thinking of LRM too as I'm also recovering from c-section. It makes everything else much harder and more exhausting. We're struggling to cope even though DP is on paternity leave (which I'm hoping he'll extend). Can't wait to hear more baby news and hope everyone else is doing ok...wish I had more time to read all of your news. Sending lots of love though xx

Hpbp Thu 11-Oct-12 06:53:52

Midget, have things moved on a bit ? Hope that you are not in pain. Thinking of you.
Fjord, get some help for baby to latch on properly, the position might be ifferent when there was C Section so I am clueless but if you want to keep on BF, get someone to help yu now ! Hope you will get some rest too. Kisses to baby Fjord
Mr LRM thanks for the update, hugs to LRM and baby Dylan, hope all goes well

somewherebecomingrain Thu 11-Oct-12 10:48:18

morning all. I watched prometheus last night. if you've seen it you'll know why i mention it. if not, prob better i don't explain!

midget hope it's moving along - i have experience of the long wait, but not with as much going on as you are going through. you do have a streak of mischeivousness i've noticed that - maybe baby midget will pop out really easily and go 'fooled ya! i was always gonna do that!'

feeling greeeeeeeeaaaaat today - i have seriously been doubting myself as a person over the past 3 months - i have been quite down, lying on my bed at every opportunity, face like a slapped arse morning noon and night, seeing the worst in everything, anxious, fretting, argumentative, snappy, shouting at my dear son.

today is the second day in a row i've not been sick/tired/headachey in various combinations and i actually feel like a worthwhile human being. i was wondering if it was mental and who knows maybe it was but maybe the absence of first trimester vileness is enough to help me turn over a new leaf.

i've just tidied up the whole house, made a meal plan for the week, and yesterday i did loads of work without worrying that it was perfect and did various critical pieces of admin i've been putting off. i am supporting my husband and although my ds has been parked in front of the telly for about 2 hours while i do this, i've got big, brain expanding plans for him - and i did get him to eat apple WITH the skin today which has made me very happy and feel like i'm doing some proper parenting.

sorry for rant but this is a sort of moment of clarity for me.


Exexe Thu 11-Oct-12 12:06:54

Bytheseaside lovely to hear your gorgeous dd is where she should be - at home with her loving mama smile She wont care where shes sleeping as long as its near you. Glad to hear you're recovering well.

Fjord hope things are going well.
I'm really dreading the recovery period myself. I'm trying to organise syuff to help us cope better and dh will take time off but with 2 children at school, it's going to be a tough ride initially I think.

Midget How are things?

Somewhere Well you're very upbeat and cheerful today! smile I'm glad you're feeling great and things are looking good.
I need some of what you have.
I need to do so much clearing up and sorting out over the next few days plus some more cooking and freezing.

Hope you all have a good day.

ValiumQueen Thu 11-Oct-12 12:31:16

Nothing wrong with sleeping in a drawer. Took one camping with DD2 and she was the cosiest of the lot (at 7 weeks)

It seems baby Valium may be trying to break out. Had what appears to be a bloody show this morning, accompanied by some interesting pains. Seeing MW anyway today. Section booked for 2 weeks today. I am 37 weeks, so if he does arrive early I am confident he will be fine.

I will keep you posted x

bytheseaside Thu 11-Oct-12 12:49:43

fjord i agree make a fuss and get someone to help you with the feeding thing - it can really help turn things round very quickly without having to give up bf - they are not exactly fun, but theres always the breastpump to get things going - really worked for my whilst baby seaside too teeny to suck much! xx

ps not a drawer, although i did seriously consider it, if only i could have come up with a drawer-shaped mattress! just carrycot, which baby doesn't like at all ...

eagleray Thu 11-Oct-12 13:24:12

Now there's a business opportunity - drawer-shaped mattresses!

I have drawers built into my bed frame but they are a bit stiff to open - and where would I store my shoe collection if there was a baby in there?

VQ good luck re mw visit - wonder if this is it?!

ValiumQueen Thu 11-Oct-12 13:40:22

MW thinks early labour, but equally boy may decide to settle down and wait two weeks. I need to go in if waters break, or if contractions are 30 mins or less apart, and they would just section me when a theatre became available. Happy with that.

riversidelibrary Thu 11-Oct-12 13:49:50

valiumqueen fingers crossed for you, hope it goes smoothly.

midget Hope your little one's safely arrived now.

Has anyone heard from Firstbubba?

I got confused trying to catch up so I decided to update our list ...

10000Fireflies, baby firefly born July?
Hpbp, Anastasia, born August?
bytheseaside, lovely little girl, 25th/26th September name TBC
Littleredmonkey 43, DC1 Dylan, EMCS 4th October
Fjordmor 41, DC1, girl born 3/10 by CS

Firstbubba 43, DC1 due 2/10?
Midget 41, DC2 Due for sweep 9/10 or ELCS 19/10
Exexe, DC3, due for ELCS 17/10
Mrs”Oldandcobwebby”45, DC1, due 20/10?
ValiumQueen 43, DC3 for ELCS 25/10. Boy
Knottyhair 44, DC2 due for ELCS around 17/12 Girl (Rosa)
ClickingTock 40, DC2 due early Jan, sex a surprise (although sonographer has probably spoiled it...)
Eagleray 41, DC1 due 18/1 Girl
Riversidelibrary 42, DC1 due 29/1, Boy
Knickyknocks 40, DC2 due 17/3
MrsWooster 45, DC2 due 31/3/13 (a palindrome!) girl
Cadmum 41, DC5 due 06/04, living in Thailand
somewherebecomingrain 40, DC2 due 11/4
Scarecrow22 42, DC2 due 27/4
BadBuddha 42, DC2 due 5/5
Onemoreforgoodmeasure 40, DC1 due 06/06

My apologies if I've made a mistake, just let me know. Sorry for not including you KRM281 but I don't know any of your details, as I only joined recently.

AFM I'm still, touch wood, having an easy second trimester. My panic is entirely reserved for the wedding in two weeks. Bought shoes, jewellery, hair piece, favours this week and finally organised the flowers and placenames. Can't wait to collapse on honeymoon.

somewhere Glad you're feeling better, I remember when my sickness finally abated in week 18 and my spirits soared!

Hpbp Thu 11-Oct-12 15:57:09

Riverside, wedding and honeymoon and baby ! Waouh ! Only exciting events in the near future. Thanks for the list, I will try to copy and paste to the graduates thread if you don't mind.
VQ hopefully water won't break too soon but I am sure you are ready to go. A little brother for your DDs. Are they as excited as you ? How is your DP feeling ?
Somewhere, very glad your MS has left you alone, what a relief, hey !
Exexe, have you managed to rest a bit before the coming event ?
Midget, is no news good news ?
Hello to everyone else.

I finally found kind of a routine with the 2 kids. And now have a little bit of time for myself. Time that I spend in bed, catching up on sleep and rest....
Looking forward to meet you all on the grads thread.

scarecrow22 Thu 11-Oct-12 18:49:43

Somewhere just reminded myself you are only two weeks ahead of me. Soooo excited if MS has worn off. Even half way. Am feeling sick every second of every day, work sucks, have missed DD like crazy-o (she woke in cot this morn and asked for her child minder :/ ), and could lie in the street at any moment and happily fall asleep. So am focussing on two weeks now (sort of) Hurrah! Glad for you too - have much sympathy.
Valium send news of progress. Sounds v promising. Like another poster I never went into labour for DD so have no idea really, but some bits of pre-natal stuck!
Talking of which, does anybody know how difficult/easy it is to argue for an ELCS if you had a CS first time?
Lovely hearing about babies. Do come back with the odd bit of news, you grads smile

Midgetm Thu 11-Oct-12 20:50:46

Very quick post - all movement stopped for me, sweep again tomorrow.... Will catch up better later. Good luck VQ.

MrsWooster Thu 11-Oct-12 21:15:45

Fjord I am sorry it sounds like you're having a bad time. Feeding is the hardest thing... If it is supply, then either see HPBPs advice (on previous thread) or try your doctor - I know it doesn't sound like the natural ideal but I FINALLY, after months of struggle, got a drug from the doc which increased supply (Domperidone, which is a travel sickness drug but increases lactation) and this really turned things round and (in supply terms, anyway...) and it became much much much easier. Whatevern happens, no one way is The Only Way and if ff will allow you and babyFjord and DP to enjoy this precious time then wheel in the formula...

Midgetm Thu 11-Oct-12 22:06:07

I had the same as mrsW made my boobs go like milk filled bazookas

10000Fireflies Thu 11-Oct-12 23:20:40

Hello my lovelies! Couldn't work out why the thread had gone quiet - kept refreshing the page and no updates, so had to investigate as finally, baby asleep and I am awake!! Wow!!!

LRM a mahoosive congrats on the safe arrival of Dylan. And hi and congrats to proud Daddy MrLRM. Well done!! Enjoy!! How does it feel? You should read back on some of your old posts which started this group off.

Also, big congrats to all the other recent grads, HPBP, bytheseaside and Fjord

I haven't been able to read all your latest. Currently at Parents house cat and Dad sitting while Mum on hols. Is a bit of a challenge to say the least. Dad decided not to go on hols at last min as not feeling well.

Baby Firefly now 16 weeks and first tooth has appeared!! Am wondering how long I will be able to BF at this rate!!

Promise I will get that 40+ Mummies thread set up soon - but am away from home for another 10 days or so and it's really diff to get anything for myself done. If anyone else sets one up in the meantime feel free - would really appreciate a PM if you do.

Love to all. FF xx

knottyhair Fri 12-Oct-12 06:23:25

Lovely to hear from you FF, can't believe your little one is 16 weeks already!
Midget, keep us updated if you can (although obviously you have other priorities!). VQ, good luck and lots of love!
Just to stick in my tuppenceworth re: feeding, I managed to BF DS for 7 weeks and it was hell for me, and it got to the point after seeing counsellors etc, that at 2am he was screaming, I wasn't able to get him to latch on and DP got up to go to 24hr supermarket for formula at which point I shouted at him "I have to BF!", and he shouted back "but you're not!" and I burst into tears sad. I finally got him to latch on, it was like hot daggers in my boobs which didn't go away for the whole 45 min feed (the same for every feed). The next morning I gave myself permission to move onto formula. I beat myself up about it for ages afterwards, but he thrived and is a very healthy robust 8 year old. I've decided that this time I will give BF a go but I won't beat myself up if I decide to move to formula, I don't want to ruin those first few weeks. I'll shut up now blush.

Hpbp Fri 12-Oct-12 08:11:29

We should not have any kind of pressure regarding feeding. Breast or Formula or a bit of both, why not as long as it works for Baby and family... The first 2/3 weeks -when milk supply is not there yet- are difficult so why not try formula twice a day given by Dad and express in the meantime so that your body is still stimulated.
For DS1, it took me 8 weeks - by then I had opted for BF during the day and last 2 feeds formula
For Anastasia, I had help on latching at 2 weeks and milk supply was ok by the 3rd week, EBF, but I guess second time is easier

Midget, don't worry, keep us posted
wave to everyone else

ValiumQueen Fri 12-Oct-12 09:14:55

No pains since 6pm, but have very strong nesting urges, which I have never had before. Will just see how it goes.

In relation to breast feeding a baby with teeth, if they are properly latched the tooth and nipple should not be in contact. If they do nip then take them off immediately or give them a gentle tap on the nose. They will soon learn. DD2 was a rascal for nipping at the end of a feed. Her little nose would scrunch up before she clamped, so if I was paying attention, I could swiftly remove the threatened part. If not, then I yelped. She used to think it was very funny. I did not. She self weaned at about 15 months and I was very sad. She had 4 teeth by that point.

10000Fireflies Fri 12-Oct-12 10:28:38

There is too much pressure to BF esp by NCT devotees. Combination worked v well for us - there simply wasn't enough milk available to feed baby Firefly. At some point though have dropped the formula. Not sure when exactly, but it's just phased out. Guess I'm lazy!!

He is being a bit of a pain this am. I think he's confusing the need to chew for teething with being hungry and has just thrown up a huge load of milk. And I've only just put him in outfit #2 following massive poo-nami!

Thanks for the reassuring comments re teeth and bf, valium. I figured it was possible somehow!

Off to find the 40 mums thread. Thanks for pm hpbp.

Hugs and happy healthy pregnancies and pain-free births to you all.


Exexe Fri 12-Oct-12 13:23:16

I bf both mine for a year. Ds1 because I thought it was the best thing for him and its what I should do. Ds2 I was only going to do it for 6 months then it turned out he had a dairy allergy so it was better to just carry on.
I have never enjoyed it and founf it weird that my body funtioned for someone else IFYKWIM.
This time I want to mix feed from the start.

I had my pre-op appointment today where they ran through what will happen on Wednesday. I have to admit that I'm getting really anxious and emotional about the whole thing. I keep crying at the thought of leaving ds1 and ds2 in the morning and going off to have this major surgery.
A lot of 'what ifs' keep racing around my head and making me worse.

ValiumQueen Fri 12-Oct-12 13:28:26

I feel for you exexe but you are likely to be home after two or three nights, and they will appreciate you all the more for it. I am finding the thought of leaving two easier than when it was just the one, as they will have each other. How old are they again? Mine are 6 and 2, both girls.

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