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Poking and prodding (of the self-inflicted paranoid variety)

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LauraPalmerPlusOne Mon 08-Oct-12 01:49:28

Anyone else poking and prodding their belly to make their baby move? I'm feeling a bit guilty about it because I do it all the time. I'm 22wks and I really like the reassurance of feeling him move around. (I'm sure I'll eat those words in a few months when he's huge and kicking me in the ribs while dancing on my bladder...)

ripsishere Mon 08-Oct-12 01:56:05

I only did that once. DD hadn't moved all day which was awful. Me and DH went to the hospital, they put a belt thing on me, declared she was still alive, asked me when I'd last eaten and, a couple of samosas later she was dancing as usual.
I was peculiar inasmuch as I hated her moving. I was so glad to get her out.
Your poking and prodding are normal I think.

mummy2benji Mon 08-Oct-12 07:55:37

I have done that... and with ds too. I stopped doing it this pregnancy when I had a midwife appointment and just after the midwife had poked and prodded me to feel her position, baby's heart rate went up quite a bit. Just for a minute, then she calmed down again - but apparently the prodding had made her cross! So I have been more gentle with her since! I'm now 37+2 and she is a constant gymnast so I have no need of trying to wake her up. If I did, something to eat or lying down on my side would likely do the trick though - when I lie down, she always has to do some wriggling about to get comfy herself smile x

AlisonDB Tue 09-Oct-12 21:39:35

I prod and poke if I think I haven't felt him for a while,
I'm now 30 weeks, so now his movements are bigger in so much as when he moves my whole belly moves and squirms, but they are slightly less often,
I read that now his sight and his hearing are becoming more developed, I have a little torch that I shine I to the belly, (hope this is slightly more gentle) he wriggles and squirms, also I play music to him which he also moves to.
Only 10 more weeks to go! Can't bloody wait!!! Lol

Splinters Wed 10-Oct-12 10:45:09

I do that

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