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41 weeks!!! Advice please!!!

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8abyDust Sat 06-Oct-12 14:28:44

Hi All,

I am 41 weeks today and so fed up. Was in hospital for most of this week for dehydration because I had been suffering with vertigo which made me very sick. Am now fully hydrated were supposed to be inducing me while I was there due to big baby but I got sent home due to lack of space. I don't really want an induction or a c section (which are the 2 things I have been offered because they are concerned about how big baby is) but I have limited time due to having an appointment to discuss these options again on Monday.

I need to get things moving before Monday!! Any advice, tips???


mummy2benji Sat 06-Oct-12 16:30:46

Lots of fresh pineapple, curry, raspberry leaf tea! And try doing some star jumps (I tried those at 39 weeks - was interesting...) and having sex - I'm not sure of any other tips and am not convinced they do a lot, but it always feels better to be at least trying something! Good luck!! (Ds did come at 39+3, so you never know..)

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