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Im such a misrey guts, i simply cant be arsed to do anything...any one else?

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crosscupcake Sat 06-Oct-12 09:48:20

Had a weeks annual leave and other than cleaning the house, and doing shed loads of washing ive been nowhere, done nothing and just slobbed.

Back is so painful and i cant sleep well, so feel rough. had perminant cramp in my foot which has eased today.

Got loads to do.
God daughters 2nd birthday party at a play place which i just cant face, but gotta go...going to go for an hour if i can stand that long, half an hour tops i think.

I HATED those places when my son was little, they are just dreadful...but going to have to frequent them when this one is old enough...torture chambers of noise, and smells and mess and just awfulness....see what i mean..GRUMPY!

Its just me isnt it..its just me thats a crabby arse ???

mummy2benji Sat 06-Oct-12 19:51:46

Nope, not just you - I am 37 weeks and have some days where I have a bit more energy and motivation, and others where I just want to sleep - sadly impossible as I have a 3 and a half year old ds. If you haven't been to a play centre for a while, you might find some that are better now, as there are a couple near me that aren't too big and crazy and have nice cafe areas to sit and drink coffee - I am frequenting them a lot lately as I have no energy to entertain ds myself! Btw cleaning the house and doing shed loads of washing sounds productive to me!! You're quite entitled to crash the rest of the time I think x

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