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Bump shoot - tips required, please

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BuntyCollocks Fri 05-Oct-12 11:36:36

My sister has kindly bought me a bump shoot for Christmas (will be getting it a bit earlier than that, though, baby is due 28/12!).

Can anyone give me some tips on what clothes to bring, where I can maybe get some nice knicks that aren't granny pants, (currently living in them - lucky DH - but I don't think they'd look great on the photos wink ), but will sit under bump without riding down oh so attractively, and how heavy my make up needs to be?

The package does include getting hair and make up done, but the only time they had free is when they don't have anyone available to do it for me, so will be attempting it myself. I'm fairly handy with the war paint, but I know you should go heavier for professional pics.

Will be 32 weeks at shoot, if that helps at all. Thanks!

SGphotography Mon 08-Oct-12 11:44:54

Hi you're photographer should discuss this with you (at least that's what I do with clients).
It really depends what style photos you want i.e. natural ones with full clothes or Demi Moore nude style. If you're wearing clothes, tight ones are best, an idea is black/ white vest top with straps tucked in and rolled up so it looks like a boob tube with a black/ white flowing maxi skirt under the bump. To fully show off bump. If you're thinking undies, if you're brave enough thongs (nice lace ones not one's made of string!) look the best as they elongate the leg as opposed to french knickers which as they go straight across the leg it can make you look shorter. I also love the Demi Moore nude shot, I will be getting my partner (also my assistant) to shoot this for me when I get bigger!
Make-up does need to be much heavier than you'd normally wear, just slap it on!
Hope this helps

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