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Nub theory? A bit of self indulgence...Sorry!

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mummy2benji Thu 04-Oct-12 19:36:12

Hmm, I'm fairly used to interpreting ultrasounds (a dr) but I couldn't tell you either way! Easy with some imagination to think your pic may be of a little boy, but it is extremely difficult to tell gender at the 12 week scan and I would say it could equally be a little girl you have in there! Sorry not to be able to be more helpful. Do you have any feelings either way yourself? With ds I was certain he was a boy, and wasn't surprised at all at the 20 week scan when they confirmed that - no idea why I was so sure! This time around I had no strong feeling either way, and turned out to be a dd at the scan smile I understand your impatience to know though! x

PandaWatch Thu 04-Oct-12 15:40:36

If the nub is what I think it is in your scan I'd say boy. But I may be looking at the wrong thing!

Congratulations btw! smile

Dannilion Thu 04-Oct-12 15:34:31

Am desperate curious to know if there's a little boy or girl in my belly, have sort of researched the nub theory but having never had a child it's all very new to me. Probably going to explode before my 20w scan!

I suppose it's a bit of fun to pass the time too (for me, sorry I know it doesn't really benefit anyone else!). What does everyone think?

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