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Heavy bleeding at 30+3 - need some help / reassurance

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DuchessofHaphazard Thu 04-Oct-12 11:48:50

Had a bleed yesterday evening, blues and twos to hospital,where I'm being monitored and having steroid injections. Had another bleed this morning and passed a couple of big clots. I'm waiting for a scan to se what's going on- 20wk scan showed low-lying placenta. I just reaaly need a bit of a hug and reassurance. currently doctors are saying def won't be out till saturday, but also posible i'll be here till i deliver.

also v stressed cos made offer onhouse last week and mortgage application supposed to in this week. DH, bless him, is one of the least organised people i know, so trying to help him get all the paperwork together over the phone. both of us also have whooping cough, ds1 having some issues settling into reception, and no family support nearby.

so anyne who can pat me on the head and tel me it'll be ok would be very appreciated. apologies fo crap speling - stupid hospital touchscreen

minipie Thu 04-Oct-12 12:15:41

No advice but a big unmumsnetty hug for you, it must be very worrying for you but it's good that you have reached 30 weeks and good that you are being thoroughly checked out and monitored.

Sorry to hear you have a house purchase and whooping cough and school issues to contend with as well, it's sods law for all these things to hit at once. Do you have friends nearby you can call on eg to help with DS1? People are often more willing to help out in these situations than you'd think!

When is your scan? It sounds like there is not much you can do until you know some more so hang on in there.

Very best wishes.

HoneyMum21 Thu 04-Oct-12 17:38:50

No advice here,sorry,but lots of good thoughts. Hope they work out what's going on and get you sorted out. Unmumsnetty hugs.

mummy2benji Thu 04-Oct-12 17:48:26

Hugs to you. You might only need to stay in hospital till delivery if you have placenta praevia - where the placenta is lying over the cervix. They will have mentioned that as a possibility because you haven't yet had your scan to check (bit slow on the scan front - I would nag them as you should have it quickly). Even if you had a low-lying placenta at the 20 week scan, that doesn't mean you'll have placenta praevia now - because of the way the uterus enlarges, where the lower segment expands after 20 weeks, most women with a low-lying placenta at the 20 week scan find that the placenta has moved upwards when they are checked again. Hope the cause of the bleeding is identified quickly and you can get home again soon - all the best x

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