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I feel like a horrible person

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daffodilsarepretty Thu 04-Oct-12 09:42:22

Hi all,
I'm 8+4 weeks pg, and have horrendous 'morning' sickness. Except its not just in the morning its all day.
I just have no appetite and when I do eat or drink I throw up.
I have already lost some weight and just feel so guilty that I may be damaging my baby.
I have a 3yo dd who fortunately is at school till 3 so i can just lie down as thats the only way I feel half decent.
I had hyperemersis with dd and am just dreading another 8 months of feeling like this.
I honestly dont know why Im posting just need to get it out i suppose.

InchyInchy Thu 04-Oct-12 09:47:48

I really hope you feel better soon, my sickness was at it's worse around about 8 -10 weeks then it lifted a lot but I'm still sick nearly every day even at 22 weeks.

Just be nice to yourself, rest and try to drink as much as possible. I've found smoothies and orange juice to be my saviour.

Sometimes having a moan is exactly what you need to do!

WingDefence Thu 04-Oct-12 09:51:47

Daffodils that sounds horrible sad The only thing I can say is if you had hyperemersis with DD and she is fine and obviously wasn't damaged then I'm sure your baby this time will also be fine?

Are you keeping down water and dry biscuits etc? I think there's a hyperemersis thread on here isn't there?

Take care of yourself.

mummy2benji Thu 04-Oct-12 10:09:15

Baby will be absolutely fine - it's just you that sickness takes its toll on. I recommend anti-sickness tablets plus acupuncture - works for a lot more women than just anti-sickness tablets on their own. Ask your GP if they can give acupuncture - a few do, although it's not funded on the NHS so many won't. Otherwise do a google search for local acupuncture clinics in your area - I don't think it costs a lot. Definitely worth trying. I found keeping a big bag of ice cubes in the fridge and having sips of water full of ice with a slice of lemon helped - the only way I could get fluids down. And sucking on cola cubes. Hoping it gets better for you soon - just because you had sickness for so long last pregnancy does not mean you'll be the same again this time - it goes by baby, not by what has happened to mum previously. All the best x

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