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How worried should I be about chicken pox?

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lurcherlover Wed 03-Oct-12 13:21:35

I'm 12 weeks now, and all the kids at ds' nursery are coming down with the pox so it's surely only a matter of time before he does. I had it myself as a toddler but only very mildly - my mum says I wasn't poorly with it and only had about 5 spots, whereas she and my brother were much worse. Is there a chance I could get it again if I've only had a very mild case in the past? And is there anything I can do in advance to protect the baby, or anything I would need to do if ds does get it (I don't know if antivirals would do any good?) Thanks!

BikeRunSki Wed 03-Oct-12 13:27:15

I would ring your mw and have a chat. I was exposed to CP when I was 5 months pg because a muppet girl brought her daughter to work with it because the CM wouldn't take her!!???

I made a huge fuss (had just come out of hospital with hyperemisis, that pg was not going well) even though I'd had it as a child and there was an internal investigation. From what I remember, can (not will) be harmful in the first and last trimesters - i think particulalry so in the last, but your baby will have some of your immunity. As you are borderline 1st/2nd trimester I would speak to your midwife.

milkyjo Wed 03-Oct-12 13:29:14

I also wonder this as DS nursery says there is chicken pox going around too. I know it is one to be avoided but how likely is it that you cause harm to unborn baby if you've had it as a child? Sorry no answers, just in the same position.

BikeRunSki Wed 03-Oct-12 13:29:55

If you DS does get it, I recommend "Poxcylin" you an get it from big Boots' otr Amazon. It is a foam that soothes the itching and helps prevent scars. Because it is a foam you can apply it across large areas with having to put much pressure on the skin. And lots of lollies and DVDs....

Fingers crossed for you DS and DD had it this summer, it's horrid.

BikeRunSki Wed 03-Oct-12 13:33:07

Here is what the NHS have to say Looks like risks to you and your baby are v low, but speak to your MW or GP. r

Graciescotland Wed 03-Oct-12 13:40:16

They can test your immunity, DS caught chickenpox when I was 20 wks so they checked mines as I didn't know if I'd ever had it. Some people can fail to develop immunity after having chickenpox but it's rare, being tested could give you peace of mind.

DeathMetalMum Wed 03-Oct-12 16:24:30

Same as pp my dd had cp when I was about 8 weeks. We had a joint appointment at the out of hours so the doctor could confirm and then advise me what to do. I had my bloods taken and all was fine however I was told I would have an injection if I didnt come back immune. Hth

jenbird Wed 03-Oct-12 23:08:47

I had the blood test which came back as inconclusive so they gave me the anti viral injection. I still got chicken pox at 30 weeks but other than feeling utterly shite there was no long term harm to either me or Ds. I think the main risk is if you are about to go into labour and pass it on to the baby.

NAR4 Thu 04-Oct-12 10:29:42

My first child had chicken pox when I was pregnant with my second child and then my second child had chicken pox when I was pregnant with my third. You can have a blood test to check your immunity. I had chicken pox as a child so my midwife was not at all concerned and everything was fine. It can only cause problems if you actually get chicken pox yourself. Even then it doesn't mean you will have any problems with your pregnancy or for the baby.

StateofConfusion Thu 04-Oct-12 10:33:45

Both my dcs got chicken pox when I was in the first trimester of this pregnancy, I had a pretty bad case myself as a child so I was told there was no need to worry.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 04-Oct-12 11:04:39

Get your immunity tested.

Just because you've had it you can't assume immunity. My experience is at the other end of things. Ds1 was born with chicken pox, and I'd had it as a child (and hadn't knowingly been in contact with anyone with it when pg).

Chances of there being a problem are tiny but still worth checking out for peace of mind.

kirrinIsland Thu 04-Oct-12 11:21:40

I discussed this with my MW as I hadn't had it as a child. I was given a blood test to check immunity and I am immune? So having it as a mild case doesn't necessarily mean your immunity is lessened. The test will hopefully put your mind at rest, but if you do have low/no immunity at least you'll be aware and there are things they can do.

kate2boysandabump Thu 04-Oct-12 11:31:18

I was exposed three times during my first 2 pregnancies as others have said, ask for your immunity to be checked. Even if you've had it you might not be immune, I have and I wasn't immune. I only got tested because my mom had been on holiday and I didn't know if I'd had it. I had to have an immunoglobulin injection 3 times. The worst part was that I had to drive to the infectious disease centre to collect the injection myself!! Better to be sure smile

BionicEmu Thu 04-Oct-12 15:51:29

I haven't had chicken pox, but we're fairly sure my sister has. My MW asked me about it at my booking appt, and said to call her if I come into contact with it and she'll get me a blood test done to check for my immunity. She did also say though that if my sister had it when we were children then it's quite possible the lab wouldn't bother processing the sample as it would have been almost impossible for me not to either have had it or be immune to it if my sister caught it.

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