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Breech? Are they always right?

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wkmmum Wed 03-Oct-12 13:07:51

I'm 32+5. Had a midwife appt today and baby has turned breech. I know there's plenty of time for him/her to turn but it really threw me as baby has been head down for ages and DS was always head down. So I just wash expecting it.

The midwife showed me how to feel the head but tbh I could've been feeling anything! It's not that I doubt her but I'm confused as all the movements I'm getting are exactly the same as I've been getting all along. When baby has hiccups I feel it really low. And I keep getting punched in the cervix - I say punched as midwife told me weeks ago that it is baby's hands doing this and they aren't kicks.

So I don't understand why everything feels the same when baby is completely the opposite way up now xx

GrandPoohBah Wed 03-Oct-12 13:57:59

I'm 31+5 and I had appointments with a registrar and a MW today.

Registrar told me baby was bum down.
MW told me baby was head down.
They both found the HB in exactly the same place.

At this point you've got lots of time for baby to turn, and clearly they're not THAT accurate! I wouldn't worry about it until you're a bit further along.

philbee Wed 03-Oct-12 14:36:25

DD was breech from about 34 weeks I think. The only reliable way to tell seemed to be with a scan, different mws said different things about where she was. I had two scans at 36 and 38 wks and at the 38 week one she had turned. I did the acupuncture nonsense but wouldn't bother with that again. Apparently if you go about on all fours it helps but I'm never sure about that either. Or look at 'spinning babies' website for rebozo stuff (again, don't know if this is really helpful). You do have loads of time though.

stowsettler Wed 03-Oct-12 15:21:55

Absolutely not. My sister was told that her DS was 4/5 engaged, only to insist on a scan as she was sure he hadn't turned from being breech some weeks earlier. He was still breech and very much not engaged.

wkmmum Wed 03-Oct-12 15:56:51

Thanks everyone. I know I've got plenty of time for baby to turn. Just got upset and worried as it was a bit of a shock and not convinced baby is definitely breech.

She said they'd scan me if baby hasn't turned by 36 weeks and I know there's plenty of things that I can try to turn him/her. She also said that they do vaginal breech deliveries so I don't have to have a cs if I don't want to.

This pregnancy has been a bit of a nightmare for me for various reasons and I guess it just feels like yet another thing I have to deal withsad xx

cbeebiesatemybrain Wed 03-Oct-12 16:05:58

My dd was breech until 35 weeks when she just turned herself one night. Then at my 40 week mw appointment there was panic as the mw thought she'd turned breech again - cue an emergency appointment for a scan which showed she was head down. confused I think the mw mistook her bony bum for a head!

hzgreen Wed 03-Oct-12 16:11:45

The midwife thought my baby was breech but a scan (with no significant movement in between) showed she is head down, so yes they can be wrong...

monkeynumberthree Wed 03-Oct-12 16:27:24

Watching with interest as I'm in a similar situation, OP - 32+3 and at my appt on Monday my midwife said that baby is breech. I'd been worrying about it last weekend as I hadn't felt baby turn round yet as I had with DD1 and DD2, so I had suspected as much.

She said all I could do for now was wait as there's still plenty of time for baby to turn, to sit on my gym ball and crawl on all fours as much as possible, and no slouching on the sofa!

So since Monday I've weeded the drive, really scrubbed the bathroom floor, crawled around with DD2 all day yesterday (read stories, done jigsaws etc on my hands and knees), bounced on my gym ball for 2 hours straight, and all that's happened is that my hips/pelvis ache so much sad Baby feels in exactly the same place, although maybe a bit lower - hoping that baby hasn't engaged now!! confused

AnneH656 Wed 03-Oct-12 16:51:33

..according to my MW (who is awesome i must add) my baby was footling breech from 32 weeks. i felt a bit more movement on friday when i guess he turned. the scan on monday 37 + 4 showed head down and 3/5 engaged confused

i guess he just moved but she could have been wrong? really a scan is the only way to know. if he did turn i didnt feel a massive exciting movement. i also did nothing special. i took the attitude that he'll move if he wants to. really didnt fancy spending 4 weeks scrubbing the bloody floors and burning incense.

must admit i have felt a tonne more comfortable since the weekend and now can define the hands and feet down my right side grin

SneezySnatcher Wed 03-Oct-12 18:31:42

The only way to tell is with a scan. My sister's (admittedly poor) MW assured her the baby was head down, engaged and ready to go.

Sis ended up in hospital with pains in her ribs at 38 weeks and another MW asked if she could scan her as she thought the baby was breech.
Sis ended up with a section the next day (as the baby was breech) and the obstetrician said that DNiece had always been breech (could tell by head shape apparently).

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