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Varicose veins...and related issues!

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femmeaufoyer Wed 03-Oct-12 12:29:16

I'm so bloody fed up! Had a bad bout of piles about 2 months ago. Cleared up with tablets, suppositories and cream from GP. I'm now 30 weeks and have developed varicose veins in legs, vulva and now the piles are back. Feels like the whole of my undercarriage has been kicked by a horse! I know I'm going to need to go back to the doctor but just feeling too sensitive and sorry for myself to go today.....felt like a moan! Wondered if anybody has any tips?

clickingtock Wed 03-Oct-12 13:02:22

DF had this problem (pg with twins) but she happily reported that she was fine once they'd been born. Tough in one way - as I realise you still have 10-12wks to go - but may give you hope? Worth going back to docs for advice though...

ellangirl Wed 03-Oct-12 13:08:53

I have vulval varicose veins, first appeared when I was about 27 weeks I think. They certainly are worse now at 37 weeks, but not actually so painful now as they were at first. Obv any kind of straining makes them worse so don't get constipated! Obstetrician checked them and said they wouldn't have any effect on labour or birth. Witch hazel in a pad or in the bath is supposed to help, unless the skin is broken. Wearing big maternity pad can be good to cushion things as well...

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