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Tell me the lovely things about DDs

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Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 16:53:51

I have just been reading the lovely thread about having boys, but I have just found out I am having a girl! Please tell me the lovely things about having a girl.

WingDefence Tue 02-Oct-12 16:57:37

Congrats! I posted on the boys thread but I have a strong feeling that I'm having a DD this time round (only 13 weeks but hope to find out at 20) so I shall watch this thread with interest!

RobinSparkles Tue 02-Oct-12 17:04:01

I have 2 girls and they're wonderful (as are boys - I have 2 nephews who are "my boys").

I love my girls. They are very versatile in that they like football and cars but they like Fairies, pink and glitter!

moosemama Tue 02-Oct-12 17:27:09

Congratulations. smile

I have two boys, (8 and 10 years) and a 3 year old dd.

When I found out I was expecting dd I panicked. I remember thinking 'but I won't know what to do with a girl'. blush Mind you, I vaguely remember thinking the opposite when I was expecting ds1, as I had no experience of little boys back then, as I'd only really known my two nieces and younger sister.

Of course it was a daft thing to think, dd is my baby, just like the other two. She loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam, but also Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, fairies and 'pink/sparkly things'. She is a fantastic mix - the best of both worlds. smile

All three of mine are lovely, regardless of gender. The boys are funny, chaotic, energetic, affectionate and loving and dd is a whirlwind of chatter, noise, mess and laughter with lovely cuddles thrown in for good measure.

Most of all they are each total individuals, with none of them remotely like the others and that's the important part to remember.

Ds1 bores my ears off with endless talk of Pokemon and Star Wars, loves anything mathematical or scientific and gives lovely bony hugs. Ds2 is quiet, cuddly, artistic, generous of spirit and amazingly patient, kind and helpful with his little sister (he wants to be an infant school teacher smile).

Dd is the bossiest and noisiest of the lot. She loves to cuddle up and read mountains of books with me in one sitting, she likes to bake cakes for her brothers' after school treats, she always asks for a Barbie when the adverts come on the television (the answer is always no by the way, although I am fairly resigned to having to give in at some point now she's started school) and adores her jewellery box and fairy dressing up outfit. Yet she can sword fight and play Pokemon as well as any 8 year old boy! grin

I know people often say 'a son's a son 'til he get's a wife, but a daughter's a daughter for life', but personally I think that's more down to individual families and their relationships than being 'typical'. Dh isn't close with his mum, but then that's because of the relationships within his family, rather than because he expected me to take on her role once we got together. I do think lots of girls end up being closer to their mum when they have their own children, even if they haven't been all that close before, as obviously they want/need the support and also start to recognise a whole new perspective on the mother daughter relationship. Again though, this is by no means universal and I know plenty of women who are closer to their MIL's than there mothers.

mummy2benji Tue 02-Oct-12 18:00:25

moosemama - just read your response to this thread and thought it was lovely! smile I am 36+3 and expecting a dd this time round too - I have one ds who will be 4 years old in December. I adore him and he is so affectionate and loads of fun and full of beans constantly, but I am excited about having a little girl! So many pretty girl clothes and toys about... ;) Going to be dangerous for the bank balance I fear. I'm looking forward to helping her dress dolls, and play princesses and tea parties! x x

PuffPants Tue 02-Oct-12 18:01:17

I absolutely knew someone would start this thread before the day was out.


Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 19:15:42

PuffPants It had to be done smile

These are lovely, I can't wait to have my DD smile

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 19:32:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sheldonella Tue 02-Oct-12 19:32:31

er, oops, wrong thread!!

Sorry blush

KateShmate Tue 02-Oct-12 19:35:08

We have 5 girls and they are all absolutely wonderful!

HerOffTheInternet Tue 02-Oct-12 19:37:19

they don't piss in your face (or their own) when you're changing their nappies grin

moosemama Tue 02-Oct-12 20:10:21

Er ... hate to tell you this HerOffTheInternet, but my dd could. She was an expert 'fountainer' from birth and then when she was first done with nappies she would 'fountain' right out the front of the toilet bowl! shock

I think she just wants to be like her brothers!

HerOffTheInternet Tue 02-Oct-12 20:14:51

ah yes, until they master the 'tilt' confused

forgot about that bit grin but we don't want to share all the surprises right away wink

AngryFeet Tue 02-Oct-12 20:15:57

All babies are lovely. I have one of each. DD is beautiful and kind and sits still a lot more than DS does grin.

Dogsmom Tue 02-Oct-12 20:17:40

I read the boy thread and was a bit hmm about the whole 'no awful pinkness' vibe, I'm expecting a girl and am excited about the pinkness, I'm proud to be a woman, love pink and sparkle but it doesn't make me dumb, I've run my own business for 20 years and reckon I've turned out ok despite liking pink!

I was so happy to find out we were having a girl as I'm imagining spending a small fortune at Hobby Craft buying fluff, glitter and sparkle then home to make pictures, we will bake fairy cakes together, play with toys that get me nostalgic, she can nick my shoes and make up and when she's older we can go for lunch and shopping trips.

Then there's the whole 'daddys girl' thing that is going to knock my husband for six smile

MrsWooster Tue 02-Oct-12 20:20:56

Hmm.. as an absolutely un-pink woman, could anyone tell me more about tomboys?!

thisthreadwilloutme Tue 02-Oct-12 20:22:13

My dd looked at me today and sighed saying "when I grow up mummy I'm going to be just like you."

Annunziata Tue 02-Oct-12 20:23:40

I love my girls (I love my boys too).

Mine are older now, 19 and 14. I love sitting having a glass of wine with them, going to the pictures with them, talking about their boyfriends, helping them to pick out clothes. Sometimes they dance with me in the kitchen to daft songs on the radio (I got it from my mamma!)!

I'm so looking forward to when they are mothers.
My favourite thing ever is brushing their hair.
I am so proud of them, DD1 is studying engineering.

We have so much fun.

coldcupoftea Tue 02-Oct-12 20:27:03

You get to bask in the second hand compliments: "she's gorgeous, isn't she adorable... and she looks just like you". Why thank you, yes I am adorable grin

elfycat Tue 02-Oct-12 20:33:04

I have 2DDs and girls get better clothes choices. I make some efforts to avoid over-pink but we have great, beautiful dresses in all kinds of colours PLUS they can wear jeans and t-shirts and somehow still be cuter than boys disclaimer: boys can be gorgeous too but this is the girl thread

DD1 (3.5yo) seems to be going the tomboy route. She loves diggers, tractors and helicopters. I keep telling her she should be an engineer or surveyor when she grows up (other careers are also available) and I've known some very successful female engineers over the years. She loves building toys, lego etc too. Her DF is an engineer so it's not out of the realms of possibility that she will do.

I have one of each, both lovely but there are definite differences. She's so clever and independent, she doesn't just TRY to do things, she does things herself successfully (at 2) sometimes more so than my 5 year old ds does. Baking etc, she can crack the eggs into the bowl, stir gently, not make a huge mess like the boy would every time.

She loves shopping, online and in real life. She likes clothes, especially dresses and shoes, and we can have a good conversation in shops about what she likes, and she asks me what I think of things. She's good company for me. She's sweet and pretty, she likes dancing and dolls and girly stuff, but also a lot of the boys stuff, trains etc.

She makes less mess than the boy, but she's also pretty devious and faintly crazy. She adores her daddy. She isn't as cuddly as the boy but he's a bit insecure. The clothes are way better than boys clothes. And it's easier to give them a pretty bedroom without bright red and blue spidermen and leering baddies everywhere!

Startailoforangeandgold Tue 02-Oct-12 21:01:22

Two DDs here and they are so very different it's hard to say what having A girl is like.

DD1 is a quirky in your face, some times dippy dyslexic. She finds friends difficult and peer pressure pointless. At 14 she's quietly growing into fashion and make-up in her own way. She sings and paints and loves science. She always did art and craft and exploring her environment rather than toys.
If it could be climbed it was, if it could be fiddled with it was and if it didn't need cutting up or scribbling on you'd better move it quick.

Things are far more interesting than people, except for family and the very few other DCs who see past the quirks, with them she is the loyalist most loving person you could ever wish to meet.

DD2 is her polar opposite. Lots of dolls and play-mobile and pretend play, looking after pets and babies on the computer. Oh and toy cars every where too.

Makes friends really easily and is also fiercely loyal. likes to be fashionable and fit in.

Very loving when it pleases her, but inherently more selfish. Far the less secure, more pessimistic of the two. She likes to feel in control, whether of neatly parked toy cars, neatly lined up plastic people or of life in general.

What is it like having A girl, I only know what it's like having MY girls.

Fucking hair pins, hair, elastics, hair brushes and hair clips all over the sodding house. That's what its like having girls grin

Aboutlastnight Tue 02-Oct-12 21:05:08

I have three girls and am incredibly proud of them. They are energetic, intelligent, full of laughter, kind, passionate and exhausting.

The oldest wants to be an archaeologist, the middle one a scientist and the youngest "a mummy" ( she's 3!)

I don't have boys but son't really feel they are that much different - we don't have endless pink, we do have Lego and a Harry Potter obsession, they like rock climbing, camping, swimming as well as drawing, painting etc

To me they are just brilliant individuals, j try hard to let them be themselves and not point them in any gendered direction ( we do have a wardrobe full of summer dresses, drawers of jewellery and hair things and bags of dollies too)

Aboutlastnight Tue 02-Oct-12 21:06:33

Tights cost a bloody fortune though

RobinSparkles Tue 02-Oct-12 22:17:56

grin "tights cost a bloody fortune though."

OMG, I didn't realise - we usually get tights when they're part of a set so I had not really bought any before (apart from school ones for DD1, which are usually not too badly priced at Back To School time). Went to buy tights for DD2 (19 months) at the weekend and nearly fainted - £9 in Boots shock.

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