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Want to get prgnant but started new job. Advice on how to work out dates in order to get contractual mat pay. Please read on...

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Annalou1000 Tue 02-Oct-12 14:12:56

To get contractual mat pay I must have have worked for company continuously for one year by the beginning of the 11th week before the baby is due. I started on 25th September, would anyone be able to tell me how to work this out please? I don't want to get pregnant too soon and end up without the mat pay.


Dandelion75 Tue 02-Oct-12 14:41:50

So if a standard pregnancy is 40 weeks, you need to have worked there for a year (52 weeks) by the time you are 29 weeks pregnant.

So you need to have worked there for 23 weeks (the difference between 52 and 29) before you get pregnant in order for you to get your full mat pay (I think - maths isn't my strong point!)

Good luck smile

BonaDea Tue 02-Oct-12 14:42:51

Ok, so a pregnancy is 40 weeks. You have to have been employed for one year by 29 weeks pregnant (40 weeks minus 11 weeks).

There are 52 weeks in a year, so I think you can get pregnant by your 23rd week of employment (ie 52 minus 29), so count 23 weeks on from your start date and there you go. I think that is roughly 5 months, so I guess around the end of February?

I would build in AT LEAST an extra month to be on the safe side.

BUT: I am REALLY bad at maths, so someone else should confirm my sums!

Ellypoo Tue 02-Oct-12 15:07:31

Well, the 11th week before baby is due is 29 weeks pg. Bear in mind that pg is dated from lmp, rather than when you actually conceive.

I would leave it 6 months before ttc, to be on the safe side. If you got pg immediately, then 6 months employment + 29 weeks pg would be just over the 1 year continuous employment requirement.

Ellypoo Tue 02-Oct-12 15:08:19

*pg immediately from when you start ttc, not from now!

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