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Tens Machine - any recommendations?

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MayimBialik Tue 02-Oct-12 11:42:35

I'm looking to hire a tens machine for labour and wondered if anyone could recommend any particular make of tens machine (or are they all much of a muchness) and did you receive a good service from a particular company?

Did you also find the Tens machine effective? I've never used one before (Ive never given birth before!) so all advice greatly appreciated smile

BlueChampagne Tue 02-Oct-12 12:37:20

I found it very effective, but it's very much a marmite product. I used Elle tens; it was all the pain relief I had for DS2. Whatever you get, make sure it has a boost button for contractions.

Also consider buying if you think you might have more DCs. Check ebay - I think they hold their value quite well so you can sell it even if you don't get on with it.

Good luck!

AlisonDB Tue 02-Oct-12 12:49:04

i actually bought ine from EBay, cant remember the make, but its an all purpose TENS, suitable for labour and other things,
(i sufffer from an old whiplash injury and my hubby has a old sport injury in his knee)

i wore the tens machine from the 1st contraction onwards,
i had no other form of pain relief, (not cos im a hero) i just felt i didnt need it.
i was in labour quite a long time, too, contractions started on Thursday evening10.30pm.... baby was born saturday morning 7am!

i now have it packed and ready to go for labour 2.
11 weeks left and counting!!!!

It was slightly more expensive than hiring one, but not much, and we have both used it since my labour on our old injurys!

BlueChampagne Tue 02-Oct-12 12:54:39

According to someone on the childbirth thread, Aldi are doing them for £20.

mummy2benji Tue 02-Oct-12 20:01:06

I rented one for ds - can't remember where from but Boots do them and i think Tesco too. I think they are pretty much all the same so doesn't really matter where you get one from. I found it helpful to begin with - you press the boost button and "buzz" yourself when you are having a contraction and it helps distract a little, but I stopped using it later on and went for gas and air plus an epidural as it was no longer having any effect. Having said that, I think I will probably get one again this time - I went straight into strong contractions 3 minutes apart last time but I think a TENS machine would work well for milder contractions before the onset of full blown labour.

JennerOSity Wed 03-Oct-12 23:07:14

I used Elle TENS and think it is brilliant because the controls are in your hand, and you can easily control the on/off as well as the intensity even while distracted by a contraction. Some of the Tens machines don't have such easy control of the intensity or lack intensity control altogether.

I think the TENS is a fab method of pain relief and it got me through to fully dilated without issue and then I had gas and air to go with it for the pushing out. I highly recommend it. Certainly worth a go anyway, and if your labour means you need other pain relief too it doesn't matter - they all add up together and the good thing about the TENS is there is no restriction on how much you use it, nor does it interfere with other chemical/medical pain relief so it will complement whatever else you choose to use or stand alone if you find it helps enough.

All the best with your birth.

Smicha Thu 04-Oct-12 00:30:40

I hired a mama tens from Tesco for £27. With hindsight I could possibly have bought one online for a bit more and kept it for future pregnancies or for family to borrow. It was invaluable during my labour and I only used this and g&a. Make sure you get one with a boost button for during contractions.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Thu 04-Oct-12 00:45:57

I bought one from Babies R Us as it was only a few quid more expensive than hiring and DH & I both have shoulder issues which it can be used for afterwards. I can't remember the make but it wasn't the Elle one, I chose it because it was so simple, only 4 buttons (on, boost, intensity up/down) as we're neither of us any good with tech stuff. It was fantastic I wish I'd had one for DD1s birth, I used it from when the contractions started to get a bit much until I got in the pool (had to time removal of tens with leaping into pool before next contraction!). The boost button was bliss, and also having the controls gave me something to focus on.

I've raved about it since having DD2 just because I really never knew how effective they could be. I understand not everyone gets the same effect but definitely worth trying.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Thu 04-Oct-12 00:46:55

Random link there unintentional confused

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Thu 04-Oct-12 03:40:21

I've just remembered mine is a Babycare Obi Tens if that helps, it was £45 to buy.

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