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Pearls of wisdom please!

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Sazzled74 Tue 02-Oct-12 06:41:47

First posting on here as been slightly reticent to get started due to three m/c (2 at<9 weeks, baby girl 22 weeks). So pg #4, all going well until bloods came back from combined screening.
Results were (technical bit now!)
NT. 0.89 MoM ( great!)
Free B-HCG 3.02 MoM ( rubbish)
PAPP-A 0.50 (slightly rubbish)
Age 39 at EDD

So meeting with consultant ( lovely Ms Deans at Frimley Park) to discuss options and next steps. Terrified of having a cvs and risking m/c as this is last shot for me but having lost baby girl due to placenta insufficiency and not finding out until 21 weeks, don't think I can go through not knowing. We wouldn't have the test and then terminate it is more to know and be able to prepare.

Has anyone had a cvs and with Ms Deans , understand the risk reduces based on expertise of dr?
Any pearls of wisdom welcome!

mummy2benji Tue 02-Oct-12 07:57:00

Hello! I'm afraid I haven't been in your situation so can't give the advice of someone who has been there, sorry. I'm a GP though and fellow pregnant lady and felt for you with all you've been through so thought I'd post my two-pence worth anyway.

Personally, if you wouldn't have a termination then I wouldn't have the cvs. I totally understand the wanting to know and feel prepared, but there is a 1% chance of miscarriage associated with the procedure (I am sure that will not be significantly lower even with a renowned Gynaecologst - at the end of the day, nobody junior performs cvs) and you mentioned this being your 'last shot'. You'll have the ultrasound scan at 20 weeks which would likely show something up if the baby had Down's.

The NT result is reassuring, I think. As the incidence of Down's increases with age, your triple test result sounds very similar to that which would be expected for the age that you are at. 1:65 will sound high to you because you and your partner are the people most affected mentally by a positive result, but in the grand scheme of things that gives you a risk of only 1.5% - which is very close to the risk of miscarriage with having a cvs. I appreciate that it is a very difficult decision, and your specialist will be able to give you a lot more information than I can.

Hope I haven't just complicated your thoughts further... All the best to you xx

Sazzled74 Tue 02-Oct-12 16:13:53

Many thanks for your kind words and logical thought process, not disimilar to my own in different circumstances!
I guess we are not so worried with Downs, it is the other more complicated genetic issues that might arise and whether there is a link with my previous pregnancy that was lost at 22wks.
I've stopped googling and will wait for the appointment tomorrow to make sure we are fully informed re the interpretation of results and we will then make the decision.
Thanks once again - x

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