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Missed miscarriage

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bex2011 Mon 01-Oct-12 15:31:36

I went to the epu yesterday following some bleeding. I thought I was around 11 weeks pregnant. The scan showed a foetus of 5 weeks; pregnancy sack, yolk sack and foetal rod. They could also see where the bleed had come from.

According to my dates I would have been breastfeeding when I fell pregnant and have just stopped breastfeeding when I did positive tests. The Dr said that this could lead to dates being wrong and false positives.

I go back in 10 days for a re-scan. Im expecting the worst. Could my body have held onto the embryos etc for 6 weeks without miscarrying? The hospital said that what they saw was positive.

Any thoughts and experiences much appreciated.

terilou87 Mon 01-Oct-12 15:43:26

it could of done as your title says this would be a missed miscarriage i had one in july 2011 went to what i thought would of been my 13 week scan and found sack yolk dated 6 weeks but i had positive since around 5 weeks so it was impossible for me to be that far wrong with dates. i have read some stories like yours where people have gone back later on and there has been heart beat and everything has been fine. fingers crossed for you hun that all is ok smile

mummy2benji Mon 01-Oct-12 19:24:25

You may well be absolutely fine as with your breastfeeding it isn't possible to know when you might have conceived - so you could just be simply 5 weeks along. I've had a missed miscarriage before but it was a different scenario with regular periods and certainty of dates. The wait is horrid though - 10 days is a long time, you could ask them if they could reduce it to 7? It has to be at least 7 days, but that should be enough for them to see if there has been growth. Hoping all goes well for you and you have happy news when you go back x

bex2011 Mon 01-Oct-12 19:38:26

Thanks for your responses. I'm sure my dates are all over the place, but what I don't know is whether the breast feeding/stopping breast feeding will have caused false positive tests. The staff at the hospital said that tests are so sensitive they pick up even the smallest amount of hormone and they see a lot of false positives??

They wanted to leave it 10 days. They hope that if all is well they will see a heart beat then.

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