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no longer need a csection but now shitting it about 'natural birth' anyone else scared? help!

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AnneH656 Mon 01-Oct-12 14:02:48

so i am nealry 38 weeks had my scan today and found out the baby is now head down! no csection! yey!

although............ for the last month i have been told breech breech breech and CS CS CS and concentrating worries on that. worries about recovery, length hospital stay, being away from my 9 year old...etc etc

so now i am suddenly thrown into natural vaginal birth worries! my DD's birth was awful. induced at 41 + 3 and in labor for 3 days. was ripped to pieces and totally traumatised.

just trying to get my head around the 'all change'. i am pleased that he is now cooperating and also excited at prospect of the ol tv sitcom 'my waters have broken' scenario i missed out on with DD grin

just wondered if anyone else was feeling the same? i am not even sure whats bothering me. perhaps general uncertainty and pain!!

MoonHare Mon 01-Oct-12 15:41:46

I really must ask JuJu Sundin for some commission! Because I keep recommending her book "Birth Skills: proven pain management techniques for your labour and birth". It's so good, full of practical and useful advice and insights into labour and the process of giving birth and at the same time it's very easy to read and upbeat. It's available on Amazon and you've still got time to read it.

Very best wishes with everything.

terilou87 Mon 01-Oct-12 15:51:18

hi hun dont worry to much, i had c sec with dd1 and the pain after made things impossible just walking and picking him up hurt soo bad, i had natural with dd2 and dd3 and found it much easier although painful, it was better for being at home and running around after them. youve got to remember each birth is different. smile

AnneH656 Mon 01-Oct-12 17:56:53

thank you! will def look into the book.

terilou it is really good to hear that you had positive natural birth. my sis keeps telling me that because i am in a 'happier' place in life (i.e. not with a birk of a partner - with lovely DP) my hormones should help with the labor.

why are they so hard to get out after baking???????????????????????

mummy2benji Mon 01-Oct-12 22:38:37

I used 'Natal Hypnotherapy - Effective Birth Preparation (Hospital)' cd before giving birth to ds as I was terrified about giving birth. It's very easy to listen to and is just a relaxing voice giving you relaxation techniques and telling you calming things about baby and labour. It is meant to still work even if you fall asleep during it - which I did, all the time! My birth experience was really good - I didn't exactly enjoy every minute of it (that's going a bit far!) but the main thing was that I was calm and relaxed right the way through it. That is the key, as stress and anxiety release hormones which slow your labour down and make it more difficult. I'm using it again this time round - although I'm only 37 and once listened to it once so far. I'll maybe try to listen again another few times before D Day, but even listening to it once is meant to help. Maybe placebo, but hey, if it helps!

Remember - second time round everything will be already stretched down there, so less likely to have the damage you got first time round. My friend had a nasty tear with a ton of stitches with first baby, and no tear or stitches at all with number 2. Here's hoping! smile x

mummy2benji Mon 01-Oct-12 22:40:43

Geez I had a pregnancy brain moment there and wrote an entire sentence that didn't make sense... I'm nearly 37 weeks, is what I meant to say!

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