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Unexpected pregnancy

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daerwen Sun 30-Sep-12 14:57:47

Im 21 yo and just finished college. i have a decent job, and my partner will soon have. i am so terrified to tell my parents about it. im already 13 weeks now, been 3 weeks since we found out. i am happy with my pregnancy but im afraid with my pparents because i just finished college and they will be disappointed. any advise that will encourage me? i don't want the "problem" to affect my baby sad thanks a lot!

scaredmummy2B Sun 30-Sep-12 18:07:07

Hey hun just gotta be honest get it out the way so they can support you when you need it as its not easy be prepared for them to be shocked but sure they'll come around hun your young so will still have plenty of time to do what you want once baby is in school xx good luck xx

WinklyFriedChicken Sun 30-Sep-12 18:11:04

My DSis got pregnant still at Uni. She and the father are now married, both have good jobs, a lovely house and a second child. They are very happy. Good luck!

Dogsmom Sun 30-Sep-12 18:11:51

Tell them, whether you sit them down or blurt it out (I'm a blurter and crier!) yes they'll be shocked but they love you and after a few days they'll get used to it and be supportive, it's their grandchild so they'll love him/her unconditionally as they do you.

Have you been to your doctors yet because you will need your first scan asap?

You just have to do it, really quick. I had to tell my parents I was pregnant at 17, it was hell but they got over it. They loved dd with all their hearts the minute she was born.

Good luck!

LynetteScavo Sun 30-Sep-12 18:20:51

Have you had a scan? If so show them the's hard to be disappointed when you see one of those little pictures.

I think you might be surprised. You ave a good job, you have finished your education. If I were your mother I couldn't be more proud. smile

I know it's hard. I was really scared of telling my parents and I was much older than you. But it has to be done. Good luck. x

scaredmummy2B Sun 30-Sep-12 18:24:40

Thats great advice Lynette and lovely kind words!

Who can look at a baby in tummy pic and be angry

daerwen Mon 01-Oct-12 13:40:49

thanks everyone, my bf and i already told my parents bout it a while ago. mum first. i was so nervous i cant say a word so my bf did. my mum cried a lot, blamed my bf at some point. like "why did you do this?" "arent you aware of what youre doing" etc etc.i was expecting her to advise us what to do but she kept on asking us what's your plan? she cried there the whole time for like 30 mins then asked me to call my dad. she was in total shock. i told my dad about it over the phone, and he scolded me a bit. he wanted to talk to my bf's parents maybe over the weekend to settle this.

@scaredmummy2B, right now i dont see their support cus they're too disappointed sad but i know they will soon. yes, im honestly excited with my pregnancy smile thanks!

@winklyfriedchicken, honestly my bf and i are too excited with this but we can't express it a while ago bcus of my mums crying. that is really sweet, i hope we could go that long way too cus we really love each other smile

@dogsmom we really did a lot of crying a while ago. yes im already done w/ the checkups etc we confirmed bout it @ 10 weeks. i just finished treatment for BVaginosis and UTI. Thanks for your words smile

daerwen Mon 01-Oct-12 13:46:56

@staceymReadyForNumber3 i really hope theyd get over it soon. they are also afraid of what my neighbors will tell about our family so they prefer me out of the house, and be at my bf's.

thanks @lynette smile i had the scan but it was only 10 weeks it's so small, maybe a new scan this week will be better. my mother is actually so proud of me, but she was expecting for me to get preggy @ 30 or 25 so she really cried a river after learning about it.

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