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pain pain pain 21 weeks pls say this is normal

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spandau1980 Sun 30-Sep-12 04:52:15

its 4.50 am
im having and had for over a week constant stomach ache low down
my pelvis feels like iv been kicked between the legs... but i can press there no pain.. but moving makes me ouch !
Been to docs.. mw and hospital in the past few weeks had scans baby fine.. its me im in pain and can't sleep it hurts all day and all night...
My oh is getting frustrated cos everyone saying im ok but dunno wat pain is...
I. m in constant tears that this is something really bad...
Please please someone advise sad

GracieGirl Sun 30-Sep-12 04:59:16

I don't know what the pain can be, but if it hurts that much I don't think you should take no for an answer. Go back and see whichever of them you think will help you.

I hope you get your pain sorted.

JennerOSity Sun 30-Sep-12 05:06:50

The pains you describe... are they two separate pains?

The one which you say feels like you have been kicked between legs could be SPD (pelvic girdle pain) that can feel very much like that and moving, especially if you are parting the knees or twisting does feel like that, I have it and it feels like someone has stuck a knife there! I have seen the ante-natal physio (via midwife referral) for mine (am now 37 weeks) and have been advised what to avoid so as not to aggravate it, and what exercise to do to improve it - get your midwife to advise you what painkillers you can safely take.

The one you say is a constant stomach ache low down, assuming that feels like it is in your muscles not your gut could be any number of things really, so wouldn't like to say if you should worry or not. If it is first baby it could well be the muscles being stretched which is perfectly normal - just so you know you don't necessarily need to worry - however, it could be something else.

If you are concerned (obviously you are!) you could go to the ante-natal unit at your nearest hospital and ask to be checked rather than wait for your next midwife appointment - take your notes, but you don't need an appointment. I did this at about your stage of pregnancy as I had had food poisoning and then didn't feel baby move for few days so was convinced it had died, was stood in reception in tears. They were totally fine with me, checked baby and all was fine - worth it for peace of mind.

They could check heartbeat and also you for what is causing the ache.

The not knowing is the worst, so ask for help from the experts, get suitable pain relief and ask your OH to keep his frustration to himself as it won't help you keep calm.

Good luck, I hope everything is fine, I am sure it is better than you fear, there are many innocent explanations but get the real experts to examine you for proper answers.

Fear is horrible, so go easy on yourself.

justbogoffnow Sun 30-Sep-12 05:07:52

Could it be SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction)? Because our bones soften during pregnancy, some women develop this, whereby the area of bone called the symphysis pubis (right where your vagina is) becomes unstable. It is extremely painful (I had it with dc2). I'm not sure when it can develop from (in terms of weeks of pregnancy). I developed it later on. Your symptoms do sound like it though. Maybe go back to GP to discuss? One of the things that helped me (it was sooo bad at night) was a long body pillow, which I put between my legs. Trying to sleep with my legs together as normal was absolute agony.

I hope things get better, here's an unmumsnetty ((((hug))).

plonko Sun 30-Sep-12 09:48:33

I came on here looking for a thread precisely about this! I'm feeling very similar pain. Not the stomach ache but lots of stabbing pains v low down like I've been kicked in my lady area blush

I'm 18+4 and first noticed it a few days ago. I'm on my feet all day at work which seems to make it ache more, and when I walk its like I'm being stabbed reoeatedlyi I've also had lots of back pain but I thought that was just one of the many perks of pregnancy.

Spandau yours sounds much more intense, I hope you feel better soon. If they said you were fine I can't imagine me rushing to my gp will yield any results, bit ill mention it at my next appointment!

spandau1980 Sun 07-Oct-12 21:09:25

Saw.consultant today for 2 bloody mins...
Round ligaments pain he said after not reading my notes grrrr....
still got pressure still have pelvis pubic pain and still have stomach pain and tightening s... 22 plus 3 roll.on Feb 2013 so i can meet my baby ...

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