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***TMI*** Blood tinged discharge 23+5

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Numbthumbs Sat 29-Sep-12 10:59:58

Hello lovely ladies,

Have quite a bit of the above mentioned pink discharge which started as quite a bit of red blood when i wiped first thing this morning but is definately lessening as the day goes on. Im not cramping or in any pain and baby is moving fine, should i worry??
I had a huge bleed at 20 weeks with DD and went into hospital but they couldnt find anything wrong and its nothing like that sort of amount.


Numbthumbs Sat 29-Sep-12 12:10:11


Scroobius Sat 29-Sep-12 12:14:12

I'm fairly sure my notes say anything to do with bleeding should be checked out by a midwife or doctor. Probably nothing as you say but best to get checked and definitely best to let someone know it's happened for future reference I would think.

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