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Did anyone else get really crap scan pics?

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I want to guess the gender but its impossible. The pics are so crap.

And Im feeling really ill. DP and DD have a bug. Now I have it sad

LonelyCloud Fri 28-Sep-12 20:51:18

Hope you feel better soon.

DS was very modest in most of our scans. The consultant told us before the 20 week scan that it wasn't hospital policy to go looking for baby's gender, but if she happened to see it, did we want to know? We said yes. Turned out DS had other ideas, and kept his legs firmly crossed and drawn up to his tummy through the whole scan. The consultant announced that she didn't have a clue whether we were expecting a boy or a girl, and said our guess was as good as hers.

All the pics are from the top so its impossible to tell. Scan pics for DD were even worse. Must just be me.

DP thinks he saw that its a boy on the last scan (at 33+5) but we didnt get a pic of that one.

FreddieMercurysBolero Fri 28-Sep-12 20:55:31

Yes, my pic was mostly of DS's spine, he turned as soon as his picture was taken. He still does that now, mindsmile

Its a shame. I always see other peoples and they are always perfect from the side ones and really clear!

chubbychipmonk Fri 28-Sep-12 21:11:12

Can't help you with scan advise. . . But I feel your pain with bug!! Started being sick at 1am this morning and now I literally feel like death! Totally wiped out, trying to keep drinking water for baby's sake but. . Barfff!!
As if feeling fat & bloated wasn't enough!! sad

AllPastYears Fri 28-Sep-12 21:12:21

Yeah... we only got one scan. I think it was supposed to be at around 16 weeks. However, my dates were completely out (long time between periods) so DD was around 9 weeks - you can just about see a little tadpole. confused

Oh chipmunk its terrible isnt it.

DD was up vomiting on Weds night but I thought she had just eaten too many grapes. DP has had a cold for a few days too.

But today its all got worse. I need to be sick but Im panicking and trying not to be (morning sickness doesnt phase me though hmm ) Im in cold sweats too.

DP is vomiting everything back up. Hes just gone to get bottled water and ice lollies for us.

sad I could cry.

Pudgy2011 Fri 28-Sep-12 21:18:57

We had scans every month and towards the end every two weeks then every week from 36 weeks (live overseas, scans are par for the course with healthcare). Not once did we get a decent scan picture! I guess it's because they were done by the OBGYN and not a sonographer who specialise in scans. I consoled myself with the fact that we got to see the baby each month regardless of the fact that the best photo my fab OBGYN gave us was of baby's knee grin

The only scan we had where we could see the face was a 4D scan that the doctor decided to do at 37 weeks and I had the baby a week later!

FluffyJawsOfDoom Fri 28-Sep-12 21:30:41

Our 12 week scan photos were amazing, but I think the lovely sonographer took extra time and effort because I was in floods of tears (we'd been trying a while). Our 20w scan photos were a bit pants in comparison!

I have had four scans in this pregnancy and on the last two I couldnt see the screen sad but DP saw little fingers and ears so hes happy.

Not long to go now I suppose.

chubbychipmonk Fri 28-Sep-12 21:55:16

Hope the juice and ice lollies help. . I can just about stomach lucozade and considering trying a sliced of dry toast! There goes my take away with the Xfactor tomorow! Hope you feel better soon wink

Lora1982 Sat 29-Sep-12 06:15:07

mine were rubbish i got one of his spine and another of a skull which is both disturbing but fun the rest are all blurry and nonidentifiable

I had a really bad night sad cant even keep water down.

I know that I have to make sure I dont get dehydrated so Im drinking it anyway, but does anyone know how long this can go on before I need to call the MW?

Its crap Lora isnt it! My pics of DD make her look like a scary monster. The skull was sinister looking!

noblegiraffe Sat 29-Sep-12 07:41:28

At my 20 week scan the sonographer offered me my money back because the scan pics were so crap.

12 week ones were crap too, baby was standing on its head and refused to get into a decent position (even with my doing squat thrusts and belly dancing) so they couldn't even do the nuchal fold measurement.

I suspect my baby is going to be a troublemaker.

grin noblegiraffe

Mine is going to be a kickboxer!!

Pontouf Sat 29-Sep-12 07:47:13

I had my 12 week scan last week and it is shit. My mum has nicknamed the baby Furry Butterbean because the picture is so blurry that it does look furry. The sonographer has written in my notes that the picture is not great because of the mother's bodily habitus which I assume means because I am fat. (I am fat to be fair but I was fat in my last pregnancy and got fab pics!)

Im fat too and one of my scan pics from my last pregnancy was great.

Plus right now theres no fat on my bump. I have lost quite a bit of weight!

tiredteddy Sat 29-Sep-12 07:57:45

I'm not fat but at my 12 week scan the sonographer said the pics were bad because of my poor quality (very stretch-marked) skin! They are grainy looking. This is dc3. But the 20 week ones are clear as all the others were and that sonographer didn't say anything about my below standard tummy skin!

FluffyJawsOfDoom Sat 29-Sep-12 08:00:59

What is it they say? Only a poor craftsman blames his tools or something lol

Wiggy29 Sat 29-Sep-12 08:12:05

tiredteddy- how flipping rude! That would really boil my blood!

We are convinced we could see the sex at 16 weeks (actually, we both thought we could tell it was a boy from 12 weeks) but they said they couldn't so I'll be really curious to see if we're right!

chubbychipmonk Sat 29-Sep-12 11:16:19

Hey wannabe, just to let you know I'm feeling better today so must've just been a 24 hour thing. . Hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow smile

I hope so! Glad you are feeling better smile

I look like the one of little britain everytime I vomit. I know thats TMI but my god its shocking.

PartialToACupOfMilo Sat 29-Sep-12 21:18:17

My dc1's 12 week scan picture was awful - she looks like a slightly sprouting potato! 20 week scan pictures were fab and on a CD as hospital was too busy to keep up with demand and we got farmed out to some private practice grin. This time the 12 week pic was much better (turned out to be a week later though) and the 20 week was clear, but not as good as dc1.

This time we're having a boy and were told by the sonograoher that they always look for whether it's a boy or girl at the 20wk scan as they are obliged to check the genitalia - whether they have a policy to pass on the info or not can vary though

ImPeppaPigOink Sun 30-Sep-12 11:00:27

My 8 weeks scan picture looks like a blob. If you look closely you can just make her head out. My 12weeks scan looks a bit better. In both of them scans I couldn't see the screen. DP did see the screen but the sonographer never explained what was what.

At my 20 week(had at 22weeks) we had the same sonographer as the other 2 scans and we were able to see everything on baby and the sonographer pointed everything out to us. We also found out we are having a DD2. Which made DD1 jump up and down shouting "yippee, a girl, I'm having a baby sister" Which was so nice to see.

I was told the early scans were a bit blurry through my increased BMI.

I have other scans at 28 and 34weeks so hopefully we get more good pictures then.

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