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What the hell is going on in there?!

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RecklessRat Fri 28-Sep-12 16:41:56

Am 31 weeks and for the last couple of weeks this baby has been moving a lot.....

Several times a day and night it's as if a wrestling match is going on inside me. It ranges from v uncomfortable to painful, some of the kicks are hard enough to make me swear jump, sometimes it almost feels like pinching, sometimes like unbelievable wriggling.

It seems to be worse when I'm sitting down - and am getting quite bad right -side rib pain now if I sit for long periods. Obviously not great for a office-based job and one where I have a lot of meetings. I have to keep shifting position, flinching and moving; concentration is practically impossible with the party going on inside me....

Is this "normal"? What the hell is going on in there?! Is there anthing i can do?And will it get any better or am I stuck with this for another 9 weeks?

And does this mean that baby is destined to be constantly awake, wriggling and a proper handful after finally arriving?!

Lot of questions there, but any advice/answers/experiences gratefully received!

monsterchild Fri 28-Sep-12 16:47:01

I don't have any advice just a coo miserable new mom! 28 weeks and it sometimes feels like he actually biting me! Last night I was awaken by his jumping jacks. he's been kicking me in the ribs too. I hope it doesn't get worse!

RecklessRat Fri 28-Sep-12 16:54:47

monster at least I'm not the only one!

People keep saying to me "ah, maybe a future footballer", which is no help, just ANNOYING!

And bearing in mind the sorry state of most of our footballing "heroes", the last thing I'd want for my DC!

monsterchild Fri 28-Sep-12 17:23:24

Yes, Dh wants a baseball player but the way this one going I think he's going to be a dancer!

Rachel130690 Fri 28-Sep-12 17:36:42

Oh this brings back memories smile I'm writing this cuddling my 2 week old who was quite the mover during my pregnancy. I experienced the same as you was always moving around, my bump always had an odd bit sticking out, constantly sore ribs from kicking and his bum. And I too thought I was gonna have a wriggler when he was born, he has very strong legs and still kicks quite a bit. Good luck with rest of pregnancy it will get better smile

Pochemuchka Fri 28-Sep-12 17:37:43

I had this with DC2.
I thought I knew what pregnancy movement involved after DD but I was not prepared for this!
I remember sitting in an important meeting with all the consultants, directors, managers of where I work and I was almost being thrown across the room!
I also had to put up with constant jabbing, stabbing, kicking, churning. Honestly - I have no idea what he was up to in there.
He's now 19 months old and hasn't changed a bit.

Thankfully DC3 seems more sedate like big sister.

Rachel130690 Fri 28-Sep-12 17:41:55

Sorry realised I never really answered your questions, so here goes..

Normal - it's very normal, there's less room so movements are felt more, I was just happy he was moving smile
There was nothing I could do, although when it got really sore or uncomfortable I moved positions, poked at him to get him to move.
Yes you prob will experience this for next 9 weeks.

When baby comes it does not mean he/she will be constantly awake, my boy is awake more during the day but sleeps fantastic at night. Still a wriggler but he's amazing. Can hold his head up, kicks and moves feet like a frog. But who knows what your baby will be like. Hope this is more helpful smile

I have this too. Last night DP felt a tiny foot.

Its so painful. I said to the consultant at the last appointment and she wrote it in my notes but that was it. No advice/sympathy/assurances.

If the babys mad activities coincide with braxton hicks I get shocking pain in my ribs. I had that the other night every ten minutes for two hours.

I have no advice sadly sad

MaMaPo Fri 28-Sep-12 17:46:54

I could have written this. I'm 29 weeks and the bean is frantically kicking, twisting, wriggling, tapping and generally jumping about. It's not too bad or painful (except for right rib pain) but it's getting more distracting. Had a quick scan yesterday and the bean was head down, with the legs stretched right forward to almost touch the head. That amount of flexibility certainly goes some way to explain the weird combinations/locations of movements I get.

RecklessRat Sat 29-Sep-12 09:34:40

Thanks all for replies.

Like rachel I'm happy the baby is moving a lot. I just wish it wasn't quite so violently!

I did wonder if there was any connection with what I was eating, but I don't think there is. We have a pretty healthy balanced diet anyway and don't eat much sugar, so ive more or less ruled that out.

wannabe I'm getting a lot of braxton h too.... Definitely not helping!

mummy2benji Sat 29-Sep-12 18:44:36

I can sympathise - mine is the same! Ds kicked a lot and could be uncomfortable but I'm carrying much smaller this pregnancy and so seem to be feeling every somersault and flip she does much more acutely. I am getting a big pointy ?knee or elbow suddenly poking miles out from my belly, then slowly dragging itself across the front of my belly before going back in again - horrible scraping, jabbing sensation! I used to think ds's kicks were sweet! This baby girl is scrabbling about in there constantly too - it makes me laugh when midwives talk about movements and being able to feel 10 over a 2 hour period. I am feeling 10 violent jabs in a few minutes! Having just moaned about the discomfort, I am actually reassured and grateful that baby is so active in there. It hurts, but so long as she is well that is the main thing!

Umm. With regard to it continuing for the next 9 weeks... hate to disappoint you but it doesn't improve! In fact, baby gets stronger... But, at some point they'll maybe calm down a little as they run out of room in there and head engages (I'm 36+1 and it hasn't happened yet...) wink x

FrameyMcFrame Sat 29-Sep-12 18:53:36

Is the baby a boy? My boy did mad gymnastics fir the last few weeks and it became quite unpleasant. I used to kneel on the floor and bend over the sofa. Bounce on a birth ball.?
My DD was a breeze in comparison!

My little boy got stuck in labour, he was transverse and I'm sure it was his mad gymnastics that got him in to that funny position.

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