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is this normal?

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Revelsarethebest Fri 28-Sep-12 13:17:51

im 38 weeks pregnant with first baby.

Had horrendous SPD since 8 weeks preg :-(

Over the last few weeks its got alot worse! I didnt think it could get any worse!

I cant bend down, put my socks and shoes on.

When i walk up or down stairs, i have to do it very slowley and then im panting and sometimes wheezing like mad when i ve reached the top.

Its now becoming too hard to drive. When gettting in my car i have to lift my legs in using my arms as they wont move high enough to get in the car.

Im then panting and wheezing again.

Im 25years old, was perfectly fine before i got pregnant.

I ve put on around 4-5 stone during this pregnancy, and im roughly 16stone now!! Im wondering if this is normal in pregnancy or if its the weight gain?

Nigglenaggle Fri 28-Sep-12 20:32:59

Poor you! The 8weeks SPD is unusual and must be awful - struggled to cope with pelvic pain for the last trimester. By all means get yourself checked out if you are worried, but all else that you describe was me, exactly! DH got very good at tying my shoelaces!! The last two weeks of pregnancy were the most tedious of my life to date. I didnt gain excessive weight during pregnancy (although I did after - too used to not dieting grr) and was the same. I would say that I got some great nights sleep after birth. Pelvic pain was better straight away (well I was allowed to sleep on my back which helped) and feeding the baby, for me, was nothing compared to the sleep I'd lost with antenatal pain. So hope that bit at least is the same for you!

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