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xmasevebundle Fri 28-Sep-12 01:52:15

What does everyone crave?

I love maccaroni with chips, anything sharp/sour. Slush puppies, nutella and big macblush. Double cheeseburger/happy meal with fries inside?

I crave those chicken strippers from domineos EACH day with the garlic and herb sauce! If i had enough money i would buy them everyday.

Midgetm Fri 28-Sep-12 07:33:30

Haribo sours, any sours in fact, fizzy water. That is all

emzypoo Fri 28-Sep-12 15:46:06

I'm so dissapointed I've havnt craved anything and I guess at 38 weeks I'm not going to sad

MrsJohnDeere Fri 28-Sep-12 15:52:18

Ice cubes

Also chocolate but actually eating it makes me feel quite unwell.

QueenofJacksDreams Fri 28-Sep-12 16:02:25

Junk food angry Doesn't help the constipation!

I've completely gone off chocolate and most sweet things I used to be a bar a day kind of girl too shock

Spoutlet Fri 28-Sep-12 16:09:44

Chips and curry sauce, but only from my local Chinese takeaway and absolutely NOT chip shop ones <drools>

Littlesurprise Fri 28-Sep-12 17:09:23

Babybels!!! Just about everything in the cheese aisle (not craving the naughty cheeses though, which is lucky). On crackers. Oh my.

Natnat29 Fri 28-Sep-12 17:12:49

Don't think I've had any proper cravings yet...when did your cravings start? I'm 22 weeks now

xmasevebundle Fri 28-Sep-12 17:42:01

What about smoked cheese? Ohblush

It just comes on when you ate/drink a food and crave it until you have it! Mine started about 23/24.

MaMaPo Fri 28-Sep-12 17:49:50

Don't know if I can really call it a craving, but I could eat a Mars Bar every day at the moment. In general, I tend to fancy sweet, bready things (like croissants and muffins), but I don't know if it's a craving. If I had the willpower I would be easy to not eat it, but at the moment I'm giving in probably a little more than I should.

Luckily I also fancy fresh fruit so hopefully that's balancing things out.

sleepyhead Fri 28-Sep-12 17:52:00

No cravings as such, but salty things help when I'm feeling nauseous so I've been getting through jars of gherkins (cliche alert!) and I've gone off quite a few things - can't bear Tangfastics at the moment and usually I can inhale a bag in seconds.

Littlesurprise Fri 28-Sep-12 18:20:21

Yes! Applewood and the one that comes in a little sausage!

Wheels79 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:44:54

Peanut butter has been my big thing but I think it might be fading now.

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