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Massive bump! sick of being asked the same monotonous questions. Any one else considering telling people they aren't pregnant to shock them?

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itsallinmyhead Thu 27-Sep-12 15:41:26

I'm not looking for any support or advice.

I just thought I'd start a thread talking about how you're experiencing or have experienced other people's reactions to your bumps.

I'm 30 weeks pg with my DC2 & was showing from as early as 8 weeks.

I know people don't mean to put their foot in it, however I'm sick of being asked if; I'm expecting twins, if my DS1 is 'big' or bearing witness to the sharp intake of shocked breath when the inquisitor is informed I'm not as far on as my massive boy bump suggests.

What happened to keeping things pleasant with pg women & instead of asking questions that might upset them just tell them they are blooming?

I say those of us with massive bumps tell those people who ask that we aren't pg....imagine their faces? grin

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