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Is this normal... Baby is breach

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NattyCraig Wed 26-Sep-12 14:07:57

Had a midwife appointment this morning, currently 35 weeks. She seemed a bit off today but everyone has bad days I suppose. Told her about my SPD and how it's just horrible (have belt and crutches) she felt my tummy and told me baby is wrong way round and his feet are down (I do know there is time for him to hopefully turn) then she booked me in to go to a drop in clinic for bloods in 2 weeks and to see her again 2 weeks after that at 39 weeks.

Is this normal? Everyone else I know was seeing their midwife every week from around this time.

What happens if baby doesn't turn and I go into labour? We won't have a back up plan.

First baby so this may be totally normal.

Advice required. Thank you smile


sparklekitty Wed 26-Sep-12 14:13:17

Not sure about breech but I've been seeing my MW every 3 weeks up till 37 weeks then every 2. Last time I saw her I was 38+4, I'm seeing her tmrw at 40+4. I figured that I'd see her weekly once I was full term, and if not def if I went over due date but apparently not!

I think if you went into labour now they would get you in and do a scan to check baby's position, I may be wrong but I think thats what happens.

AnneH656 Wed 26-Sep-12 17:02:27

nattycraig! fellow feet down breech person! i started to think i was the only one...

i am just under 37 weeks. bump decided to turn feet down breech at 34 weeks. he was still the same on monday so my mw booked me in for a scan on monday. if he is still breech (this will be 37 plus 4) then it will be 'options discussing time'. this means either try and go for natural, try and turn him or csection date. as far as i feel from research i have done the only real option for a feet down breech is csection. i know there are a tonne of amazing women out there who have gone for natural but it scares the be-jesus out of me. this is my 2nd and my first i was in labour for 3 DAYS so another long traumatic labour is a no no for me.

i am not seeing my mw every week so dont worry. saw her monday then will meet with her at 38 + 4, two weeks later.

its a piss that you felt she was 'off'. shouldnt be allowed - spesh when she isnt exactly telling you the most marv news ever.

you are totally right though - plenty of time for a move! thats what i keep thinking. i dont mind a csection but the long poopy labour wiht my first started off as an induction so would really like to experience the tv soap drama going into labour thing. i know i sound like a tit....blush

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