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GBS Positive

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OctoberOctober Tue 25-Sep-12 22:20:25

Just got a positive result for this at 37 weeks and feel a bit gutted. sad

I've been reading up on the GBSS website and it seems like the risks are much reduced if you take antibiotics early in labour but obviously it is not a result I welcome.

Also not sure if it means I'll be unable to to have a waterbirth, it seems to depend on specific hospital policy, not clear what this is at my hospital but wouldn't be surprised if intravenous drugs mean you can't be on the MLU. Will try and get hold of my MW tomorrow as my next appt isn't until 39+3 and could be too late by then!

Has anyone else had a positive result and do you know how this will impact your labour plans? Or did you get a positive result in a previous pregnancy and if so, what were your experiences?

Thanks for any info.

paperclips Wed 26-Sep-12 17:20:13

Hi just noticed your post. Didn't want it to go unasnswered. I know how you may be feeling.

I found out I have GBS on Monday. I am 41 weeks today. I only found out because I went up to the hospital concerned about reduced movements (baby was fine), and my urine sample which showed a uti- and it came back as GBS. I posted a thread on here "anyone else got any experience of Group B Strep" Or something...and I got very helpful replies. I recommend you have a read of it.

I wanted a really straightforward waterbirth, then home asap. But my labour plans were always- "be prepared for things to change". I'm so quite upset though

I had a chat with my midwife yesterday who was really helpful but unfortunately I forgot to ask about the water birth and midwife led unit. In my hospital the midwife led and consultant unit are in the same place just a corridor between them. But the midwife led unit has better facilities for an active labour- balls, mats, etc. Seeing her tomorrow again so will ask. Make sure you have a chat with your midwife they will be very helpful.

I have been started on oral amoxicillin to treat the UTI (despite no real symptoms) but will need the IV when I go into labour. They give the antibiotics 4 hourly throughout labour to protect the baby.

One important thing, when you go into labour you will need to ring the maternity unit earlier than you might have done. I was advised to ring them when contractions are 1 every 10 minutes instead of 1 every 5 minutes. Because they will probably want you to come in a little earlier to start the antibiotics.

The part that has upset me the most, is that I will have to stay in for 24-48 hours after the birth to keep an eye on the baby, and that they might want to give the baby antibiotics, poor wee thing. But having read up on how seriously ill GBS can make a newborn, then its worth protecting them.

Hope this helps a bit, let us know how you get on. Just remember, that it's good that you found out rather than have your baby at risk without knowing.

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