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Is labour pain always low down?

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Heartbeep Sun 23-Sep-12 04:06:16

I'm 38+3 and experienced menstrual type pain all day yesterday in my lower back, not coming and going, just fairly constant.

Tonight the pain has moved up & become more intense.
It's approx in my mid back across the middle of my ribs and is really really painful. I can't lie down or sit up, the only relief I can get is on all fours. Again the pain is constant, not coming and going. Im not experiencing any pain in my abdomen.

Could this be the start of something or just horrible back pain for no reason?

I'm book in for a ELCS on Tuesday for medical reasons.

JennerOSity Sun 23-Sep-12 04:33:11

Well it could be the start of something, but equally it could be baby is putting pressure into a different spot causing the sensations. It doesn't sound anything like my labour pains which were all in my abdomen and came and went, but to be honest they are all so different that doesn't mean a thing.

Depending on why your ELCS is needed, I'd be tempted to be very cautious and get looked at sooner rather than later, as if you are in doubt and it is important you don't go into labour au naturelle as it were you would want them to intervene sooner rather than later.

Good luck! Hope you feel more comfortable very soon.

SapphireandFevertree Sun 23-Sep-12 04:55:23

I would go to hospital and get checked out. It may well be something but it sounds like the pain is quite severe and better safe than sorry.

Heartbeep Sun 23-Sep-12 05:09:20

Thanks I'm going to give hospital a call shortly. Baby is small and fluid is quite low thus CS, it's my second child first was CS also for same reasons so I've no experience of labour.

It's DHs 40th birthday today (he's asleep, blissfully unaware), was really hoping to have a nice relaxed family day, baking a cake & going out for nice food!

Hopefully just a false alarm but I think you're right, best to get checked out. The pain hasn't eased at all, probably a bit worse. I'm currently sitting on 3yo DDs bright pink space hopper as my birthing ball is in the attic - didn't think I'd need it.

JennerOSity Sun 23-Sep-12 05:38:41

grin at the bright pink space hopper!

I hope you get checked out, its all fine and enjoy a nice family birthday day!

onth - what better birthday pressy could you get him than a snuggly snuffly little newborn?!

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