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False negatives with eBay cheapies?

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Jakeyblueblue Sat 22-Sep-12 14:53:07

Just wondering if anyone has had false negatives with eBay cheap testing sticks?
TTC number 2 for a couple of months. Still bf number ds1 14months. Had 31day cycles since AF returned but have been ov around day 21 so shortish LP. This cycle however, it's now day 31 and no AF. Had a positive opk on day 17, making my LP 14 days. Might not be relevant but seems a bit random that it should lengthen so much in one cycle. Also have had ewcm for 5 days now and notable cramping a couple of days ago which lasted for two day. I never get AF cramps until I get AF and then it's usually back ache.
Have been testing since 10dpo and all bfn. Feel a bit weird today, nipples sore when ds feeding. Do you think I ought buy a digital test and try or do you think the cheapies are accurate? Any advice or stories of false positives welcome!

HaveALittleFaith Sat 22-Sep-12 19:01:40

Hello, I'm Faith.

I think if you're not getting a BFP on a cheapie eBay one you definitely don't get one on a digital - they are about 4 times more sensitive than the cheap ones! Are you testing with FMU? When I finally got my BFP I got a very faint fuzzy line on two cheapies and a really clear BFP on a First Response Early Response - if you're going to splash out on an expensive test I'd get a twin pack of those which costs about a tenner. It might just be that you ovulated on the late side - youre likely to ovulate 24-48 hours after your positive opk so it could have been cd19. That would make you about 12dpo so it's possible it's just too early. Be patient and retest every couple of days (I know that's easier said than done!)

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