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HELP please I'm new and need advice thank u

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Becky2406 Fri 21-Sep-12 23:51:21

Ok iv just took a home preg test and not sure if I can see a really faint line I want to ask has anyone else had the same???? Or is it possible that I can just see a line because the wee passed over it but didn't trigger it to turn pink??? U see this in hopefully short is my history
This would be dc4
With dc2 I had 7 negative test
With dc3 I has 5 negative tests
With this one iv done 3 negative tests 1 being a docs test
But i feel preg I get waves of sickness so so exsursted no matter how much sleep I get , spots wow loads , tender boobs , mild cramping low down , gone of tea and coffee ( loved loads b4) , back ache and emotional could cry at anything also missed a period should of been 6/8/12 and one b4 that 2/7/12 was really light and short. I was on the evra patch but dice seeing doc he's told me to come off to so not had a patch on for 2 weeks.
I know being dc4 maybe I should know but I don't and I'm scared please can someone reply ????
Ps been to docs again since neg lab wee test and they done bloods but not going to see her till Tuesday that's ages away sad please some one help as im just not sure if I can see a line ???????

potatomonster Sat 22-Sep-12 17:01:40

Do a FMU (first morning urine) pregnancy test tomorrow morning; you could try a digital one if youre having difficulty interpreting the line tests.

BTW all the symptoms you're experiencing (including missed/irregular/unusual periods) can be symptoms of the evra patch and can take weeks to resolve after you stop using it.

Fingers crossed you get the result you want, whatever that may be.

HaveALittleFaith Sat 22-Sep-12 18:54:03

Hi I'm Faith. I've been a long term TTCer so I'm familiar with your predicament!

Did the line come up immediately? Or if you went away how soon after did you check it? Also what kind of test did you use? Blue dye or pink dye?
I agree the easiest way to get a clearer answer to use first morning urine. My personal preference is the First Response Early Response. Pink dye and when I got a fuzzy line on other tests that one came up really clearly and quickly.

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:29:48

I did another test the next day ( not a early am though was more like midday) it was a first response test but was negative so doubt I'm pregnant ?? I have a doc apt on Tuesday for my blood results and I have 1 more first response test. I know this is a strange question but here goes if I went for a wee in the night dose that mean my 1st wee of the am will not be as reliable ?? Am I best of waiting for a night I sleep through and wake with a very full bladder????
I to think the Evra patch may be my problem but when I had my light short period and my missed period I was still using the patch correctly so wasn't coming off it?? The missed periods are I mystery but I think as you said the other symptoms can be due to the patch as I have stopped using the patches since my missed period ( as told To do by doc) so yes it prob due to me coming of the patch
Thank you both for replying I'll post on here as soon as I go see the doc so u know as can imagine it's annoying not knowing the finale answer lol

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:32:59

I will say even though I wasn't trying to get pregnant with baby number 4 since this has happened hubby and I quite like the idea

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:37:28

Oh by the way we looked at the "positive " test the next day it was negative I think so that's 4 negative test sad thought I'd let you know, the line that might of been there wouldn't disappear would it???

Becky2406 Tue 25-Sep-12 20:07:50

Right been the docs foe blood resaluts she said negative said my hcg level is less than 1 so no baby but she couldn't explain y I feel the way I do grrr so sorry for messing you all around x good luck every one with your jorneys x

HaveALittleFaith Tue 25-Sep-12 21:29:58

Hi Becky, sorry to hear its turned out like this. I guess there's two possibilities - either it was a faulty test and what you saw was an evaporation line or it was a chemical pregnancy - so the egg was fertilised but failed to implant properly. Your symptoms could just be down to a virus I guess or just the hormones from the evra. Either way, I hope you feel better soon and things settle down for you.

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