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Pregnancy weight. How much is too much and what IS a sensible/slow gain?!

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Novia Thu 20-Sep-12 11:59:43

Hiya - I realise it's an emotive subject and everyone varies, but it would be good to get some opinions on this.

I'm just over 12 weeks and have gained about 2kgs. I realise this is just from eating rather than any real baby-weight at this stage.

I'm puzzled as to what I should be gaining and how often though. Everywhere says slow and steady - but there isn't much guidance about what this means in real terms. Are some months likely to be worse than others for example?

My sister gained a lot of weight when pregnancy and has struggled to lose it. This has made me a bit anxious about weight-gain and how my body is going to change. I'm scared of getting too big and then not ever being able to lose it.

Any advice, shared experiences would be great!

MsElisaDay Thu 20-Sep-12 12:13:11

I've gained 22lb - so basically a stone and a half, at 34 weeks. Which is just about right, I think, and puts me on track to gain two stone over the whole pregnancy, if I gain a pound a week from here onwards.

I put this weight on in bursts though, with 2lb some weeks and no weight gain at all on others. In the first trimester I gained around 3lb, so similar to you.
Then I roughly gained a pound a week until 25 weeks, when I went through a very quick weight gain for the next month. Between 29 and 33 weeks I then didn't gain anything at all, and then last week I put on 2lb.

Like you, I was scared of getting too big and not being able to lose it. But of the stone and a half I've put on so far, it's really all bump (well, and boobs). My face, arms and legs haven't really changed at all.
I've been relatively sensible with eating, but do have a "treat" just about every night, which could be a couple of chocolate biscuits, a slab of cake, a small chocolate bar or some ice cream. I find I'm craving sweet things and, as I'm not drinking much wine any more, have decided I deserve it.

I have worried quite a bit (well, a lot) about getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight afterwards, but am hoping that breastfeeding and getting back into strenuous exercise, rather than just walking and yoga, will help.

Novia Thu 20-Sep-12 12:23:22

Thanks MsElisaDay - that sounds pretty good. I'm trying to be sensible too but I'm always hungry! I'm definitely gaining lots of calories back by cutting the wine out too! smile

stowsettler Thu 20-Sep-12 12:36:15

I'm 19 weeks and already gained a stone and a half. Just couldn't stop eating in the first 14 weeks. I'm not getting hung up on it, the weight gain has slowed down now and I'm happy to diet afterwards, when doing so doesn't make me faint / sick.

Orenishii Thu 20-Sep-12 12:39:11

I've paid no attention to my weight - I don't see the sense in weighing yourself while you're pregnant. How do you know what is fluid, what is the baby, what is the placenta etc?

I've definitely put on weight but will review the situation post birth smile My face has recently gotten puffy but I think that's fluid as I still look a bit gaunt around the razor (I wish!!) cheekbones.

MsElisaDay Thu 20-Sep-12 12:47:50

Orenishii - no you don't know what is fluid, what is placenta, and so on. That's a fair point, and weight is definitely not something to get hung up about during pregnancy.
But I still think that, by weighing yourself, you can get a very rough estimate as to whether you're on the right track, and on course to stay between the 25lb to 35lb weight gain guidelines.
I think if I were to end up a few pounds either side of that then there wouldn't be a problem at all, but what I didn't want was to put on something huge like five stone without realising it, and then have to lose it all afterwards. I mean, if I'd put on stones and stones, chances are it wouldn't be fluid, but chocolate...

SurreyWithAFringeOnTop Thu 20-Sep-12 13:01:16

I'm 26 weeks and have put on about 12 pounds so far. I put on just shy of two stone with my first pregnancy, so it looks as though I am course to put the same on this time. It is going on pretty steadily, a pound or so a week.

I didn't put any weight on for the first 12-14 weeks but I wasn't showing then. I don't feel that I am eating any more than pre-pregnancy really, although, like MsElizaDay I too am treating myself to a bar of chocolate or similar most days to replace wine I consumed pre-pregnancy. More a replacement of calories than an addition (well that's how I justify it anyway!).

Orenishii Thu 20-Sep-12 13:01:38

I think you know though - if you're getting massive. Like how you know that you're eating masses of food - I've eaten a fair amount of chocolate along with a super sensible diet in other respects (heavy on the protein and veggies; very low on carbs).

I dunno - I'm just not sweating it (or maybe I should be, sweating it out - hahaha!). My arms and legs seem huge but I can see it is with bloating/swelling, while there's still a definite waist going in and my face looks pretty much the same - at least, until yesterday when it suddenly seemed to get very puffy.

I actually could not be bothered to track how much I was putting on week by week - maybe I am just too lazy. I dunno, or maybe I'm just lucky - DH is a personal trainer and nutritionist, and he's kept me on a very good track so far. I also feel like weighing yourself is the road to ruin - genuinely, pregnant or not - I don't think it's massively helpful. You know when you're feeling light, fit and healthy. You know when you're feeling heavy, unfit and lethargic.

In all honesty the thing that's upset me about pregnancy with regards to my own body is in the increasing lack of mobility, not the weight gain. I'm used to bounding around, climbing trees, doing cross fit, gymnastics, parkour or extreme activities. I remember the day I couldn't do a handstand anymore because I couldn't breathe/felt dizzy - it was at about 10 weeks. That was a sad day wink Then everything just began to hurt/ache/seem like such an effort and all I've managed to do is swim and yoga.

EdMcDunnough Thu 20-Sep-12 13:08:31

Well, I put on about a stone with ds1, barely showed till the end and he was little. I lost weight in the first part as I felt awful.
Second time, I must have put on about 2 stone but tbh I stopped weighing myself. Again felt awful till about 18 weeks but still ate a bit.

this time I've put on almost 2 stone already at 24 weeks, which is ridiculous but I was eating tonnes in the first trimester, I felt so ill and it was the only thing that stopped me feeling dreadful - despite medication. I just let my body take control though, well apart from fighting the nausea, and it didn't feel like there was much I could do - I just ate what and when I could.

my weight gain is still happening but it has slowed right down now - bump is very small and neat, but my thighs have grown - and I hope they stay about where they are now, for the rest of it, as my appetite isn't weird any more and I am just eating a normal amount.

I think it can balance out. Don't stress it too much - everything I've read says I've put on too much so far but I don't think it will be outrageous, as most of it was in the first bit, and also I was (in some opinions) a bit underweight before I got pg. (5ft7, 8.5 stone, now 10.5!)

EdMcDunnough Thu 20-Sep-12 13:10:05

Oh crikey yes the lack of exercise. I'm in so much pain a lot of the time, this time, that walking anywhere is a massive effort - and in the first few months I stayed in bed a lot and slept as I was exhausted.

Normally I'm more active so I'm sure that's relevant too. But it just all hurts tooooo much. I have turned into a sort of sloth.


Novia Thu 20-Sep-12 14:35:58

Thanks all! I know what you mean about the exercise - I just have absolutely no get-up-and-go! I really just want to watch DVDs and eat biscuits (though trying to fight that urge!)

I don't think it has helped that despite it being my first, I've had a bump since about 9 weeks! And what's really gutting is that I'd just lost 10kgs to fit into my wedding dress in June... and it's now a distance memory! sad

Rockchick1984 Thu 20-Sep-12 14:48:14

I'm currently TTC again, but wanted to share my experience from my first pregnancy.

I gained a ridiculous amount of weight (around 4 or 5 stone) - I had always been able to eat anything without gainin weight but as soon as I was pregnant every chocolate bar clung to my hips sad

After having DS I lost about a stone simply through giving birth. Another stone fell off within about 3 weeks (think I bled/sweated it out).

As someone who had never had to diet before, it was a massive shock to my system to need to lose nearly 3 stone, especially at a time where I was so shattered with a newborn that every natural instinct was telling me to eat sugar and drink red bull grin

It's been a long, slow, painful process but I've managed to lose it all despite still having take aways, treats, wine etc.

The last stone literally fell off once DS was walking, having to constantly chase after him really helped!!

If I wasn't TTC I'd be trying to lose some more - although my weight is back to normal, I'm still bigger than I was pre pregnancy but presumably that would have been the same no matter how much I'd gained.

I'm going to try and limit my weight gain this time but if I can't, I know I can lose it again. Just wanted to say, don't stress, if you are determined to lose it then you will manage it smile

I gained far to much in my pregnancies with dd and ds. I think it was a mixture of eating a bad diet (far too much processed stuff) and no exercise.

This time (after having gone from a size 20 down to a 10/12) I was terrified to put on too much weight. I'm nearly 28 weeks now, I still do a lot of walking (despite pain) and still go to Zumba once a week doing the little I can (no jumping or high impact) and try and limit the processed crap.

And if all else fails I shall diet after, it's hard work but can be done.

Op I'm sure you will be fine

(disclaimer I have no idea how much weight I have gained as I don't own scales, but I'm watching my shape/fit of clothes very carefully)

itsaruddygame Thu 20-Sep-12 15:09:45

Rockchick - you have made me feel a bit better - I really want to be slim again!! I am only just coming up to 12 weeks and quite alarmed by what has happened so far blush I have put on some weight over the last couple of years (have previously always been slim) and prior to pregnancy was about 1.5 stones over my ideal weight. I have already put on half a stone (no idea how and some must be bloat!) which is a shock as I thought minus the wine I would stay stable. Although perhaps lack of exercise and a holiday in Italy has had a bigger impact than I thought. I hope I feel better in the second trimester so that I can exercise a bit more and minimise weight gain going forward.

Emmiedarling Thu 20-Sep-12 15:30:56

I'm full term, about to pop and have gained over 3 stone.

I have found this incredibly hard as I previously suffered with anorexia. Pregnancy brought on an appetite that I have been unable to control and I've found myself eating foods I had banned for ten years.

It's been a struggle accepting my body image but after next week, when baby is here, I'll hopefully get into a better pattern.

I went from 8 stone to just over 11 now.

EdMcDunnough Thu 20-Sep-12 16:02:11

I did too, Emmie - but not for years, so I wasn't much if anything underweight when I got pg.

I know if you're underweight then you're 'allowed' to put on far more than people who start off within the normal range, so I hope that helps a bit.

I lost the weight from both my pregnancies very quickly, it didn't hang around once my children were born. I hope it's the same this time - with 4 and 5 year gaps, I know I've been mostly around or just over or just under my pre-children weight every time, within a few weeks or months.

Pregnancy does odd things to you but it isn't necessarily permanent - and I never tried to diet or lose weight, I just breastfed, did my usual stuff and became my usual shape again. A lot of people do find it just falls off without really trying.

CakeBump Thu 20-Sep-12 19:11:36

I'm 27 weeks and have put on about a stone.

I put on quite slowly for the first 12 weeks, and lost a bit too sometimes. Since the start of the second trimester I've gained about a pound a week.

I'm hoping not to put on much more than another stone, but I'm also not really regulating what I eat. If I fancy something, I'll have it!

CountryKitty Thu 20-Sep-12 19:33:59

I gained over 3 stone with both DD's. I lost this weight almost immediately with DD1 and with DD2 I was a size 8 again within 3 months. I don't do diets and the gym isn't for me but I did love going long walks with the girls in their pram (and didn't breast feed so that's not been a factor in my weight loss).

I don't think there is a 'correct' weight to gain. Everyones different. This time I'm 22 weeks with DD3 and have put on 1.5 stones. i don't step on the scales often, but I know that I had gained a stone by 11 weeks so my weight gain has slowed down.

I'm not worried as I know it'll come off in time and I've not been over-eating. i think some of us are just meant to gain more weight than others! I'm all bump and love it! The bigger the better!

whatsoever Thu 20-Sep-12 22:03:51

I'm 38 weeks and have put on 2 stone. However I was overweight to start with so I think I'd have probably put on more if I was at my ideal weight to begin with.

rogersmellyonthetelly Fri 21-Sep-12 08:16:14

I gained about a stone with ds, which I lost when I gave birth. Unfortunately my body seems to redistribute fat when I'm pregnant and it all went on my stomach. Even though I was technically the same weight after I gave birth as I was before I got pregnant, I had thinner legs and arms and a fatter stomach. With dd I gained no weight whatsoever as I has chronic morning sickness and was almost a stone lighter after birth than when getting pregnant. This time at 19 weeks I'm a stone down already again due to chronic morning sickness.
Both my ds and dd were fine size wise at birth, almost 8lb and 6lb 12 respectively, dd was smaller than expected but is still petite and bird like now so I guess that's just how she's made. This baby is I suspect built like her mother as she is already measuring ahead and I'm tall and well built so I am expecting around 8lb.

Natnat29 Fri 21-Sep-12 08:24:30

I lost 1/2 stone in first 12 weeks but was big before and think that was down to no alcohol and nausea. I'm 21 wks now and have put on 8 pounds between wk 12 to 21 so am a 1 up but my appetite is crazy now so think I'll be gaining a few more- have now got a sweet tooth which ive never had so I have got to have a little cake or something at night

QTPie Fri 21-Sep-12 12:54:57


I gained nothing until 16 weeks: just ate and exercised normally. Then put on weight steadily until the end - gained about 24/26lbs.

I ate sensibly throughout and exercised throughout (cutting down to swimming twice a week and prenatal yoga once a week from 20 weeks). Had an ELCS (breech) and breastfed. Ate like a horse (but mainly healthily) after the birth and lost all baby weight within two weeks of birth. Continued to loose weight whilst I continued to breastfeed (11 months). I was 9st 12 before conceiving.

I think it is all about "being sensible" with both food and exercise/activity during pregnancy: for the first trimester or so you really don't need to put on weight. You need to eat healthily for both baby and you, but "eating for two" will haunt you after the birth.

Take care, don't worry too much about weight, just eat sensibly and mostl healthily smile

PartialToACupOfMilo Fri 21-Sep-12 13:52:53

I've gained two stones exactly and am 38+1. The whole weight is on my bump - I look much like Mr Greedy! - and I my legs, bum, even my boobs are the same as before, bit strange really, but the same as I was in my first pregnancy so I think at least some of it is down to genetics.

I think the key thing if you're worried about weight gain is that a) you're thinking about it, and b) you're looking for advice. Just eat sensibly (I've heard junk food weight is the hardest to shift afterwards), do some exercise and you should be fine smile

emmyloo2 Fri 21-Sep-12 14:01:50

Emmie - I know how you feel. I suffered from an eating disorder and when I got pregnant it was like I suddenly gave myself permission to eat things I had banned for the past decade. However, for me it eased off about half way through the pregnancy and I just went back to eating normally. However my body image really suffered before and after. However, I found that my body did eventually return to normal - it took a while but it went back to exactly as before. I am now 4 weeks pregnant again with DC2 and am dreading the body image problems particularly in the early days. But I know this time my body will return once the baby is born. It just takes time. Be kind to yourself.

StormyBrid Sat 22-Sep-12 11:45:04

I can definitely share your frustration at not being able to find clear information about how the weight should ideally go on. I turned my eating habits round this year, and was four stone down by the time I got a positive pregnancy test, and the prospect of gaining it all back is alarming, to say the least.

First up, I'd say: stop worrying! Having an eye on the scales throughout is only going to stress you out. Having an eye on what you're eating is a much better idea. So far as I can work out, if you're not eating excessive calories, there's no way you could lay down a vast quantity of unshiftable fat. So if your weight was stable pre-pregnancy, and your diet's not changed a great deal, then your weight gain should proceed at a nice healthy rate (whatever that is), and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your body knows what it's doing.

As for personal experience, I'm only at sixteen weeks with my first. Over these past four months I've seen pretty much every point between fourteen and fifteen stone. At LMP I was 14st 13. When I got the positive, I was 14st 3. After a brief dip down to 14st exactly, I spent weeks hovering between 3 and 5 pounds. It's only in the past few weeks things have changed, and now I'm in the 7 to 9 pounds range. I've been investigating, and whether I'm at the higher or lower end of the current range is entirely dependent on what I'm eating: not because some foods are making me gain fat, but because some foods make me retain water.

I think the main point of that last paragraph is to demonstrate how easy it is to tie your brain in knots worrying about all this. I got the same advice from the health professionals as from the mothers on dieting websites, and it seems good: eat when you're hungry; eat a balanced diet insofar as your appetite will let you; don't live on cakes exclusively; and don't worry!

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