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Questions about hpt. cheep vs expensive?

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lovelylentils Thu 20-Sep-12 09:56:40

I've posted a similar thread yesterday on contraception and have yet to have any responses so I thought I'd come and ask you lovely ladies who've 'done it' iyswim. smile

I have 2 dc. Very irregular periods and PCOS meant i didn't know i was pregnant with ds until 10 weeks. (I'd actually been on hoilday for the 2 weeks before I found out and thought it was the heat and food making me ill! I also developed thrush for the first time in my life - what a great holiday it was grin)

with dd I developed thrush again I knew I was pregnant and the following queasyness meant i was convinced but it took a couple of weeks of testing which gave neg then faint line (which I thought i was imagining) then a positive.

So... two weeks ago I developed thrush again and instantly thought hmm. Since then I've felt tired and increaingly queasy. I've done 3 tests now and all negative but the problem is I have no idea where in my cycle i am. (i:ve only had one period since dd was born).

I felt quite sad this morning at another neg, even though it's not really part of the plan at the mo. I just feel pregnant.

So, my question is, has anyone had neg with a cheep test (like £1 from asda) then a positive from a more expensive (first response) type test?

Any thoughts welcome. smile

lovelylentils Thu 20-Sep-12 10:53:19

Any one please?

Rockchick1984 Thu 20-Sep-12 11:42:03

I've only ever used cheap tests, I think the only time it's likely to make a difference is using an early response test smile

MissingDietCoke Thu 20-Sep-12 11:56:14

I had a massive bunch of cheap ebay paper type tests, which swore they were sensitive. They didn't show a positive until about 5 days after my first response did. Neither did Tesco's own normal test. And then it was a rubbishy faint one.
So in my limited experience, first response showed me a positive, while ebay test showed a negative FROM THE SAME WEE!
If you can justify the cost of a first response as opposed to waiting a few days I'd probably go and get one and give it a go.

usernamegoeshere Thu 20-Sep-12 12:01:36

I used 2 x Boots cheap ones, 1 x Lloyds even cheaper one then about a week later used 2 x clear blue with dates on.

They were all positive, although the first one didn't appear until after the 3 minutes & was really faint & the second was also really faint, that was why I kept retesting, I wasn't convinced.

I also managed to get the doctor to do a urine test and a blood test... tbh I would suggest just visiting the doctor, blood hcg is more precise.

lovelylentils Thu 20-Sep-12 12:03:49


Don't want to waste money but i'm driving myself round the bend!

Secondsop Thu 20-Sep-12 12:05:35

I used amazon cheapie dip strips and they worked but only on the first day of my missed period, not before, and the line is faint so you have to look pretty hard and not bin the test until the time has elapsed. Once I got a positive on those, i'd get a superdrug or first response or clear blue digital and would always get a firm positive on them. It depends really on whether you're prepared to wait a couple more days or whether you want to test before your period is due. I'm an obsessive tester so it was good for me to use Internet cheapies and then confirm it with a more expensive test. What i dont know is whether i'd have got an early positive with the expensive tests, as not all pregnant women, by any means, will do so. So for me, rather than spend on expensive tests that I may have to re-buy a couple of days later, I was happy using the cheap tests and confirming the results even if that did take a couple of days longer.

Discolite Thu 20-Sep-12 17:06:31

The cheap eBay ones worked for me from 11/12 dpo.

HaveALittleFaith Thu 20-Sep-12 17:14:46

I got a very squinty 'is it really there?' BFP on a cheap one at 12dpo and then another! I went and got a First Response Early Response and got a very clear BFP instantly. But the lines were there on the cheap ones. I'd been TTC for a long time so like others I was happy to pee away on cheap ones and then confirm with more expensive ones.

I'd say FRER or Superdrug are the more sensitive ones. I'd retest with first morning urine in a couple of days.

lovelylentils Fri 21-Sep-12 16:43:36

Used a first
response yesterday afternoon (I know should have waited till morning) and it was neg. sad
been having strange stomach pains today (not like AF but guessing that's what's coming)

will test again in few days if no AF.

HaveALittleFaith Fri 21-Sep-12 16:59:25

Sorry to hear it was BFN. Was it a twin pack? I guess next time test with first morning urine. What a head spinner for you sad

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