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Bad pregnancy. Need reassurance?

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mom2rhysnruby Mon 17-Sep-12 16:20:16

With my 1st pregnancy it was perfect not a problem
However this one, well everything seems to be going wrong.
Ive had high blood pressure which is stable now...
But today at my consultant appointment i had a urine
Sample taken and have traces of protein, glucose & ketones.. What does this mean? The doc didnt exactly explain very well.
Im 34 weeks now, suffering constant heartburn and have low iron levels and on 600 mg iron per day.
Has anyone ever had the same problem as me?
Im worried about being induced again as i had a terrible
Time! sad
Thanks x

SwanseaMum Sun 23-Sep-12 08:45:45

Hunny u certainly are not the only one I am 33weeks tomorrow, this is my 3rd and I am at the end of my tether. I have anemia too have had iv iron cause I can't take the tabs, I have crippling heart burn and to top it all off I have just been started on beta blockers for a really fast heart rate which mean I now have to have a c-section because the can't risk me delivering naturally which sucks.
Don't worry too much about being induced yet this is your 2nd so the likelihood is that u will go on your own. Take care and be kind to yourself x

hzgreen Sun 23-Sep-12 08:55:18

Hell has I've had a hard second pregnancy, I'm 35 weeks and have totally had enough. I have heartburn straight from mordor, my iron is also low and I've been in and out of hospital for scans and treatment since week six. I've been on blood thinning injections everyday but have to stop them next week which is making me really anxious. Sorry about your c section swanseamum, I've heard the recovery is quicker when it's planned though.

I think we all need cake and tea and a little rest xx

hzgreen Sun 23-Sep-12 08:55:53

*hell yes not hell has

mom2rhysnruby Sun 23-Sep-12 09:34:04

I second the tea and cake! Shame it cant be vodka lol!
Not long! When are your due dates?

I feel so down all the time, its like i get one thing sorted and then something else crops up. Fed up is an understatement, i just want it all over now but with having a rough labour first time im absolutley dreading it! Arghhh all be worth it though x

Jsuter Sun 23-Sep-12 11:57:27

If it helps. This is my first pregnancy and i suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum a rare pregnancy decease.

I am now 20 weeks and had relief for 4. In the first 16 weeks i lost 2 stone, vomited whenever i lifted my head in bed, could not keep down any fluids or food, spent most of my time in hospital on a drip to keep me hydrated, vomited blood, lost muscle from being bedridden, i also lost all dignity from wetting myself when vomiting frequently, and couldnt go out, couldnt live with my oh as our flat was unsuitable due to restricted airflow, i lost confidence, friends who saw me as a burden, and nobody understood what i was going through apart from other hg sufferers. i spent at least 16 hours a day sleeping through no energy, from the hg and the strong zombie pills i had to take to stop me vomiting blood and to allow me to sip and nibble on food and drink to try to keep me out of hospital.

All of this whilst also running my international business.

I am so so happy now and very lucky to have such relief smile a worthy sacrifice for such a special child to me.

When i was going through that i also sought stories of others going through worse and that helped me feel both lucky and strong.

One thing that kept me going is that there are hundreds of women who would have jumped to be in my position just to have a child.

Jsuter Sun 23-Sep-12 12:02:55

Ps. ketones means you need to now go and drink plenty of water and eat something - big or small.

It is just a sign of not being hydrated enough. nothing to worry about unless you are over 4+ ketone levels.

I was constantly monitored on ketones when seriously ill.

PipIsOutNow Sun 23-Sep-12 12:24:19

I'm only 21 weeks and have completely had enough already!!! With hideous sickness, 2 water infections, low iron, spd (only mild thank god) and I'm being monitored for dodgy blood pressure as I had pre eclampsia on my last pregnancy. I'm off work again this week and just completely fed up of being at the doctors and feeling so ill all the time. Heartburn is so bad as well I swear I'm overdosing on gaviscon! I know it will all be worth it but at the mo I'm just super fed up sad

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 23-Sep-12 12:38:36

Im on 2nd pregnancy, 34 weeks.

High blood pressure. Low iron. Recurring thrush. A uti that they cant find so wont treat but that doesnt stop the symptoms. I have unbelievable heartburn. My appetite goes up and down like a fucking yoyo. I am sore. Constantly feel "not right". When the baby kicks it is sooooo painful. I had placenta previa aswell but thats moved now.

Fed up of the whole thing and just want to see my baby and have labour over with!

You arent alone smile

fuckbadger Mon 24-Sep-12 08:18:55

I was the same, lovely first pg and horrible second! If its any consolation first time around the birth was horrible and left me traumatised, second time I had a lovely birth. Remember that you can refuse induction and opt for monitoring instead and if you do go for induction its usually much more straightforward when youg have given birth before. Good luck smile

fuckbadger Mon 24-Sep-12 08:20:17

you not youg, damn fat fingers!

mom2rhysnruby Mon 24-Sep-12 11:59:31

Ive never been more scared in my life! I cant sleep or think of anything else! I try to block it out my mind but it wont budge!
I keep saying 'it could be worse' and im right it could but im so drained & once baby is here id of spent 18 months out of the last 2 years pregnant and the 6 month break in between was adjusting to being a new mom, recovering stitches, moving out our flat to MILs for 2 months, then moving into our home, xmas, then back to work! Exhausted!! X

hzgreen Tue 25-Sep-12 09:33:20

I'm scared too, i feel sooo ill i can't think about how i'm gonig to cope with a baby and a toddler. i just keep telling myself i'll feel better once the baby is born hmm . At the moment i feel ropey, i left it far too late to start mat leave and am struggling to train the new girl and now i have a nasty cold on top of it all sad

poor us, thankfully they should be worth it especially when they're old enough to make tea...

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