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Last week or two of pregnancy

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squidkid Sun 16-Sep-12 13:44:27

Just a place for advice/suggestions or a place to chat for those of us in the last couple weeks of pregnancy. I am on a brilliant antenatal thread but my due date is the first there and I don't want to bore them all with nonsense about braxton hicks and how to fill my days when lots of them are still at work... and I think they would prefer their babies to stay inside for now! I'm not quite at the "get it out of me" stage yet... but I'm definitely at the "if you came now you'd be very welcome" stage.... smile

I am 38+5 today and this is first baby. I know most first babies come late, so I've been trying to tell myself I'll be late throughout the pregnancy, but now I'm term it's hard not to be excited. In the last three or four days I've had long periods of continuous mild period-like pain, and some painful tightenings (sometimes very close together, but then they stop). Are these imminent signs, do these mean nothing... I don't really know. I haven't had a show.

Baby has been engaged since 34 weeks (uncomfortable!) I'm pretty sure his/her back is on the left side at the front (all the kicks are upper right hand side) which I think is ideal. I'm a little obsessive about keeping baby in a good position - I spend time on all fours, make sure I get plenty of walking/standing, sit on a gym ball when I'm on the computer, sleep on my side, I don't lie back on the sofa. I'm probably overthinking this.

I am doing pretty ok for late pregnancy - still walking at least a few miles a day, or swimming, or walking into town every day. I actually did a charity night hike last night! (Boyfriend carried maternity notes in his backpack through the woods - it was a bit stupid really!) I am slow, but I thought I'd be a lot heavier and more immobile by this stage to be honest. I stopped work a while back - a very busy, stressful, physically and emotionally demanding job - so I've had a lot of time to relax, nest, exercise, see almost all my friends, sort my flat out. Everything is neat and sorted and stocked and ready.

I'm grateful that I've had a troublefree pregnancy and hoping the birth will go fine too. Feeling positive and relaxed about it, just impatient!

How are other people doing? Staying busy, getting anxious, waiting, over-analysing every tiny sign!? Any suggestions for good things to do in the last week or two? Please no one tell me to 'get lots of sleep' as this is the one thing I am completely incapable of at the moment - up every 30-60 mins through the night...

mummy2benji Tue 23-Oct-12 19:42:57

Ohh hugs orenishii. How frustrating for you sad The cake sounds like an excellent idea... drooling at the thought of it... It doesn't take long for the cervix to soften so hopefully by friday it will have changed lots. Are you taking evening primrose oil? Might be worth a try, you can take 3-4 500mg capsules a day after 38 weeks to help soften the cervix. Hope the cake makes you feel better smile

Nowt happening here except the loss of my patience - largely connected with ds being up half the night and lack of sleep, I suspect. Over 3 days since the loss of my show now, so I have decided that a show can mean diddly squat! I never had one with ds, presumably passed it during labour itself although I wasn't aware of it (maybe my midwife saw it - ugh!)

I think you should cut the cake and hand the slices round... grin

GanglyGiraffe Wed 24-Oct-12 02:56:29

Was all prepared to come on and tell you all about my failed sweep and that induction had been booked for Thursday, but... My waters have broken!! It happened about midnight, we called the hospital and told to come in for assessment. I wasn't sure at first because I was expected a big 'gush' but it was just a trickle! I thought I was just slowly wetting myself blush

I went into hospital, the midwife examined me and listened to the heart beat etc. Baby is fine so have been sent back home to wait for contractions to start! (I am barely even 1cm atm) Have been booked in for induction tomorrow if nothing happens.

Waters are horrible, going through so many pads and it's very hard to sleep now. Will send DP out to stock up on some more tomorrow!

Will keep you updated! Night x

Orenishii Wed 24-Oct-12 07:47:08

Thanks mummy I'm struggling a bit with thinking my body isn't working feels very strange to get to 41 weeks and not even be slightly close, and to be honest - it's completely thrown me. I keep thinking it's all going to end so badly but most of all I'm annoyed with the MW's - they haven't tried to prepare me for an induction with giving me any information about the stages of induction, and it's scary.

Right now I'm on strict instructions to go for a two hour walk, to start really believing my body will work and bring on this birth by itself and just give it a bit more time. I don't know if it's relevant but today was my original due date, until they brought it forward by 8 days smile

Congratulations gangly, that's awesome! Here's to happy contracting and a baby very soon!

seabuckthorn Wed 24-Oct-12 08:09:04

Hope it all kicks off orenishii fingers crossed the walk works!
Hurray gangly hope the contractions kick off.
It all kicked off here having strong period pains and back pains. Annoyingly my DC decided this was great time to wake up and not go back to sleep what with DP moaning too. I ended up contracting whilst cuddling a toddler.
Needless to say it all blinking died down. I'm really annoyed. Maybe he was pushing further down, I don't know but this is my second false start. <woe>

Hope you all have a good day, the midwife is coming today!

mummy2benji Wed 24-Oct-12 10:41:56

Hi ladies. Wanted to let you know that dd was born at 05.25 this morning, weighing 6lb 11oz, after a 3 and a half hour labour! After nothing happening whatsoever yesterday, I started with contractions at 1.45am, which quickly became every 4 minutes. They were much stronger than my previous tightenings so I was sure it was all kicking off! Plus I had an upset stomach and felt really shaky. I used a TENS machine which really helped, and arrived on the labour ward at 3am after getting my neighbour to come over to look after ds. I just used gas and air, although my contractions were stronger than my first pregnancy as it was such a short labour. The pushing stage was less than 15 minutes then baby was out. I had a second degree tear as she had her hand up by her face when she came out, so I needed stitches. Can't believe it's all over and she is now sleeping on my hospital bed in front of me...

I didn't have any warning symptoms yesterday that labour would come on overnight, so I hope things get started soon for those of you still waiting, even if it seems like nothing is happening. Sounds good gangly hope all goes well!

I'll pop on when I can to keep up to date with you all and look forward to hearing your baby news when it happens smile It will happen! X x

CitrusyOne Wed 24-Oct-12 13:07:04

Congratulations and well done!

GanglyGiraffe Sun 28-Oct-12 07:46:00

Hello, quick update.

After a slow four day labour DD was finally born at 4.37pm on Thursday, weighing 8.2oz.

She was worth every minute and is even more beautiful and wonderful than I imagined. smile

Will try to track everyone down on the post-natal threads when I get a chance. Hope you are all well.

milli2512 Sun 28-Oct-12 08:45:15


After my waters broke last Saturday night things never properly got going so induction was started on Monday morning. To cut long story short I developed a temp and had to have IV antibiotics, baby found to be in awkward position and starting to show signs of distress so was taken for emergency caesarean - DS born at 11:16 Tuesday morning weighing 9lb2oz. Got back from hospital on Friday night. He's worth every minute and I can't describe the overwhelming rush of love I feel when I look at him, but my god I feel as if I've been run over. Really wasn't what I envisaged his entry into the world to be like but hey you never can tell.

Massive congratulations thanks to everyone else who has had their babies. Catch up with you on postnatal no doubt and probably at some ungodly hour. x

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