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Last week or two of pregnancy

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squidkid Sun 16-Sep-12 13:44:27

Just a place for advice/suggestions or a place to chat for those of us in the last couple weeks of pregnancy. I am on a brilliant antenatal thread but my due date is the first there and I don't want to bore them all with nonsense about braxton hicks and how to fill my days when lots of them are still at work... and I think they would prefer their babies to stay inside for now! I'm not quite at the "get it out of me" stage yet... but I'm definitely at the "if you came now you'd be very welcome" stage.... smile

I am 38+5 today and this is first baby. I know most first babies come late, so I've been trying to tell myself I'll be late throughout the pregnancy, but now I'm term it's hard not to be excited. In the last three or four days I've had long periods of continuous mild period-like pain, and some painful tightenings (sometimes very close together, but then they stop). Are these imminent signs, do these mean nothing... I don't really know. I haven't had a show.

Baby has been engaged since 34 weeks (uncomfortable!) I'm pretty sure his/her back is on the left side at the front (all the kicks are upper right hand side) which I think is ideal. I'm a little obsessive about keeping baby in a good position - I spend time on all fours, make sure I get plenty of walking/standing, sit on a gym ball when I'm on the computer, sleep on my side, I don't lie back on the sofa. I'm probably overthinking this.

I am doing pretty ok for late pregnancy - still walking at least a few miles a day, or swimming, or walking into town every day. I actually did a charity night hike last night! (Boyfriend carried maternity notes in his backpack through the woods - it was a bit stupid really!) I am slow, but I thought I'd be a lot heavier and more immobile by this stage to be honest. I stopped work a while back - a very busy, stressful, physically and emotionally demanding job - so I've had a lot of time to relax, nest, exercise, see almost all my friends, sort my flat out. Everything is neat and sorted and stocked and ready.

I'm grateful that I've had a troublefree pregnancy and hoping the birth will go fine too. Feeling positive and relaxed about it, just impatient!

How are other people doing? Staying busy, getting anxious, waiting, over-analysing every tiny sign!? Any suggestions for good things to do in the last week or two? Please no one tell me to 'get lots of sleep' as this is the one thing I am completely incapable of at the moment - up every 30-60 mins through the night...

funchum8am Mon 17-Sep-12 22:17:45

Thanks pollyindia you make a very good point in that a failed sweep could actually be worse than waiting a few more days, as in your sister's case. I hadn't thought of that! I hope your sister's birth turned out well in the end. Feeling a bit more cheerful now after chatting with friends and DH - have arranged things to do tomorrow and weds and Friday so should keep me entertained. Staying in touch with all of you is so helpful smile

Emmiedarling Mon 17-Sep-12 22:37:57

Hello! My c-section is booked for a week tomorrow - 25th. So can I join?!

Feeling very sorry for myself as yesterday morning I woke up with the worst bloody cold ever! Eyes and nose are streaming and I have more aches/pains/tiredness than I did before, if that's even possible!

Sorry for the moan! How are u all spending your last few days?!

mrswoz Mon 17-Sep-12 23:02:36

ohhhh i feel your pain...all of you! we are nearly there now though aren't we, the end is in sight.

Had my pre-op today for ELCS on 24th, didn't know whether to squee with excitement or cry with fear, as this is DC3 I know what's coming hmm, the good and the bad! Trying to treasure it all as this will be our last baby but feel so shit today with tummy troubles, lack of sleep and my ever growing to do list.

in total agreement with the major effort required for moving in bed! Problem is when I do manage to turn over I usually find someone else breathing in my face and have to turn back anyway (DH or DD mainly) the agony lol

i do hope to be in a better mood tomorrow!

PollyIndia Tue 18-Sep-12 03:32:44

Funchum8am it did in the sense that I have beautiful niece who is now 1, but wasn't the best birth. Cascade of intervention I think they call it!

I seem to be quite busy in last few weeks. Got friends coming for lunch tomorrow and for dinner (and was going to go to gym but as I am awake at 330, will have to see), then work meetings all day weds and thurs and out thurs night. Just need to get to Friday and I can relax as the work will be mainly done!

squidkid Tue 18-Sep-12 08:18:54


I've felt loads better physically the last couple of days - perhaps due to some rest, perhaps that means nothing is ever going to happen, WAIL! Bags of energy and no pains, sleeping a little better. Constipated again, grr.

39 weeks today. Got lots of plans for next few days - out for lunch today, yoga this evening, seeing a friend tomorrow, got a couple of events fri/sat to go to, having friends over sunday, going to a gig sunday night. Got a few things pencilled in for next week too (more friends, a massage.) Surely all this activity means the baby will have to turn up and ruin SOMETHING!? grin

Then next Tuesday I will be 40 weeks, but I'm going to try and wait till 41 weeks to have a sweep, I think. I have also been told they work better later, and I'm keen to avoid intervention as much as possible. If I did go to 42 weeks I'd rather go for monitoring and waiting than induction, I think (unless any problems or advised otherwise). Hopefully 3 more endless weeks of pregnancy won't completely erode my views on this.... confused

I am feeling a bit hopeless like labour will never happen, to tell you the truth. I'm not even due yet - must shake this. Have had some signs, baby is engaged, bump is dropping (I look like I'm getting smaller daily... which is odd.) I'd be unlucky... right?

OK, stop ruminating, go get busy. Love to all and hope to see some babies soon! x

blondiep14 Tue 18-Sep-12 08:24:46

Due today!

I was sick last night and got my hopes up (yet again) that last night was going to be The Night. But no!

Just the usual up every 2 hours to pee. With added agony thrown in by SPD. Went for a little walk yesterday and could barely put my feet on the floor last night. I actually had tears in my eyes!

Feet firmly up from now on. I'm pretty sure this baby's never coming out! Poor DS1 and 2 are so excited about meeting him or her, their little faces every morning are full of disappointment!

Mikyahrose Tue 18-Sep-12 08:56:50

Happy due dates to us both blondiep14.

Nothing happening here for me, gonna go swimming a bit later, then have a wander into town and then got the midwife at 4. Seeing a differnt one today as mines on holiday. Actually quite excited to see someone new. Dont think they'll offer a sweep today. The mw at 38 weeks said it wouldnt be offered till 41 weeks. My bump doesnt look to have dropped at all. Baby was 3/5 engaged at 36 and 38 weeks though, so he is going in the right direction.

blondiep14 Tue 18-Sep-12 09:38:54

Oh have a lovely day. I'm going to put my feet up!

I haven't got a mw appt until next Tuesday, I think they'll offer me a sweep then but don't know if I'll have it.
Only had one attempted one with my first but his head was so far down she couldn't do it.
It was a highly unpleasant experience!

Orenishii Tue 18-Sep-12 09:49:16

Oh due dates galore! Good luck to all of you for the imminent arrivals grin

Can I ask how you're feeling about/approaching avoiding inductions and how far you're comfortable going? Someone on another thread posted a great link to a MW blog going through the myths of waiting up to 42 weeks, deteriorating placentas etc, and it made me a lot more confident about waiting for when my baby decided the time to come

dickiedoodah Tue 18-Sep-12 15:17:51


Whoo hoo, 39 weeks today!! Can't believe I only have one week to due date. Pretty crazy! Squidkid, I know what you mean. Feeling totally normal today, made pancakes and dancing round the kitchen! What's up with that?! I am the complete opposite to you. I have no plans besides housework and catching up with family on Skype! May watch an episode or two of Baby Story and read some more positive birth stories. My next hospital appointment is 24 Sep, I'll definitely be apprehensive before the appointment. Will be expecting them to book me in for an induction which I really don't want unless I go to 45 weeks and I've made no progress!!! I had to have a VE at my 38 week appointment due to slightly higher than normal blood pressure so after that sobering experience am reluctant to get anymore. I think I was just unlucky with the doctor and am sure the next one won't be as bad. Here's hoping for a nice slow start to labour so we're holding our babies by due date!!

PollyIndia Tue 18-Sep-12 15:35:14

Orenishii, do you have a link? I'll do a search as well. I am definitely thinking I will opt for monitoring over an induction. But I have heard they put you under lots of pressure so no idea if I will stick to my guns.

In my area they book you in for an induction at 40+10 which seems early to me. I would definitely hold out to 42 weeks assuming all ok.

I am 39 weeks thurs so just behind you dickiedoodah and squidkid.

Good luck to those due today!

Orenishii Tue 18-Sep-12 17:05:41

Will have a search through my history!

Orenishii Tue 18-Sep-12 17:07:56

Here it is - really good blog, non-hysteria, balanced views, really good read:

I think also a fair few women have posted in Childbirth about their reasons for holding off and how they firmly stood up to invitations to be induced.

PollyIndia Tue 18-Sep-12 17:39:14


PollyIndia Tue 18-Sep-12 17:50:21

That is very interesting, thanks for sharing

Orenishii Tue 18-Sep-12 18:02:53

No problem - I saw it on a thread in Childbirth! I think I was mistaken about her being a MW, that was another blog. But it's definitely interesting reading - postdates start at 42 weeks, not 40!

Mikyahrose Tue 18-Sep-12 20:56:46

Went to see the midwife earlier - he's not even engaged now!!

Been told to do lots of brisk walking, and to get bouncing on the ball.

She also thinks that my original date of the 23rd (based on my lmp) is more likely to be right.

JessTT Wed 19-Sep-12 07:55:36

Hi ladies, may I join you please....I am due tomorrow with my second. Also have had good active prenancy (running after 2yo daughter) and am going for waterbirth at home. Also like some of you am likely to decline induction if poss.....have had very sore tummy on and off since yesterday but not sure if it's the start of something or a bit of a bug! anyone else had similar?
Last time I had no signs at all until the first contraction...this time round have had lots of niggles and period pains over past week.

Lots planned over next few days and at mo am in no hurry for bubba out (declined sweep at midwives yesterday but maybe I'll feel differently in a week!)
Have a good day ladies xxx

paperclips Wed 19-Sep-12 08:48:12

Morning all. Due date at last!

Baby not going anywhere for a while I'm sure. Felt the same all week.
Midwife yesterday told me head still not engaged. Going to do loads of tidying, and a long walk if I have the energy. She has offered a sweep on Tuesday which I will have if I'm still waiting. Lots of Braxton Hicks and dull period type aches but I've had that for a week.

Come on baby, mummy and daddy want to meet you now....

Orenishii Wed 19-Sep-12 09:32:44

Just booked the home birth!

How are you all feeling approaching/meeting your due dates? I still have a few weeks left so still have remnants of feeling apprehensive.

Do you all feel pretty ready now? I have a lot of faith in nature, that we'll be prepared by the time is right but I just keep churning thoughts/wondering how it's going to be round and round. I feel all keyed up like a boxer before a fight! Hoping this nervous energy will turn into impatience rather than thoughts of - holy crap, have to actually do this! Hahaha!

Congratulations to paperclips, JessTT, blondiep14 and anyone else for meeting your due dates - happy due date! Haha, oh god, I'm losing it! Good luck for when it all kicks off grin

Mikyahrose Wed 19-Sep-12 10:11:14

Its a very strange feeling for me. We've spent the last 35 weeks or so counting down to yesterday and now its been and gone and there's no baby yet. I also dont think its really really hit me that i'm having a baby. I think the actual being a mum bit is the most scary. I've loved being pregnant and have a really good pregnancy. Even now i'm still managing ok, moving about fine and sleeping well. I'm not too scared about labour (actually looking forward to it - the becoming of a woman and all that). I have no idea how i'm gonna deal with it though. I cant think of a time when i've been in real pain, so not sure how i'll be. I dont think i'll be a screamer or shouter. i imagine i'll go into a little quiet zone.
Practically i think we're ready, the cots up, the carry cot is in the bedroom, the bags are packed, i have a million muslins. i'm sure we've got everything we need.
I do keep having worries about looking after the baby and how i'm going to know what to do. But i'm thinking motherly instincts will kick in and i'll just know - thats what i'm hoping for. smile

PollyIndia Wed 19-Sep-12 10:12:25

Is it your first Orenishii? Are you doing a waterbirth at home? I am booked in for a homebirth too. I am 39 weeks tomorrow. I don't think I am going to get a pool as I think it sounds like a potential source of stress getting it filled and emptied etc but i don't know if that's the right decision.

I don't feel ready yet I have to say. I've got most of my stuff I suppose, but still need to get homebirth stuff like blankets and sheets, and haven't bought some essential bits like big pants and maternity pads. I've got 2 busy work days today and tomorrow so will think about it friday.

I know what you mean about nervous energy!

Orenishii Wed 19-Sep-12 10:20:34

Yah, first baby. We've bought a pool as that was the only thing I really, really wanted. It has a quick five minute inflate device with a special hose for the bath taps, and quick fill/empty hoses. I'm a bit reluctant to spend big money on myself generally - have never spent hundreds on shoes or whatever - but I was happy to spend £99 on this!

Mikayrose I'm the same, I guess - scared of all that happens afterwards, the enormity of being a parent. I think I'm a little melancholy this morning and very grateful for all you lovely ladies on this thread.

I think it's the apprehension - right? That once you're in the middle of it, and doing it, it's OK - you just get on and deal with it. But this prolonged build up is a blessing and a curse smile

Mikyahrose Wed 19-Sep-12 10:42:50

Its that fear of the unknown. People keep asking me if i've had enough and am i excited.

Well, no, i like being pregnant and i'm far more scared than excited!

I'm gonna be a mum!!!!

ballroomblitz Wed 19-Sep-12 11:46:30

I'll nip in and say hello as I see some with the same due date as me - tomorrow. The September thread has moved from antenatal to postnatal and while it's lovely reading about everyone's new babies, it's making me impatient. Have had a fairly active pregnancy too, like a lot it seems, and still walking miles a day (and running after my four yo). Actually feel like I can't sit still. Have to be doing something constantly and my legs paid for it yesterday when they went up like balloons after a mammoth cleaning/ironing session.

Have not had any signs at all of impending baby and I'm getting a bit anxious she won't want to come out and I'll have to go to section, rather than the vbac I have planned.

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