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Badgerina Tue 11-Sep-12 18:57:41

Help. I'm in a terrible fucking mood. 39 weeks pregnant and I feel like I want to smash stuff. It isn't even down to being that fed up about being hugely pregnant. I'm just REALLY BLOODY HORMONAL. Aargh. My poor DH and DS and the cats. Especially the cats. The fuckers.

Boop33 Tue 11-Sep-12 19:06:53

what have the cats done.......................??

blondiep14 Tue 11-Sep-12 19:11:21

Oooh, me too!
Tho I have PITA dog, no cats.

The Rage is never far from the surface.

The Scottish woman on Emmerdale is reeeally peeing me off at the moment.
As are the neighbours kids' running about and shouting outside.

Purplecatti Tue 11-Sep-12 20:22:39

go ahead and smash something, you know you want to.
Then you can cry about how something's broken and fall head over heels in love with DH again for clearing it up and then cry again as you don't deserve him as he's being so lovely and you're being a bitch and a mess.
If he doesn't clear it up smash something else, threaten to stab the fucker and wonder how you ever tolerated him to begin with.

Mine make's the mistake of laughing at my rages. He is one brave cookie.

sunnysunnyshine Tue 11-Sep-12 20:46:30

Know how you feel. I've got the rage too! Had it for weeks now and shows no signs of going. Only 30 weeks to go...

Haha blondie my sister and I have just been slagging off that bint on Emmerdale. She's always been bloody annoying though!

nananaps Tue 11-Sep-12 20:50:05

So, there was a fork in the knife drawer when i looked in there a few minutes ago.

The audacity.
Are they deliberately trying to fuck me off in this house?

I have suggested (via the medium of death glares) that the offending item be placed in its rightful place...If they cannot read my fucking mind, there IS going to be a blood bath, let me tell thee.

nananaps Tue 11-Sep-12 20:51:30

AND NO...dont bother to reply, or you will all fucking get it too.

Fat fuckers, all of you....

You have been warned.

nananaps Tue 11-Sep-12 20:53:24 im off to bed, sleep well everyone, thanks for listening,
I love you all....sob.

Crying now, and dont know why????

Aww dh is a love, he is sorting the drawer out....fucker should have done it right in the first place, but ahhh bless.


nananaps Tue 11-Sep-12 21:28:21

hmmmm that shut you all up didnt it grin grin

Naisy Tue 11-Sep-12 23:41:24


Clarella Tue 11-Sep-12 23:44:29


There might be a dead builder in my back yard tomorrow. DH has been explaining everything they're supposed to be doing and where they will be to prepare me and spare a builders life. There'll be no cups of tea tomorrow. And I just binge ate all the biscuits. And they will be licking their pee dribbles from the toilet seat if I find any. 29 weeks and needing to fucking nest!

milli2512 Wed 12-Sep-12 04:14:35

nananaps you've cracked me up! It is the trivial stuff that's really getting on my tits though. I want to beat DH if he even dares to leave a pair of shoes in the wrong place or god forbid hasn't emptied the bin etc. It's like bad PMT times 10. Oh and friggin insomnia is driving me nuts, hence writing this at ridiculous o clock. Grrrr.

Mikyahrose Wed 12-Sep-12 09:28:55

Oh dear - this is so funny, Mood wise i've not been too bad (39+1 today). But randomly, reading this made me well up a bit - whats that all about!!

Gingerpanther27 Tue 18-Sep-12 01:56:13

Wow I have a lot to look forward (currently at 11+5 now it's Tuesday wait it is Tuesday. . .) baby hormones are sending me doolally I randomly burst in to tears at stupid things like the price of bacon in tescos or sheep on tv and having to remember I'm not allowed to obliterate my lecturer at college or daddy to be when he laughs at my hormonal rages and frustration I eat pizza it makes me projectile i start crying at this and he backs off cos I'm spewing and wonders why I get pissed off mildly annoyed for lack of support and the insomnia is driving me insane grrrr and it's only just starting according to these posts which did make me laugh til I started crying for no apparent reason hmm

BooBumpDaddyandMe Wed 03-Oct-12 22:30:38

Trade you a bit of rage for my constant bloody crying. B.O.R.E.D of bursting into tears because my trousers are falling down or something stupid :-o

antisellyoulight Wed 03-Oct-12 22:35:15

started a thread earlier about similar hormonal probs, have only just seen this thread and PMSL!!

Stumbleine Thu 04-Oct-12 13:51:25

Ah I think I have found my place here! Am currently 37+4 and am experiencing the rage. Had a huge row with Dh last night over collecting a prescription, and could have positively strangled him for dirtying a tea towel I had just got out!
I currently go between the rage and feeling all weepy and feeling sorry for.myself as clearly nobody loves me hmm

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