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Anyone on a first pregnancy, and less than 12 weeks?

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beaver33 Mon 10-Sep-12 09:57:43

Just looking for like-minded ladies who are also new at this weird and wonderful thing to share my terror joy...

Feeling good so far at 5+3 although obv very early days and so much talk of miscarriage on this forum that it can become a little scary. Huge sympathy for anyone who's had a miscarriage, btw.

But thought I'd ask:

*how long had you been trying?
*how far along are you (if you know)?
*how are you feeling? Symptoms etc
*who have you told?
*are you, like me, rabidly Googling EVERYTHING?

BonaDea Mon 10-Sep-12 11:30:05

Have a look in the "Ante Natal Clubs" section and find the one which is relevant to your due date. There should be lots of ladies in there due at the same time as you are!

10storeylovesong Mon 10-Sep-12 11:43:07

Hi beaver!! I'm in the same boat after trying for 10 months. I'm 6+5 and feeling like crap! Been feeling constantly nauseaus since 3+2 (although not being sick) and extremely tired all the time. We've told both sets of parents and siblings, and I've told work as work in dangerous conditions and had to move depts. And yes, been constantly googling and mum netting which most of the time puts the fear of god into me!

When are you due?

Laura1037 Mon 10-Sep-12 12:31:17

Hiya. I'm 7+2 and scared, excited, anxious, paranoid and any other emotion thrown in! I've been so sick and shattered but today although I'm tired I don't feel sick, yea!! We are all in this together xxx

LuckyOwl28 Mon 10-Sep-12 13:39:29

Hi ladies!

I'm 10+6 and counting down the days to my first scan on the 19th!

We started trying last Sept but have been interrupted several times by husband's work (he's in the forces so away regularly) and I had a little cervical cancer scare so couldn't even 'practice' for 12 weeks after treatment.

We have just moved to a new area and I've not long started a new job, so when we discovered I was pregnant it came as a bit of a shock, but we are absolutely over the moon!

Looking back from 1-3 weeks I was insanely tired, couldn't even get my words out. 3-8 weeks had sickness, sometimes morning only, sometimes all day and night!

Has settled down a bit, but im finding if I don't get 8+ hours sleep a night i'm really struggling the next day. Work not helping me out as have been on 45-47 hours a week (should only be on 40), but I kind of feel guilty for only just starting and being pregnant straight away!

I cannot WAIT for my scan, time has really dragged for me, whereas it's 'flying by' for hubby. Hmph. I don't think it's quite sunk in for him yet, i'm expecting a big reaction at the scan!

Enjoying passing potential baby names back and forth.

What an exciting time!! xxx

MissMedusa Mon 10-Sep-12 14:32:08

I'm 4+5 and only just got my BFP 2 days ago! It is still very faint which is a bit worrisome but hoping for the best.

We have been TTC for exactly 1 year and have had several issues impacting fertility - I had a dermoid cyst removed from my ovary in May which was impacting my hormones and DH has motility issues. In June we were told we would not conceive naturally and were referred to a fertility clinic. We were going to start IUI next cycle, I even had my baseline hormone tests and first scan done at the beginning of my last cycle . . . and now we have a BFP. I still can't believe it!

I'm trying not to get too excited yet as I fear the faint bfp might be a bad sign but I have my first appointment on Thursday to check things out. For now I'm just so happy that we conceived, I'll deal with whatever is to come when it comes.

beaver33 Mon 10-Sep-12 14:46:27

Hello all, lovely to find you!

BonaDea thanks for the advice - found the thread, which will be really useful.

10storeyloveson I'm due 10 May 2013 - so I'm about a week behind you - and generally feeling pretty good so far apart from the usual boobs/bum nonsense. Also have totally lost interest in food, which is very unlike me...

Laura1037 sorry to hear you've felt so rubbish. I keep expecting it to start and am sure I won't avoid it totally. Everyone keeps saying it kicks in quite suddenly. Totally know what you mean re paranoia. It's awful! Just want to relax. But my sister miscarried at 11 weeks quite recently, so it's hard not to worry. Everyone's different, though. Fingers crossed for all of us.

MissMedusa I only had a faint line too, but the digital tests were positive too so I'm going on that! Really pleased for you and will be keeping everything crossed.


HazleNutt Mon 10-Sep-12 14:48:21

Yes just use the digital test, my lines were very faint as well, at least with digital you don't have to guess if the line is line-y enough.

sgibbo Mon 10-Sep-12 16:13:55

Hi everyone, i'm 5 +3 also and have been trying for nearly 7 years, this was our 3rd cycle of IVF and can't wait for a 7 week scan on 21st September to see whether we have one or two!!!

No real symptoms as yet but i'm on a concoction of medication which probably are masking some of them.

Having only known for 1 week it feels like the slowest week ever compared to the two week wait to find out, the two week wait now for the scan seems to be taking forever...

I find it so hard not being able to tell anyone can't wait for 12 weeks x

glossyflower Mon 10-Sep-12 16:28:18

9 weeks of my first pg, it was unplanned but welcomed.
Currently unable to get excited as suffering bad pg sickness :-(
First midwife apt in a weeks time. Good luck x

speedyboots Mon 10-Sep-12 17:13:38

Hi everyone and congratulations! I'm due May 13th. I've joined the May 2013 thread, and have been enjoying everyone's posts, but was on the look out for some other first-timers as I don't want to bore the more experienced mumnetters on there with my nervous questions! It was our fourth month of trying so I feel very lucky - I have some friends who have been through IVF and I know what a difficult process it is. We've told both sets of parents and then selected siblings (I'm one of six so some are closer than others). I've pretty much lost my appetite but I cycle a lot and find that I'm hungry after that. For about the last ten days I've had a horrendous dry mouth too. And, like everyone, I'm really tired. I'm definitely googling lots but I've also bought a few books and I've been enjoying reading about things in more depth. I live in Germany (which makes me doubly thankful for this site!) and when I went to the doctor he did a scan and blood tests, and I will have another scan next week. Fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy!

hopeful92 Mon 10-Sep-12 17:22:32

Hi everyone, first time on the "pregnancy" forums rather than the "TTC" ones!! Got my BFP this morning!! Did another 2 nd a digital one to be sure lol, and sure enough, I am pregnant! First pregnancy, and very early on (4 weeks since AF) so very early on, but excited all the same!

MissMedusa Mon 10-Sep-12 18:51:58

Hi speedy I'm in Germany too. In general, I find the care here very good, especially if you are privately insured.

New symptoms as of this afternoon: nausea (although no vomiting yet), tiredness (just had a 2 hour nap after work) and hypersensitivity to smell (smells that I don't like are overwhelming and gagging me) other than that I've had very sore boobs for a few days now.

plannedshock Mon 10-Sep-12 19:07:42

Hey im 9weeks, tried for 3yrs, couple of rounds of clomid, but all good so far, just got huge boobs! No other symptoms had a few weeks where I was almost passing out with hunger but now I'm back to "normal" had an early internal scan at 7weeks was so "phew" to see! Because I feel so good-just tempted fate, I know-I don't feel pregnant it's weird!

MissMedusa Tue 11-Sep-12 09:54:43

Wow, BFP after 3 years. That is very exciting. Congratulations!

sophiad Tue 11-Sep-12 11:24:25

Hi ladies

Congrats to you all....I'm 12 weeks tomorrow, so techincally still under 12 weeks so thought I'd jump on thread ;-). I have my scan on Thursday and I'm so so nervous, nervousness is taking over the excitment really. The first week I found out, time really dragged becuase I was thinking about it the whole time, then slowly got my head round the idea and have started to enjoy this time. We hadn't been trying too long at all so was a surprise. We've hardly told anyone, I'm so scared of jinxing it. Midwife told me my due date is 27th March, but may change a bit I guess.
A couple of weeks ago I had a Monday-Friday of sickness, had a bit of random sickness since, but not too much I can complain about. My boobs are very sore, can't sleep on my front becuase of them. Skin has come up very bad with spots etc. I was worrying myself becuase felt like I didn't have many symptoms, but EVERY woman is different and I'm starting to believe that hehe.
Will let you know how Thursday goes.....Good luck to all you girls and try to enjoy this time when it's a nice little secret

plannedshock Tue 11-Sep-12 11:42:24

Yeah 3yrs is a looooong time!! I thought I would be wanting to tell people but I'm really enjoying keeping the news between me and my partner! Don't think I will be telling people after scan in 2weeks either!!

hopeful92 Tue 11-Sep-12 13:29:35

I will be due May 2013, I'm so excited but can't help googling and reading all these bad things about "chemical pregnancies" and all that stuff, however I am staying positive as I have had 4 positive home tests inclusing one digi one that said "positive 1-2" which would make me 4 weeks pregnant in doctors terms. I'm completely new to all this! The lines on the preg tests weren't really really dark, but they weren't so faint that you had to actually look for them, they just appeared before my eyes within like 10 secs of peeing on it! Hoping thats a good sign?

Anyways so just looking for support n stuff really as I'm very scared, excited, nervous, happy and anxious all at the same time!

Also, just a bit of advice? Been having driving lessons for the last few months and was just wondering if I should carry on or not? My driving instructor said it is absolutely fine and he has just put a lass through her test that is 30 weeks pg! Would be handy to be able to drive when baby comes!

Dannilion Tue 11-Sep-12 13:51:52


Aaah I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has googled everything and became a hysterical, sobbing mess worried afterwards.

I'm 10+1 and feel like a bit of a fraud to be honest! Had only a few bouts of MS last month, my right boob is a little bit sore and getting these blue veins all over it..But aside from that I've had it pretty easy. I know I should enjoy it, and I probably would if google didn't exist. I feel for all you ladies though, those few times I was sick I thought the world was coming to an end...I would be so entirely fed up if it was a regular occurence.

We weren't TTC at all, I'm in my last year of uni/nursing training and I had this starry-eyed plan that involved little bundles of joy after I got my masters degree. However, condoms split regardless of 5 year plans and sometimes things are just meant to be. Now I honestly have never wanted anything more in my entire life smile

My belly is massive though! I've gone from a size 10 to a 16-18 (around the tum). Both my GP and MW have asked me numerous times if I'm 100% sure on my dates, and about twins in the family. It did cross my mind to agree that I may be wrong on my dates, so I could have a scan earlier. However I know the exact day (and time!) baby was concieved and don't think I could live with the guilt sad. Both sets of parents and siblings know, aswell as the majority of our close friends, and work. I can see why people keep it a secret and I really tried to, but I resemble a whale so it's impossible to hide.

However, they sent me my scan appt for 1st October, I called them saying it was a bit late and they happily moved it forward a week. No questions asked grin

Anyways, sorry for waffling! Hope everyone is good and congratulations to all xxx

10storeylovesong Tue 11-Sep-12 14:40:03

I'm so jealous of those in Germany - sounds like you get really good care. I went to the docs 3 weeks ago and they just took my blood pressure and sent me on my way - didn't even give advice re diet, vitamins or anything. Does anyone know when I should expect to hear something more by? I'm 7 weeks tommorow

10storeylovesong Tue 11-Sep-12 14:41:32

Oh and Dani, glad to hear someone elses tummy is growing at a rapid rate! I'm trying to eat healthily and snack on fruit and veg etc but my trousers are getting tighter and tighter!

HazleNutt Tue 11-Sep-12 14:43:47

I'm also due in May, our first and we're both still in shock. It was planned, but I'm almost 34 and pretty much all our closest friends have struggled with fertility, one of my best friends has been trying for 10 years..So we also assumed that we will have years of trying, testing and treatments ahead. Nope, second try. Dh is walking around, shaking his head and asking every 5 minutes "Seriously??" grin

hopeful sure you should carry on with your lessons. Health permitting, I plan to carry on with all my normal activities, including teaching some fitness classes.

speedy, Medusa, where are you in Germany? Im' in France, Alsace, so 10 minutes from German border.

I wish it was the second already so I would know what I'm doing. What should I do now, see my GP I guess?

speedyboots Tue 11-Sep-12 15:58:35

Hazle - sounds like you were really lucky. Or had great timing! I'm in Cologne so not too far from the French border. Glad to know I'm not the only one doing this in a foreign language! It's great you are carrying on as normal. I intended to but ann just so scared of doing something wrong! Medusa - I agree about the standard of care, but I'm a bit intimidated about having to choose a hospital and find a midwife by myself.

10 - It must be frustrating waiting to hear. Fingers crossed they get in touch soon.

MissMedusa Tue 11-Sep-12 17:56:02

I'm in Munich.

Have you used this site before? There is some, albeit not much, information about giving birth in Cologne on it.

HazleNutt Tue 11-Sep-12 22:09:13

Ah there we go, morning sickness. Was totally fine and the next second throwing up. thank god at home and close to bathroom. How do you handle this when out and about, carry sick bags?

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