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Ovarian Cyst whilst pregnant

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hulahoopy Fri 07-Sep-12 17:18:34

Hi everyone

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and have had 4 scans so far. I first had a scan after attending A&E due to pains in my abdomen. I worried it was an ectopic pregnancy. Turns out I have a 14cm cyst on my left ovary. This was discovered at 5 weeks. They are now talking about removing it during my second trimester. I am waiting on another scan at 18 weeks and for my consultant to talk to many other specialists and experts.

I am terrified and can't stop thinking about this! An operation would scare me regardless but I am so worried about my baby!

Has anyone else been in this situation before? Any advice or reassurance would be lovely right now!

Many thanks

BlueSkySoftSand Tue 11-Sep-12 12:45:38

Hello, I had cysts on my ovaries when pregnant with both boys, but not to the size of having to get them removed. So, can't offer any advice, but this will bump it and perhaps s/one else will be able to help.

ellangirl Tue 11-Sep-12 13:51:04

I had emergency ovary removal at 13/14 weeks pg with this one due to the ovary getting twisted. I am now 34 weeks and baby doing great. Because mine was emergency I had morphine, pethidine, general anaesthetic etc but obv it all went well.
Second trimester is the best time to operate if needed, and they wouldn't do it if it wasn't necessary. Try not to worry too much, it may not be needed at all- cysts often get smaller and pretty much disappear by 20 weeks, and this may be the case with you!

hulahoopy Thu 11-Oct-12 11:18:44

Thank you both for your replies. I saw my consultant yesterday. She has confirmed its not cancerous and after discussions with her colleagues,has decided just to monitor me then remove after my 6 week postnatal review. So relieved!!!xx

Paradisefound Thu 11-Oct-12 12:06:35

Hi yes I have a cyst too. Very common in pregnancy but they normally disperse by 12 weeks. At 13 weeks mine is about 5 cm and has shrunk a tiny bit. I am being referred to gynaecology and will be scanned again at 16 weeks. A friend of mine had a larger cyst that eventually went at 8 months it didn't cause any problems. Don't worry.. It's common. A bonus in my eyes is extra scans.

bigkidsdidit Thu 11-Oct-12 16:18:05

I had a massive cyst spotted during a scan and had it removed after birth as it hadn't twisted. I put off the op till 6 months post birth so as not to interfere with breastfeeding, and it was fine. I think this is very common.

Good luck smile

SpringFlowers Thu 11-Oct-12 16:42:29

I had a cyst too. It was monitored during the pregnancy as it didn't cause any big problems - some pain near the end as there was so much in there! Often they just 'go', however, mine did not. I had surgery to have it removed when my baby was six months old. It had twisted twice but my ovary was fine,was saved and I am now pregnant again.

hulahoopy Fri 26-Oct-12 08:59:29

It really helps to hear others are/were in the same situation. I agree Paradisefound, extra scans are lovely. I've been able to take my mum to one when usually it would just have been my husband to the 2 we would usually get.


Cutandstick Sun 04-Nov-12 20:55:35

Hi, glad to read all this, I have a scan booked for 10 days time - of right ovary, booked before I got pregnant. I've had 2 cysts removed before. Glad to hear they usually go down naturally. Fingers crossed its all fine and I get to see my baby for the first time - iI'l be 7-8 weeks. Good luck hulahoopy!

Littlemissimpatient Sun 04-Nov-12 22:02:02

This thread has really put my mind at rest thank you OP.
mine aren't big enough yet to be concerned thankfully but I just presumed they were a bad thing.

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