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Ready to pop and want baby OUT!!!

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Moominsummermadness Thu 06-Sep-12 13:37:31

38 weeks today, and am really ready to have this baby! I know that realistically I could have almost another 4 weeks of feeling like this, but just want it sooner rather than later. I feel that all I am doing is cleaning the house, as I don't want to go into labour with a messy house (especially as I'm planning a home birth). DD3 arrived at 38+3, so all through this pregnancy, I've been expecting the same, or even a bit earlier, and I know that I'm putting too much pressure on myself to have the baby soon. I know that I'm being silly, and that the baby will arrive when it's ready, but each day now feels about a week long!

milk Mon 10-Sep-12 08:32:14

Please can I come in and have a moan!

I am 36+6 and I have had enough! The thought of being pregnant for possibly another 3 weeks fills me with dread sad I am absolutely massive, can barely walk, and feel as if I am neglecting my 18mo DS as I can't play with him any more (I don't have the strength to lie on the floor and play cars or build train sets) sad

mrsv2 Mon 10-Sep-12 08:43:27

Can i join too.......37+2 but with the end in sight as i am booked for induction on Friday. I am grumpy, hot, cant sleep, exhausted, hungry ( but have GD so cant pick at yummy things). DD ( 17months) is being neglected and i fear by the end of this week a cbeebies addict.
This has been such a long pregnancy as DD arrived at 29+0 so we have been ready forever.

MrsHelsBels74 Mon 10-Sep-12 08:44:52

I'm even grumpier today than I was at the weekend. I almost begged my husband to take a sickie today to stay with us. I feel like I'm totally neglecting my son (2.7) as I can't play the active games he wants to play, walking is very painful so we don't really go out & I'm just fed up sad

funchum8am Mon 10-Sep-12 08:55:55

I am due same day as you moomin so 38+4 and starting maternity leave today. Feel bored, grumpy and achy and I desperately do not want induction so i'm hugely keen for baby to turn up on time! Off to try some of those positions for getting things going and to finish my raspberry leaf tea (am upping from 2 to 3 cups per day now!) Huge sympathies to all of you, esp those already overdue.

furrygoldone Mon 10-Sep-12 14:10:13

No babies yet then? 40 weeks tomorrow, had about 3/4 hour of 4 min apart braxton hicks in bed last night but turned out to be nothing, although I think I may have just had a small show.

I'm also spending the day boring a toddler, DS is 16 months, and I'm just too tired and fat to do anything interesting!

peeriePistoriuslicker Mon 10-Sep-12 14:15:19

Nothing nothing NOTHING!! angry
No BH, no show, baby twisting and turning and flipping all over so clearly not wanting to engage or come out.

Pickles77 Mon 10-Sep-12 15:01:04

I've had no BH either I feel left out?!
Anyone fancy a curry and some trampolining?grin

Rachel130690 Mon 10-Sep-12 16:04:51

pickles I didn't start having bh until week 39, and very close to my due date. Though I'm not too sure whether I'm still getting them. A night time I seem to lose more of my plug or "the show" and then have tightenings but nothing has come of it.

41 weeks today and have gave up on the idea of this happening naturally and that I'll be pregnant FOREVER.. Okay maybe I'm getting a bit dramatic. But reckon I'll be getting induced on Thursday and it's ruined everything I wanted. Have no idea what to expect. I was told you'll have induction Thursday, we will ring on Wednesday night to give you a time and here's a booklet that tells you what can happen. sad not prepared at all but I'm just gonna make sure my Oh is beside me and speaks up if I need him to.

Rachel130690 Mon 10-Sep-12 16:05:26

Oh and pickles a curry and a bounce on the trampoline sounds great right about now smile

Moominsummermadness Mon 10-Sep-12 16:47:35

Welcome to all who have joined the thread. Nice to see you on here funchum, the totally grads thread has gone very quiet as of late!

I went for a 4 mile walk yesterday, out of necessity rather than anything else (had to take eldest two DDs to their dad's house, and DH was at work with the car). On the way back, I had a lot of discomfort, but when I got home and had a sit down for half an hour, it all died away again. I feel a bit achey around my lower abdomen and back this afternoon, but I doubt that it's going to amount to anything!

Had a bit of an odd visit from the health visitor earlier. Around here, they've started visiting women at the end of their pregnancies, rather than make the first visit after the birth. She had to ask us several questions- mainly the obvious things to get a bit of background information about us, and about our other children and if they are fit and well etc, but also questions such as 'was the pregnancy planned', 'how will having the baby impact on your relationship', and the weirdest one-, 'who do you think the baby will be like'. How bizarre!

Fingers crossed that we will all start popping out babies left, right and centre- especially those ladies who are overdue!

DesperatelySeekingDistraction Mon 10-Sep-12 17:40:07

Can I join? 39+4 and totally fed up. DD1 was born at 39+5 so I had convinced myself that DD2 would be early too. Have had some contractions each day for past five days, but they disappear after an hour or two. Last time I had a show, followed by random contractions that were on/off for two days before getting very strong and very rapid very quickly (eight in half an hour so went to hospital to discover I was 5cm, an hour later I was fully dilated)

So far no show, no mucous plug, just contractions that are just strong enough and last just long enough for me to think "this could be it" before disappearing.

I'm so uncomfortable, hardly able to sleep, can't rest in day due to very active 2yr old DD who has taken to the "terrible twos" brilliantly. Feels like I'm going to be pregnant forever. Terrified of being induced and ending up with another highly medicalised birth (due to inexperienced midwife and junior doctor indecision DD1's birth turned into a medicalised nightmare) so after facing my demons about DD1's birth and rationalising that this time it will be different, I'm getting increasingly stressed as each day passes. Adding to the stress is the fact that it could take DH up to 2 hours to get home depending on what time of day labour really gets going, and my DM (who will be looking after DD1) is 45 mins away by motorway but doesn't drive on motorways so will have to either be driven over by SIL (who works 40 mins from DM) or picked up by DH enroute, meaning I have no pissing idea when I should ring them, if I ever bloody do go into labour.

I've also turned into a miserable, whinging harpie (see above!) to such an extent that I'm sure DH and my friends are desperate for me to give birth just so I'll stop walking around with a face like a smacked arse!

And I know, I'm totally unreasonable as I'm not even past my due date yet. So sorry all of you 40+somethings.

Notgrownupinmyhead Mon 10-Sep-12 19:11:12

Can i join? Im 40+1 with ds3. Before i forget, i had the hv asking questions like that the other week Moomin, Im in the Trafford Borough of Manchester if its the same bunch!

So far: Castor Oil, bouncing, gardening, cleaning, epo and rlt to ripen my innards, stern words to ds3 to vacate the premises blush and running around after the other members of the house.
Curry 2moro.

Ive had no proper bh just tightenings when i do anything like said cleaning and when im in bed at night i have strange pains in the cervix and my back is constantly hurty.

Ive read Gin & Tonic has set a few women off!!

Pickles77 Mon 10-Sep-12 19:16:28

Can I just ask a tmi question? Has anyone else has quite a increase in discharge and a need to poo all the time blush

can't believe I ask this now

MrsHelsBels74 Mon 10-Sep-12 20:03:23

Does anyone else feel like they could just sit in a corner & cry? Not for any particular reason?

Pickles77 Mon 10-Sep-12 20:10:48

Do not I repeat do not put itv on. I am in floods sad

Moominsummermadness Mon 10-Sep-12 20:48:02

I'm in warwickshire, notgrownup, it must be a nationwide thing. Strange questions though, and she was in and out in 10 minutes. Also had my EDD down as a week later, and was voicing her suprise about a colleague doing a pregnancy visit, to find a 2 day old baby. I did think to myself that they might avoid that situation if they visited a little earlier, given that 37 weeks onwards is term!

Pickles, it could be the baby's head settling lower and putting pressure on your cervix and rectum (nice!). I had the poo thing last week, but it's now gone the other way (piles don't help!) and I'm worried that if I do go into labour, I'll squeeze a big poo out blush. It's happened before!

Have spoken to my friend tonight, she hsd DC5 in May, and swears by nipple tweaking for 15 minutes at a time. I might try it!

Notgrownupinmyhead Mon 10-Sep-12 21:25:57

Pickles my discharge and poop output have doubled and then some over the last week. Discharge is like pva glue and poop is slightly looser.

I was almost crying before watching Hairy Bikers!!!! They were in Cornwall and I wanted to live there with the boys. Wtf?

Moomin, another question was did i ever wonder what baby will look like and what did i want them to turn out like...


Pickles77 Mon 10-Sep-12 21:55:09

So it doesn't mean im going to burst sad

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Mon 10-Sep-12 22:05:50

pickles yes to both, don't remember it last time but definitely increased 'output' this time. blush

Also, yes to HelsBels too, irrationally emotional I'm either spoiling for a fight or trying not to cry most of the day now.

I have a lovely big trampoline in the garden & a rather tasty curry house round the corner, all welcome! Let's hope these babies get a move on, especially for everyone already overdue.

Clarence80 Mon 10-Sep-12 23:27:00

pickles I am experiencing both of the symptoms you describe, getting through a lot of toilet roll! Had another sweep today, complete waste of time as she couldn't even reach my cervix. Trying to gear myself up for induction on Thursday when I will be 12 days over.
BTW I cried for about 3 hours after the failed sweep. Felt very sorry for my poor husband who has got his concerned face on most of the time at the moment!

FoxyRoxy Tue 11-Sep-12 00:42:24

Can I pop my head in? 39+6 today and had some irregular contractions earlier but they've gone again. Had them since Wednesday on and off along with bh's. Tried everything, no show and he's not engaged yet either (dc2). Had a dodgy belly earlier which made me think it could be the start of things proper but no.

And if one more person asks if there's any sign yet I will go mental!

Moominsummermadness Wed 12-Sep-12 12:31:25

How are all you lovely, very-heavily-pregnant ladies?

38+6 here now, and feeling a bit despondent after my midwife appointment. I last saw her 3 weeks ago, and was 2/5th engaged. Now the baby's head is back at the brim, and she said that my fundus is sitting as high as it could possibly get! I know that with subsequent babies, they can bob in and out of the pelvis, but with DD2 and DD3, I gradually engaged until a couple of weeks before the birth, then they stayed well wedged in. I'm also a bit worried, as I was previously measuring bang on for dates, but only 37cm today. The midwife didn't seem at all concerned though. She is going to do a sweep next Wednesday, and while I really hate them, I'm willing to try anything to get little one moving!

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Wed 12-Sep-12 16:25:54

Hope things are moving along for everyone. I'm more and more fed up by the hour now, starting to have some really intense pain in my pubic bone whenever I stand, walk, move, all the bloody time and my hormones seem to be running riot. Today I cried when I couldn't return a £5.99 pair of trousers that we're too small for me, apparently I should have tried them on before buying but I was too embarrassed to say to the shop assistant, in front of a queue of customers, that I hadn't because the changing cubicle was so tiny and I wouldn't have got in and out in one piece! sad

Hurry up babies these last few weeks are no fun!

furrygoldone Wed 12-Sep-12 16:32:15

Hello everyone, I'm now 40+1 and actually feeling a lot less frustrated than I was a few days ago. Had my term appointment today and thought I'd have to have an argument about not wanting an induction date,but lovely midwife was fine for me to just carry on, seemy community midwife next week and let her book induction if required. Hopefully feeling quite relaxed will help.

FoxyRoxy Wed 12-Sep-12 23:26:21

Due date today (well yesterday for me, it's 12.26 here) been on and off the loo all day with tmi really bad runs. Timed contractions this evening but no pattern or anything to them. Have an appt tomorrow for a sweep, worried about getting there without needing the loo sad(

Hope everyone is ok? Any news?

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