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Twins in 2013

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fastscooter Mon 03-Sep-12 14:49:49

Anyone else having twins in 2013? I am 14 weeks now - massive, lardy bump already.

thereistheball Mon 11-Feb-13 01:03:15

How exciting. My tip is not to eat a big meal beforehand but do take a few minutes to really enjoy a hot cup of tea, because once they're here you'll forever be making one then watching it go cold smile Good luck!

mandasand Mon 11-Feb-13 13:17:25

Good advice! Thinking of preparing something lovely to eat tomorrow night if we've time, but then it's nil by mouth (apart from some tablets for sickness, I think) till afterwards! :-)

mandasand Tue 26-Feb-13 10:54:23

Hello! May I announce myself as a new mummy of scrummy twins! Matilda (6lbs 10oz) and Dylan (5lbs 7oz) were born by c-section on 13 February and after a prolonged 11 days in hospital we are all now home and very happy! I will upload a pic of these adorable creatures to my profile shortly :-)

The c-section was fine, but by the end of the day I had developed a haematoma so had to go in for a further operation to sort that out. I think this must have slowed my healing a bit, and certainly it made small matters like constipation, trapped wind etc worse afterwards! Also, I developed a UTI and a minor (fingers crossed) wound/womb infection in the last few days in hospital for which I was on IV antibiotics and now tablets. Feeling better already, even though I think I'm overdoing things a bit round the house.

But the main reason we were in so long was that the twins fed poorly in the early days and were jaundiced, necessitating a four-day stay in the low dependency unit for fattening up. By day five M. had lost 12% of birth weight and D. 7%. After four days in the LDU we were pretty much back up to birth weights, thanks to every third feed being intubated (DH and I did the others by bottle). This time last week was a very dark time, feeling like an utter failure as a mum and distraught at having the babies living in a different ward to me and DH (we were blessed with a family room), but a week later and we're home, they are taking huge feeds, and already after just a couple of days we've got into a nice routine. the lack of sleep is punishing, as I'm sure many can relate to, but we're slowly moving form 3 to 4-hourly feeds which feels very exciting!

I am trying to express. The night before last I leaked for the first time overnight, which was so cool! The MW brought over a Medela double pump yesterday and I managed 50mls - a PB! Very little this morning, but I'm still trying to encourage my meagre supply rather than feed them entirely off it! Getting them fed is the priority though, and if I can add some breast milk into the formula mix I'll be a happy lady.

I'll post this across a couple of threads as my poor brain probably can't cope with re-writing!

Phillpot12 Sat 13-Apr-13 21:00:30

Hi...I have 5 mth old identical twin girls and a toddler of 2 yrs 4mths.
I had a spontaneous natural delivery at 34 weeks with the second twin delivering breech but everything was fine and we came home after 3 days. We are combination feeding and the girls have just grown and grown - huge growth spurts where they feed two hourly.
Anyway I just wanted to offer some encouragement for anyone who is pregnant with twins and is a feeling a bit apprehensive.
I am muddling through and finding what works for us and we are all very happy and enjoying our busy family life!
: )

mandasand Thu 18-Apr-13 21:13:37

Nice to meet you, Phillpot12!

Our two are nine weeks now and everything's becoming more manageable and they are starting to smile too!

We don't have a routine beyond three to four hourly feeds, and (just recently) making more of a distinction between night time (7pm-7am) and daytime. We would like them to sleep through the night at some point (!) and go for longer before feeds, but have been advised that this should happen from 3-4 months, not before.

When did others start trying to do this?

harrygracejessica Thu 18-Apr-13 23:35:31

Awwww its all bought back memories :-) my girls are 4 and my boys are 2 tomorrow - yup 2 sets :-)

KathrynK Mon 09-Dec-13 15:37:49

Hi everyone, I'm doing some work on parents of twins and multiples (POTAM), and finding that there's very little research on being parents of twins - sleep, feeding, mental health, relationships. Knowing that POTAM are likely to have been inundated with medical "advice" during pregnancy, did you find it all disappeared after the births? Have you found that what you needed was support from peers, or would you have liked some more evidence based information?
My interest is because I'm doing a uni module I'm doing on Understanding Research, and I'm doing twins because we have a lot locally and I've always been interested in the area (though there's 2.5yrs between my own kids).

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