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Pregnant straight after miscarriage with no period inbetween?

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Chlosha Sun 26-Aug-12 15:15:53

I did a pregnancy test which was a clearblue digital & was 'pregnant 1-2', one week later I did another one & it was still 'pregnant 1-2' I kind of new things were not right & I miscarried at 4 weeks 4 dayssad. We were told we could try again straight away as it was all natural so we did. I started to feel 'Pregnant' again & was thinking it was period symptoms but thought I would do a test just incase, it was another clearblue digital & it said Pregnant before the timer had gone of then 'Pregnant 2-3'smile! Is this a new Pregnancy or old hormones, my hormone levels were at 25 when I was miscarrying so really low. I am preying it is but very nervous!!!!!

MeltedMoments Sun 26-Aug-12 17:45:32

It's very possible! It happened to me a few years ago.

I had a MC at 7 weeks and was advised to do a test 2 weeks later to make sure I got a negative. I did so and it said not pregnant. Then a few weeks later I was curious as AF hadn't arrived when I thought it should have done. I tested again and got a positive result.

That positive result is now 5 years old! Good luck! xxx

5madthings Sun 26-Aug-12 17:53:49

its very common. i got preg, miscarried very early like you. then got preg with no period inbetween. ds2 was the result of that preg, he is ten now smile
it can make it slightly harder to date the ptegnancy. my gp took the date of my miscarried preg as if it were the date of my last period. the date was then adjusted slightly at my first scan.

oh good luck! Mine's eleven nowsmile

nananaps Sun 26-Aug-12 19:15:29


I thought i had retained products from a previous miscarriage. Felt dreadful.

Went for a scan to look at the lining of my woumb and there it was, a 7 week old baby!

Im 17 weeks now!

It defo IS possible smile

nananaps Sun 26-Aug-12 19:16:17

womb...gahhhh baby brain, typing too fast because i am excited for you!!! Cant spell!!

Frantastic84 Sun 26-Aug-12 19:24:20

I am going through the same thing too. In mid-July I miscarried naturally at 5 weeks 5 days. Yesterday I took a Clearblue digital after feeling very tired and generally rough for a few days. The result was Pregnant 3+ weeks! And ive had no period in between. So I guess I conceived almost straight away. I also had a clear negative after the miscarriage.
I still can't believe the 3+ result. I will call the docs on Tuesday to arrange a dating scan. Fingers crossed for us this time! x

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 26-Aug-12 19:35:37

Oh closh that is such good news! We met on mc thread and I am very pleased for you....
Hope it's a sticky one grin

Chlosha Sun 26-Aug-12 22:06:35

Thank you all so much, it's so lovely hearing all your stories at such a nerve wrecking time, can't believe it!!!!! I am wondering wether to book a doctors appt to check all with them? Hi Lolcbcblemonlime, lovely to hear from you, how are you?

Chlosha Sun 26-Aug-12 22:09:21

Sorry I put I miscarried at 4 weeks 4 days but it was actually 5 weeks & 1day! Going mad;)!!!!!

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 26-Aug-12 23:03:31

I'm fine closh thanks. Af came last week so at least end of wtf cycle. Feel positive and hopeful now.
I'd try to go to doctor if u can. No reason other than the fact that I would be panicking at every little twinge blush
Good luck x

marriedinwhite Sun 26-Aug-12 23:13:47

Oh yes ds2 born at 27 weeks and didn't make it. Had one period and miscarried very quickly and had an underlying infection. Saw gynae who tut tutted and said no trying until we are certain this is clear. Had a row with DH because was so stressed. We made up and 51 weeks after DS2 was born - DD arrived at full term, very healthy. She's 14 now and driving me nuts because she keeps reading me quotes.

Good luck OP. I wish this had been round then. Then I thought I was the only woman in the world who was crap at making babies.

Chlosha Mon 27-Aug-12 09:11:05

Thanks lolcbcb, so pleased to hear that you are feeling positive & hopefulsmile! It's such an emotional rollercoaster isnt it, we are so very pleased about a bfp but are kind of trying to not get to excited incase it happens again, I need to stay positive. Gonna call Doctor's tomorrow. Marriedinwhite I can't imagine what you have been through & I count my blessings! So pleased you got your DD even though she's driving you nuts;). This site is just the best as people know exactly what you are going through. I'm on day 34 of cycle & only got to day 37 last time, so scared but pray this time is ok.

Frantastic84 Mon 27-Aug-12 09:40:51

Chlosha I have my fingers crossed for you. I'll be calling the doctors tomorrow too, hopefully they will refer me for an early scan. Stressful times! x

Chlosha Mon 27-Aug-12 10:20:09

frantastic84 Thank you, so scared! Keeping everything crossed for you to! let me know what happens at doctors, I'm going to call mine tomorrow but it's a nightmare trying to get an appointment. Very stressful times! x

GrandPoohBah Mon 27-Aug-12 10:46:22

I did - second mc, had an ERPC, got an infection, took antibiotics, 4 weeks later I still hasn't come on - did a test, positive.

I'm now 26 weeks smile

Good luck at the dr, they'll probably send you for a dating scan to see how far along you are - it really distresses the medical profession when you look vague and sort of shrug when they ask you when your last period was!

kalidasa Mon 27-Aug-12 11:31:43

Happened to me twice in a row - mc in January at five weeks, got pregnant again immediately, lost that one at about 4.5 weeks in February, got pregnant yet again a fortnight or so later, now six months gone.

In retrospect I would have waited a bit after the second loss as I get very ill immediately (hyperemesis) and three times in a row was exhausting. But we had no idea it was possible to conceive month after month like that!

With early losses like this the docs just use the date of the mc as the date of your last period, and then adjust if necessary at the dating scan.

Chlosha Mon 27-Aug-12 16:43:12

So sorry to hear of your losses kalidisa, sounds like you have really been though it but wow your six months nowsmile! I am so very nervous, especially about going to the toilet:O, just want everything to be ok this time. All the luck in the world for the rest of your pregnancysmile! x

Frantastic84 Wed 29-Aug-12 07:45:57

Chlosha did you have any luck? I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully an early scan in a week or so x

Chlosha Wed 29-Aug-12 22:58:55

I tried to call doctors but the one who knows my story is away for another week & receptionist said there is not much anyone can do until I'm 7-8 weeks. Just gotta sit tight & pray for the best, so scared!!!!! frantastic84 will you let me know what happens with you? How you feeling? Xx

Frantastic84 Thu 30-Aug-12 17:26:36

I had my appointment this morning. It was a bit of a let down really. I guess I was expecting more of a fuss to be made, but I was basically told to calm down and wait for my booking appointment on 1st October. She dated me from the first day of my bleeding (17th July) which makes me 6 weeks 3 days. So by my booking appointment I'll be 11 weeks! It seems like forever to wait but they said they won't refer me for an early scan as there's not much point if they can work out my dates. Anyway! I do feel better about it now, but obviously still very nervous. The best thing we can do is relax and take it a day at a time.

Chlosha how're you feeling? I'm generally ok, just very nervous. Also feeling tired, hungry, a little queasy and my boobs are getting slowly more sore x

Chlosha Thu 30-Aug-12 18:03:47

Thanks for getting back to me Frantastic84, sorry to hear it was a bit of a let down for yousad. Think it would be just the same for me if I went. Like you said all we can do is try to relax & take it a day at a time, so hard tho! I have sore boobs, some occasional tummy pains (which worries me), & a creamy light yellow discharge tmi;) yuk! Feel a bit sick occasionally & generally do not feel with it! I just can't help worrying & thinking the worst, even dreaming the worst as well!!!!! It does seem such a long time to wait when your so worried. Fingers crossed for us both, keep in touch as so good to talk to someone who knows exactly what you are going through!!!!! Take care & put your feet upsmile, Xx

Frantastic84 Tue 04-Sep-12 18:39:25

Well I had a phone call today from the hospital saying they have booked me in for a scan on Friday. I presume they have received my forms and as I stated the date of my miscarriage, instead of LMP, they have decided to give me a dating scan. The doctor didn't think this was necessary but I'm not complaining! Fingers crossed the scan goes well and I can relex a bit until my booking appt. on 1st October. Chlosha how're you getting on? x

Chlosha Thu 06-Sep-12 09:40:43

Please let me know how it goes Frantastic84, I called my doctors & hav'nt got an appointment till Monday. A doctor called me but said just to sit tight. Just wanna know everything is as should be. I'm hanging on in there, lower gripey tummy pains but hoping that is normal? It is so nerve wrecking!!!!! Hope it all goes well today, Xx

Frantastic84 Fri 07-Sep-12 17:35:30

I have just got home from my scan and thank goodness all is ok. They found the heartbeat and the bean is 1.5cm. They dated me at 7 weeks 5 days, which is 2 days more than I had thought. It's such a relief, but a long wait until my 12 week scan on 10th October so make sure all is still ok. I am still cautious but a weight has been lifted, I was almost sick with nerves before my appointment. Chlosha I have everything crossed for you. I hope the dr gives you some reassurance on Monday. Let me know how it goes. I have also been having lower tummy pains but I think it's normal. As it doesn't feel as severe as last time I'm taking it as a good sign that thing are moving as they should. Fingers crossed for both of us, let's keep in touch! x

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