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Early scan on NHS after MC?

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JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 11:38:01

Hi all - I'm about 5+3 after a MMC in May, and wondered if anyone knew if I would be offered an early scan for reassurance on the NHS? I have my first GP appointment on Weds and will ask then, but if anyone knows I would be really grateful. It's about 4 weeks until I'm past the point where it all went wrong last time and I'm on tenterhooks already...

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 11:38:35

if anyone would rather this was in the mc topic, please let me know - I don't want to upset anyone!

minipie Mon 06-Aug-12 11:46:52

Hi, I think it depends on your area and local hospital's policy. At my local hospital (St Georges Tooting) there is a walk in EPU which will offer early scans without a referral and for lots of reasons - bleeding pain or anxiety - so you would get one if you were here. Though I believe they prioritise those with bleeding or pain if they are busy.

However I have heard others on MN saying their hospital will not do early scans unless there is bleeding and/or pain.

Sometimes the GPs say no even if the local hospital would say yes (i.e. the GP doesn't know the policy), so if your GP says no it's worth phoning the EPU anyway just to double check...

Bear in mind though that early scans don't give very much reassurance before about 7 weeks, as it's only after that they can see a heartbeat. So even if the GP says yes you might prefer to wait a week or two so you can get that extra reassurance of seeing the hb.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Mon 06-Aug-12 11:51:31

Hey, congrats! I am in same position as you (MMC in feb, now 7+3.) I asked mw at my booking appt on Friday and she said not, would only get early scan if there was any bleeding. Otherwise, would only be offered after three consecutive mc's. Fingers crossed for you.

InchyInchy Mon 06-Aug-12 11:52:45

I'm not much help but I know that my local EPU won't do early scans without a medical reason - they are just too busy. But always worth checking.

If not you can book yourself in for a private scan, they aren't overly expensive depending where you can get in and it's so reassuring seeing a little heartbeat. But do please bear in mind that it does take a while before you can really see anything.

I had a scan at 6, 8 and 10 weeks and it was only at 10 weeks I really felt more confident as the baby started taking shape of a baby. At six weeks there isn't much to see.

I know it's hard to relax, I've had a MC and a MMC - It's best to just take one week at a time, especially if you have no reason to think otherwise.


JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 11:53:57

Thanks both. I suspected that it would depend on the area. In a way I don't want an early scan as I had a private scan last time and that is where I found out. Might be too horrible to go back.
Just need to get past 9+2 safely and I can breathe again...

backwardpossom Mon 06-Aug-12 11:54:22

Hi, I had a mmc in May too and am now 8+4 (I think?). I booked in with the midwife last week - you bypass the doctor here and just go straight for the midwife - and she phoned the EPU for me and booked me in for a scan (tomorrow) without me even asking. It's different all over the country though, and I feel incredibly lucky. No harm in asking, right? Good luck!

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 11:55:40

And thanks Inchy too - I know in my heart that it was just sh*tty luck last time and there's no reason to think it will happen again but it's hard...

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 11:58:21

X-post possom - that sounds like a great system!

InchyInchy Mon 06-Aug-12 11:59:57

Jessie until you've been in this position I don't think people understand how hard it is or how hard the wait is.

I'm 13 weeks now and I had some bleeding at 5 and completely panicked. Its weird actually starting to tell people because sometimes I still worry that it will all just disappear.

Try and make sure you look after yourself and plan loads of events with friends and partner to keep you busy!!

I'm hoping to worry will disappear soon and I can just go about enjoying the pregnancy, but I'm not sure that will happen until I can feel the baby kicking around in there.

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 12:06:01

Thanks Inchy - it's true. I can't really get my head round being pregnant at the moment - I'm thrilled but I feel quite disconnected from it, like I don't want to get too excited in case it all goes wrong again. I just hope that I can relax and enjoy it (I loved being pg with DD) once the scary bit is over!

bonzo77 Mon 06-Aug-12 12:08:28

Phone around your local hospitals. They may see you with a gp referral. Theyay only see you if bleeding occurs. In which case lie to them. Or pay privately. No point in a scan before 7 weeks as you may not see a heart beat before then which will make you even more anxious. If the nhs is letting you down pay privately. I am in the same situation as you though 18+2. Have had 3 extra scans so far as well as the 12 week one, at 7 weeks for reassurance, 8+4 as I'd stopped feeling sick and was worried, and one 2 days ago as I was cramping. The hospital were lovely on each occasion.

Midgetm Mon 06-Aug-12 12:21:36

It is such a worrying time, I have had multiple miscarriages and it is so difficult. However, I would not lie to get one. Resources are scarce and if you lie someone who is bleeding could be bumped from having a scan. I know it is tempting but I think we have to think of other people who need the same resources more than us. I would rather pay (like Bonzo says) than resort to lying about it. Having said that, I have not had to lie, saying I am anxious has always been enough and then once you get to a certain number of MC's they just offer them every two weeks anyway.

Like others have said it is a good idea to wait till 7 weeks as rescanning can just cause even more anxiety. Good luck, try and take each day as it comes.

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 12:25:00

I couldn't lie about it either, I would definitely rather pay.

Thanks all for your support - I will update when I know more.

Midgetm Mon 06-Aug-12 12:31:01

Try and keep occupied to stop those days dragging easier said than done I know

Let us know how you get on.

allchik Mon 06-Aug-12 13:17:52

Hi, I read your post and could sympathise completely! I had a mmc back in Feb at 13 wks (baby had died at 7) It was the most crushing time of my life.

I was very lucky to get pregnant again a short while later. I was excited for about 5 seconds after reading the test and then just had a complete panic (that still hasnt gone completely if Im honest!) My GP tried to refer me for an early scan but the EPU wouldnt do it unless I was bleeding/cramping or it was my 3rd mc. At the time I was furious, I didnt understand how I could be expected to wait for a 12 week scan. However, I understand that the NHS is already under massive strain, in fact my first scan for my last pregnancy wasnt going to be untill 15 1/2 weeks due to waiting lists etc. Whilst I was going through my mmc I did consider lying at my next pregnancy so that I could get an early scan....however, when it came to it I couldnt do just wouldnt be fair to take that scan away from someone who really needed it.....I had to stay in the EPU for 3 days and although the care was amazing, the staff were clearly rushed off their feet....couldnt of 'falsely' added to that.

We paid for an early scan at 7 just looked like a raisin with a HB! But it was definitely reassuring for a short NHS scan was at 11.5 weeks and from 9 weeks onwards I was terrified, bursting into tears, having nightmares etc.....thankfully the scan was amazing smile I am now 18.2 and still feel scared at times..... I have started to feel movement which is helping, but kinda dont think I will fully relax till the baby is in my arms (and have no doubt Ill be in tears before my 20wk scan!!)

Just wanted you to know that what ur feeling is normal and shit at the same time!!! It does feel like ur walking through quicksand and that time is standing still. Please try and remember that the chances of the same thing happening again are very low....try and take each step at a time.....look into early private scans if you can afford it and take each day as another day that ur baby is growing inside you......pregnancy after a mc is hard, I felt almost 'robbed' of the excitement and happiness that pregnancy could bring as spent the first 3 months in constant dread....but such is life and I hope come early Jan I will get to meet my much longed for baby......I wish you ALL the luck in the world x x x

JessieEssex Mon 06-Aug-12 13:40:20

hi allchik thanks for taking the time to reply. Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck with everything!

I hope to update soon with good news.

Greypuddle Mon 06-Aug-12 13:43:29

Congratulations to all who are pregnant after a miscarriage. I'm now 23 weeks and lost my last one at 6 weeks. Someone wisely reminded me that an early scan can only give a snapshot of whether everything's ok at that very second so the reassurance it gives can be misleading.

I was very anxious before my 20 week scan because I couldn't believe it would be ok and that there was nothing to stop me having a healthy pregnancy. But it was. Please try and stay calm - I know it's very hard but a mc usually has no bearing on any other pregnancies. Good luck.

GrandPoohBah Mon 06-Aug-12 13:58:06

That's true about it being a snapshot. I was offered a reassurance scan by my lovely GP after falling pregnant following my 2nd miscarriage - showed a little beany at about 8wks with a heartbeat. Unfortunately when I had my 12wk scan, the embryo had stopped developing at around 9 weeks and I'd had an MMC. It can only show you how it's going at that point, and I think there's some evidence that your stress levels actually go up following an early scan which isn't ideal!

1 in 4 pregnancies end in early miscarriage. The odds are in your favour, your chances of walking away at the end of this with a baby are higher than it going wrong. Bear that in mind smile I hope it goes well for you.

JessieEssex Wed 03-Oct-12 14:02:22

Hi all - I promised I'd update. I caved in and went for a private scan at 9+6, and all was well. Seeing the heartbeat was the biggest relief. I was still nervous though, and saw the 12 week scan as my main goal.

Thankfully the 12 week scan went well, and I finally feel like I'm 'normally' pregnant instead of being filled with fear and paranoia.

I'm 14+3 now and starting to feel tiny movements, which is the biggest reassurance of all!

I wish all the strength in the world to everyone in a similar situation.

sophiad Wed 03-Oct-12 14:13:08

Oh congrats JessieEssex, I'm so happy all seems well for you. I love hearing stories like this after some of the terrible things people go through. I think you're exactly the same as me, are you due 31st March by any chance? Love that you're feeling movements, I haven't had that yet! Congrats again, glad all is well thanks

JessieEssex Wed 03-Oct-12 14:29:07

Yes, I'm 31st March! I'm on the April antenatal board though as my original EDD was 3rd April.

thanks to you too!

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