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Pregnancy exercise & nutrition - 2nd (or more) time around.

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oscarwilde Thu 02-Aug-12 13:55:20

I was wondering if anyone got any decent weight management guidance from their midwives/obstetricians out there ?
I put on 2 stone with my first child (delivered 2 yrs ago), and only lost 1 afterwards. BMI still healthy but I could definitely have done with losing the flab.
At 25 weeks now with second and up a stone, therefore already at my full previous weight gain.
I'm not planning some mad diet, though I could definitely forgo a few more puddings; and I don't want to start a thread where everyone unhelpfully compares how much and how little they put on/lost but I did wonder what weight I should be using as my target for no more than the optimum 25-35 lbs. Midwife apt in a few weeks so can check then but wondered if (particularly overseas MN's visitors) had received definite guidance and if 25-35 was considered optimum in mainland Europe also?

Midgetm Fri 03-Aug-12 11:38:56

I don't know what the rest of Europe does but thought I would give your thread a bump, I do know in places like Japan they think you don't need to gain half as much as we say though. Like you, second time round I am not making the same mistakes as first time (ie stuffing my face and being lazy). I am trying to exercise at least 3 times a week but sometimes more. Walk whenever possible and limiting treats to one a day rather than all day like I did with DD. Seems to the working, baby is growing fine and BMI still in the healthy range and weight gain is steady. If you have a stone on at 25 weeks you are on track for a really optimum weight gain of around 2 stone which sounds pretty good to me - sounds like you are doing pretty well on your own!

xPennyx Tue 23-Oct-12 11:52:47

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