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In need of comfortable shoes- Birkenstocks vs fitflops

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AC786 Mon 30-Jul-12 08:55:31

My feet and legs are now really aching and I am in need of comfy shoes. Any recommendations please? I bought some Birkenstocks yesterday but they feel hard and I wonder if I should return them. Do they get more comfy? Fitflops seem nice and soft but are not recommended in pregnancy- does anyone wear them anyway? I otherwise wear flats but they offer no support.

littlemisssunshine3 Mon 30-Jul-12 08:58:00

Invest in a pair of Havana flip flops, they are very comfy to wear and you can pick them up for about £10 smile and they come is sooooo many different colours smile

LoopyLa Mon 30-Jul-12 09:23:10

I wore flipflops all last week and now I have very painful tendons in my ankles (I'm 27 wks) & had painful legs at night so personally I wouldn't recomend them (soft or hard ones) sad

mrssmooth Mon 30-Jul-12 09:37:36

I heart birkenstocks. They are a bit hard to start with - I usually wear mine with thick socks (indoors only, of course!) to "wear them in" but once they have, they are very comfortable indeed! Never tried the fitflops but some of my friends have them and say they are very comfy. However, they have VERY large "fitflop" shaped tanlines on their feet ...

SweetPea3 Mon 30-Jul-12 09:41:53

I think Birkenstocks would be the best bet as far as flip flops/sandals go as they at least have arch support (I've heard of women's arches collapsing in late pregnancy due to wearing non-supportive shoes). I haven't worn them in pregnancy (although am thinking of getting some today), but in the past I remember them being uncomfortable to 'break in' and then amazingly comfy after that.

BulletProofMum Mon 30-Jul-12 09:43:44

Both are very comfy - Birkenstocks do need wearing in. I think Fitflops are a little comfier but Bikenstocks a little smarter. I wear my BS's to work but not my FFs

sammyleh Mon 30-Jul-12 10:01:19

I find Fitflops to be too tight across the top of the foot and you cant adjust them. Birkenstocks I've never tried, but I think a good pair of Reefs have and always will be the best sandals you can buy... and I work for a footwear retailer so have tried a fair few pairs on smile

slimyak Mon 30-Jul-12 10:05:56

I survived in orthopaedic crocs, stylish no, but comfortable, supportive and very easy to shuffle in and out of both when you can't be arsed to bend anymore and in hospital and at home with a little one. I have plantar fasiitus ( dodgey foot tendons) and Birkenstocks would cripple me, I need cushioning.

GoldenGreen Mon 30-Jul-12 10:09:21

Birkies do wear in and are very comfy after a while but equally when you've had them a long time they start to wear down iyswim. Whereas FitFlops would last longer and are comfy straight away. However as sammlyleh said you can't adjust them.

Why aren't FitFlops recommended in pregnancy, btw? What on earth could they do to harm you or the baby?!

sammyleh Mon 30-Jul-12 10:47:15

GoldenGreen I think its because they are a fitness shoe, the sole isn't completely stable and its supposed to be a light workout for the feet. For me, they always worked my calves and I did feel it after I wore them... for pregnancy, perhaps they're not so good because your balance is a bit off-ish and a supportive shoe/sole would be better.

PeshwariNaan Mon 30-Jul-12 11:14:49

Birkenstocks are OK once broken in but they take me months to break in.

I highly recommend Dansko and Mephisto sandals if you can find them!

I've never tried FitFlops because even when I'm not pregnant I only wear hardcore comfort shoes (I had plantar fasciitis two years ago).

GrandPoohBah Mon 30-Jul-12 12:20:41

I think FitFlops are a no-no because all your ligaments get looser during pregnancy so you've got more chance of joint damage.

Birkenstocks are great once you've worn them in, they're comfortable and supportive. I'm currently living in my Havianas, but I have no instep at all so it's not likely to collapse on me!

AC786 Mon 30-Jul-12 12:26:26

Thank you a very much indeed!

lynniep Mon 30-Jul-12 12:29:58

I did wear fitflops throughout my last preganancy. It never occured to me not to tbh, and they were the only things I could get on my swollen feet...

Shinyshoes1 Mon 30-Jul-12 12:43:32

I have a pair of Birkenstocks and I absolutely heart them.
I wear them ALL the time they are the comfiest shoe I have ever worn.
I have plantar fasciitis and it really helps it. However my friend who also has Plantar fasciitis can't wear birkies.
I haven't worn fit flops so I can't comment

GoldenGreen Mon 30-Jul-12 13:15:37

thanks sammy and GrandPoohBah - from that I would deduce that if you are already used to them and you don't wear them too much, you'd probably be ok in pregnancy - same as with high heels I suppose.

randomimposter Mon 30-Jul-12 13:25:49

I wear Birkies and have stripy feet!

I find the Arizona the most comfy, although Madrid are ok too. But the double strap Arizona ones give more support IMHO. But they are a bit German tourist for some... grin. I'm now 30 weeks.

I wore these with my first pregnancy, but again acknowledge they are not everyone's style choice...
wolky but boy they were comfy.

HugeMedalTally Mon 30-Jul-12 13:31:58

The main reason people find Birkenstocks uncomfortable is that they wear them too small.

Your foot is supposed to fit in the "dish" of the shoe, and shouldn't touch the edges even when you are walking along.

Lots of people will tell you to go a size down, but I actually find going up a size is better. (I am usually a 38 or 38 1/2, but wear a 39 for Birkenstocks.)

I love them!

minipie Mon 30-Jul-12 16:18:05

I have these flipflops (not fitflops) made by Reef and they are the most amazingly comfortable shoes ever.

these are also by Reef and even comfier IIRC.

Avoid fitflops as they are unstable and could give you hip/ligament pain in pregnancy.

ProfessorSunny Mon 30-Jul-12 16:22:44

I have a couple of pairs of "Hotter" shoes, I hate the name, but they are so comfortable. I've never had a pair of Birkenstocks though so can't compare those sad Hotter shoes are well, too hot, in this summer weather though, I have them and a pair of fit flops.

CharleyAB Mon 30-Jul-12 23:29:09

I agree - crocs are so comfy smile

Sammi7169 Tue 31-Jul-12 07:18:54

mephistos every time!

SpagBoltTheFastestManOnEarth Tue 31-Jul-12 07:30:33

Birkos definitely (I have fit flops too and I think it would be too much for legs and feet already unde pressure). You'll also get your money's worth when the baby is born with birkos as they are brilliant for walks with pram and mooching around!

Another alternative is Skechers gowalk (sell them in schuh)

Quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I ever bought and would see you into autumn/ rest of rainy summer!

jetstar Tue 31-Jul-12 07:41:34

I have tried both and prefer Birkenstock . Agree with the poster who said fitflops are tight across the top (maybe I have fat feet!) It doesn't take me long to wear in the Birkenstocks and I get a new pair every couple of years! Those Reef flip flops look nice though... grin

hzgreen Tue 31-Jul-12 07:54:03

once i bought crocs i never looked back, i love them even though they don't look great. they're easy to get on and off (fab all the way through pregnancy and after my emcs becasue i didn't have to bend down to put them on AND they are roomy so that even when my feet swelled up i could still comfortably wear them.

trouble is they're so comfy i don't really want to wear anything else!

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